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Why Steemit will be #1 Blogging Platform for Passionate Blogger

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I started my blogging with blogger.com. I realize that my data is important because I saw many cases Google deleted, many blogs from Blogger without any notice, or warming to the Blogger. That fear realizes me that my data and my  content should be in my hand . 

I read a lot about wordpress , finally decided to move on Wordpress CMS platform. I purchased hosting and move to WordPress. WordPress is a best a Free open source Content Management System. 

I used to monetize my blog with Google AdSense even though writing lots of good posts consistently I was not able to make enough money to run a WordPress website you have bought many paid services like Theme , Plugin  in the era of adblocker where nobody likes ads and the way Google monitor activity of user and shows ad that also irritate people even though I also get irrigate many time the way Google shows me ad. 

For example, I have hosting of Hostgator and use cPanel of Hostgator to make any changes to my website, once I use the Hostgator cPanel Google start showing me ads of Hostgator hosting plan even though I have hosting of Hostgator and I am using it. Showing ads on the basis of user interest is a smart idea but most of the time Google do it blind and just follow the keywords. 

The sudden rise in the price of Bitcoin raise my attention towards cryptocurrency and I came, to know about Blockchain technology, one day while googling I came to know about steemit after reading the whitepaper of steemit i found that it is an awesome platform for blogger where writer get paid for writing and the user gets awesome content without those irrelevant and irritating ads. 

Steemit saves lots of Money for the small Blogger like Hosting Plan,  Premium Theme and Plugin I am not. against the WordPress or Google AdSense but it is not affordable for Blogger who doesn't have high pageviews on their website. Google adsense does not give value to your content it focused on keyword , if you are weak in keyword research but write good content then still possibilities is less to earn more with Google adsense. Google Adsense team says Google show most apporiate ads based on your content but most of the time i found irrrelvent ads with my content.

As a  Blogger, I see my future with Steemit community,I will go ahead with Steemit and believe that  it will be a great platform for me in the term of blogging and money making.

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