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Steemit is awesome social media platform , since i joined to steemit i spend my maximum time on it than any other media. The thing which attract me on steemit is its author reward and curation reward which no other social media pay for it . Other social media does not pay you anything for your awesome content and comment and they make money with our content by showing ad with respect to our content.

As steemit linked with cryptocurreny and blockchain technology most of steemit user think that they can post anything over steemit and earn good amount of money in the form of Steem Dollors. Before posting anything on steemit first understand steemit is all about building reputations inside the community with good content and with user engagement.


  • Always post original and good content

If you think you can post any popular content of someone else effort to get upvote then that is not going to happen.. Because @cheetah  will identify the original content and upvote your post with original content URL . this feature of steemit has to be improved because i run a WordPress based Technology Blog few days back i just republish my one of the existing post of my WordPress blog on steemit, Cheetah identify it as duplication of content even though i am the owner of the content, as you can see it on below image. 


  • Always use copyright free images for your post content

Rather than using someone else image and giving credit to author is good thing but I do not recommend that.. There are Plenty of website over Internet where you can get good quality of image with free of cost... For further info read My post How to find copyright free images using Google Image search. some the popular website to find copy right free images are,,  etc.  


  • Engage with your Reader 

steemit is all about building reputation inside the community, building the reputation inside the community takes time apart from blog post you have to engage with post comments which most of the steemit user did not do. if you look at the profile of some the popular profile on steemit you will see that they started so early on steemit below is the profile snapshot of @Firepower joined the steemit on July 2016 and huge number of followers due to consistency of posting good and informative content and consistency with reader engagement. 

 most of all popular profiles on steemit started with low payout. popular profile on steemit engage more and more with their reader commenting and engaging with your reader will help you to build reputation inside community that will result higher payout for your content in future. 


  • Never Post Multiple Post at a Time. 

Most of the steemit beginner never aware about two things first one is steemit comes with bandwidth limit... If you post multiple post at a time then you will loose your Bandwidth and then you have to power up your steemit account with steem or steem power. Second things is when you post multiple Post at a time then your previous post value get downgraded with newer one. on steemit you can post 3 to 4 good quality of post in a day with equal intervals of time.

  • Never Edit Post once you Publish it.

once you published the post never edit it because it will consume your bandwidth. good idea is to draft your post using Google Doc or Dropbox paper check your grammar mistakes using Chrome Extension like Grammarly , upload your post images and check the image link and other link on blog post areworking fine then only go ahead with steemit editor. 

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