Journal of an eXstatic Life #5, StarTribe 5

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1.feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement.
synonyms: enraptured, elated, in raptures, euphoric, rapturous, joyful, overjoyed, blissful
2.involving an experience of mystic self-transcendence.
"an ecstatic vision"
1.a person subject to mystical experiences.

These are raw excerpts and not necessarily in exact order or dated. I'll include as much of what I've written as my ego will allow. I will usually avoid interpersonal entries that contain names, however, when I feel it may be potent or necessary for flow to include a section that mentions someone, I will replace the name with an animal or fruit. You may not understand all of the references I make, but perhaps you will find it part of the poetry. Thank you for respecting these intimate and vulnerable shares. May they bring you inspirations.

Where We Left Off~ February 6th-10th, 2016

*February 11th, 2016
Sitting on the creek bridge in Manitou. The sun went down and it instantly was felt. It was almost hot earlier. A beautiful day to be outdoors. So I've added some layers and now I'm taking a writing/smoking/sipping break from the computerized Ripple Effect work I'm forging ahead on. I just found out Porpoise is in Las Vegas for his grandfather's funeral. Unexpected variables in the ongoing Gaia Experiment (@gaiaexperiment). Another extra experimental show awaits us. Another practice in soothing my anxiety around this expression while so much more is going on. It's a wonder I don't have multiple personalities to handle my multi-tasking... or maybe I have~~~
It feels so good that writing feels normal again. A regular practice has helped me settle back in. I never forget this medicine, though it doesn't always flow with grace and ease.

*February 14th
Love Ripples
Fear Too
In all but total stillness~
There is a ripple effect~~~
Though stillness has just as great an impact.

img by @alaisclay

*April 16th
Would life endure if it wasn't mysterious? Could there be any other drive than curiosity and discovery?
I wonder what happens if I
Every creature decides with uncertainty the outcome of their choice. Every moment is a roulette of sorts. We're all just figuring it out as we go, together. We make plans and God laughs. Because even god does not know the results of the Experiment~~~ Otherwise it would be unnecessary to have conjured it in the first place.
So whether we are butter-side-up or butter-side-down, we all come from the same knowing, unknowing god source.

PermaMan Principles
Focus on Children's Education/ Mystery School
No disposable utensils
Composting toilets
At least one major build per year
One burnable sculpture, only from scrap
Growing Man and Woman Sculpture
Living Sculptures
Trade Circle/ Alternative Currency
Communal eating/ Potlucks
Solar/ Alternative energies
New Earth Vision Portal
Organix Jam Stage
Carpooling rewards

*February 20th
RiverHouse RedTent Gathering
Soaking in femininity.
When do we hang out with no agenda?
And isn't it a lovely agenda we've prepared for ourselves?
Pleasantries beneath Pleasant Trees.

Current Reflections: April 25th, 2018

Song of the Day~ Please Press Play

It's been a strange day. I felt like I was in rebellion of motivation. So many things to do, and yet I leaned into stagnation for a good portion of it. Though the weather was exquisite, I mostly stayed inside until the sun started to lower, and then I suddenly hopped up and drove into Manitou with Bhokta.
I grabbed a hot peach maté and sat by the creek to write for a while. Most of me wanted to go back home after that, but I saw Crow pull up and I knew there was more to be explored in this sojourn.
Though resistance pulled at me, I immersed further into the vibes of this Wednesday night, and bounced around from spot to spot visiting with some of my favorite locals. Crow and I ate some Falafel wraps and sipped sage tea at the Sahara, and then stood outside the open mic at Kinfolks where our friend shared his vape pen with us. The music was loud but good, and I started dancing with Crow in the entryway. She was shy, giggly, and resisted the first time I tried to spin her saying, "I'll just be the pole, you can dance around me." But after a few moments, she couldn't resist and we were in full-out dancing in the streets mode. She was down. I was down. The town was down.
So, feeling into the lesson of the day I realized, once again, that even though I may feel resistence, if I listen to the callings, if I'm down, the universe provides precious gifts of experience. I call it "Grandma's House Syndrome". When I reached a certain age in my youth, I stopped wanting to go to grandma's house, but whenever I did, I always had the best time.
I'm so excited for all that is on the precipice of emerging. I have a place to create a small, experimental version of PermaMan, so revisiting that concept in my journal is refreshing and inspiring.
Right now the wind is blowing so hard my RV is being rocked almost violently. I've never experienced this velocity in here before, and I've been to some pretty windy places. Something is blowing in. Tomorrow will reveal all the new possibilities of creation, and so, very soon, I will lay down my head and prepare to awaken with invigorated drive and focus. And if I do not, I'll allow myself to listen until I am called to the exact right moment in the exact right place for the exact right activation.

Infinite Love,
Alexis aka @alexstacy

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