Four qualities of my dearest friends (almost 10k followers!)

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Every year I go up to Vermont and host a multi day party. My brother and I own a small cabin in the woods and we pack it full of people. It's like a little ski shack, but we shove people in it like crazy. There are 5 very small bedrooms in the house. We've had as many as 34 people stay the night. It's packed! I'm actually thinking of hosting a giant Steem party this summer since I like hosting these. I may end up renting a summer camp before/after camp is in session and let people from the platform come for a week and hang out like it was steem summer camp :)

We've been hosting this party for over 25 years. And I'm blessed to have friends that have been coming for more than a decade some of them I've known for 30 years. Most of them I've known for 20 years or more. I have a very blessed life that I'm grateful for on the daily.

Now, it takes some qualities to be handle a 15-30 person party in a house not really designed for more than 10 at a time. I just want to pull a few of those things together and talk about some characteristics of my best friends for 30 years.

Current/Former outdoors people

Most of us met at outdoor summer camps. I've personally hiked over 400 miles on the Appalachian trail. Some of these people have done most of those miles with me. If you can handle the stress of carrying a 40-80lbs pack, filled with communal stuff, have to take turns at chores, pissing and shitting in the woods and outhouses, and living without electronics for a while then you're my kind of people. These folks have inner strength, a lot of character, physical strength, and a tolerance for living in less than luxurious settings (which this party requires).

Professional Nerds

Look at the room I see an architect, a computer programmer, an accountant, a pharma project manager, and me. Often we have some lawyers, teachers, and doctors up here too. We're nerds. I roll with nerds. Literally, I roll dice with nerds as we play pathfinder, splendor, catan, and a million other euro style games. One of the foundations of this place is a willingness to hang out and play games and have that be a fun weekend.

Work Ethic

The house is heated by wood. I had to go out this morning in sub zero temperatures to take wood from the primary stack, bring it inside, and stoke the fire. I would have done it alone. I didn't ask anyone to go, and within 5 minutes of being outside two other dudes were there to help me stack. Stacking wood sucks. It even sucks more when it's sub zero degrees, but that's who these people are. They have a sense of pitching in. Sure it makes us all warm, but they could have let me do it all, but my peeps don't mind contributing.


I think after all the years I've lived I've finally settled on the most important feature of a person that I look for is warmth. You're allowed good days and bad days. You're allowed to be happy or sad. The best measurement of your baseline is your level of warmth. Not temperature so much as genuine kindness and caring towards other people. Looks will fade. Brains will slow. But your heart will keep being kind towards others if that's what you cultivated. My friends will pickup the phone to check in if you're sick. They'll root for you when there is success they themselves aren't currently experiencing. They look out for one another.

I'm blessed

Most of the world doesn't have it as good as my family does. That's part of why I think it's so important that I spend my time fighting for change. I'm looking to spread Peace, Abundance, and Liberty throughout the world. I'm blessed by a lovely wife, amazing kids, and fantastic friends. Hopefully your friends support you, love you, and care for you and it's reciprocal.

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You really are blessed. Its good that you have that many wonderful people in your life. I'm very picky with friends and uncomfortable hosting those many people but I feel in some ways blessed as well that we have you here in STEEMIT. This platform will be successful no matter what but its damn sure awesome to have people like you here.

YES Steemit summer camp, let's make this happens!

You have a wonderful blessed life it sounds like heaven, it sounds like so much fun to get together at the cabin, what a blast! I'm one of twenty children and when we get together its amazing so I kinda know how that is, have a healthy happy and blessed me year!!🎊🎊🎊


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Friends, family is what makes our lives enjoyable and make it come alive.

awww :) im glad you guys have such a great time together, and that so many of your friends sound very different from one another but still enjoy each other's company! Unity in diversity! The more the merrier :)

You are a wise man. Yes those are wonderful qualities. I look for some of the same qualities in those I am close to. I would rather have a small handful of good friends than a whole bunch of 'friends'. Thanks for sharing this.

I love this @aggroaed. This made me smile. :) We will always have friends who'll stay with us through thick and thin. How you are accepted despite everything or years of friendship is something and valuable. And now I understand PAL, you're so blessed because you're a blessing to others. :) I am happy I met you here.

Good friends are hard to come by. Especially one’s that will hike with you through the tough miles, literally and figuratively. Real companions make life worth living.

Reading your entire blog carefully I am so happy that people like you @aggroed are still alive who carry on the very beautiful tradition since long (almost 30 years). I solute you on your great job which you have done so far for your friends, This is indeed a rare practice in this world:
We've been hosting this party for over 25 years. And I'm blessed to have friends that have been coming for more than a decade some of them I've known for 30 years. Most of them I've known for 20 years or more. I have a very blessed life that I'm grateful for on the daily.
All the very best for your good work, keep sharing and Stay Blessed!

Hey, @aggroed!
There is a very famous quote of Lucius Annaeus Seneca;
One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood

First of all i would like to say you that you are blessed if your span of friendship is of about 30 Years Wow!
This thing indicates true friendship does not need money or status it demands sincerity and understanding only. The above traits which you mentioned in your blog are actually the traits of REAL FRIENDSHIP.
Absolutely right you said;

Looks will fade. Brains will slow. But your heart will keep being kind towards others if that's what you cultivated.

I have also a strong bond for past 18 years with my Friends who are cousins in relation to me, my age fellows as well. Your blog reminds me them as they are working at different places of the glob at the moment but still we have bond and we are in contact to each other. Your scenario is entirely different then ours, as i said you are blessed because they all are with you.

How beautiful example of humanity and Friendship i just read via this blog.

Thanks for sharing such motivational wording it will definitely boost our relationship with our friends zone.

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

Get in on some Dominion!

Warmth was my favorite part of your article, people, places, and activities will always be changing. It's all about how we treat eachother and our circumstances :)

With friends like these, who needs...

what do the rest of the people do? Geeks who can outdoor, is like the essentials in living though these CHANGING times.

But, I am aware that this is a small group, comparatively. So, that brings up the thoughts about all the other people out there in their suburban houses. Are those people the ones that spend their lives on their couch glued to the tell-a-vision? I don't really know any of that type of people, but statistically speaking, they are probably the larger group. Thinking about it gives me shivers.

Settlers of Catan is a joyous game to play with lots of friends, face to face. Exercise those brain muscles.

congratulations dear friend @aggroed, say the popular language that people are measured by the friends they have, this is a reflection of what the person has done to have so many friends, consider yourself a blessed of life.
Karma exists, you always get double what you give. well done.
What a great dream of the Steem camp in the summer, I would love to attend, but I live very far away, in a small province called Corrientes in Argentina.
I take the opportunity to wish you a happy year 2018, to arrive at your home loaded with new friends, beautiful emotions, happiness and prosperity
Have a wonderful weekend

Yeah I loved camping with my friends and catching fish at his grandpa's pond. We've grown to become engineers and scientist and now enjoy playing computer games as much as we enjoy the outdoors. I just need to work on my friends work ethics. Most don't want to put in the effort to obtain the money they so long for.

Well said! Fight on! :-)

It is very nice to have a wide open arms for friends to come in

good job my friend.. @aggroed

You have a very good attitude. Stay the way you are. :)

Hey sir @aggroed
This is very nice blog and sharing good work. Everyone feasible his side to recover Steemit and to assist earning a bigger achieve as well as a enormous number.
Your proformance a superb job attendant and this can be situation many other people need.
I'm grateful that fact I'm part of this one society.
All best for upcoming 2018 and stay blessed

This is a life to enjoy with family and friends. I also love these things💔💔

terimakasih memang perjuangan anda sangat luar biasa saya mendukung itu.yang penting ada kebersamaan dan saling percaya itu kuncinya keberhasilan

You can lose everything in this life. But you will always have friends by the time you die..

Family is Important mostly

❤This is a special thing you should enjoy so much Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment of your life with us bro

very funny your life, I congratulate you and I send you many blessings that all the things that you propose to you are achieved, greetings from venezuela, I hope we continue reading

Menarik sekali

what a moment!!!
very nice!!

nice post :)

Wow. Sounds delightful. I roll with nerds too my friend. I’m a nerd myself as well lol :)

Friends, not the "fair weather" type, are the ones you want to hold on to and never let go. These are the people always cheering you on and helping other folks out. That's why I think its so important to keep an eye out for them and make sure to "help the helpers."

I may write a post about this, as I see these kindhearted souls doing so much for others that they forget about themselves. Lets help pick up some of their load and keep them shining bright. :)


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What can I say, You have some great friends and family. And your common trips (if I may call them like that) only strenghten that bond - it's beautiful.

Nice job! I'm reading the tenth article of yours. You just got my witness-vote.

I am also a beginner in steemit,I hope we can work together,I am sure you are a great writer,so you show all your works in this #STEEMIT ,if you like short story,follow me @mindsmania
, Now i am in the process of writing a short story that i will post on the #STEEMIT platform..Thanks for your

It's nice to hear that you've found friends that are genuine, mature, and hard working. This seems to be more and more rare now with everyone trying to one up each other with possessions and money they make instead of love and gratitude.

Traveling and get together with loved ones is a great way to recharge and to truly find out what someone really is like. Also, Catan is soo much fun!

What a warm happy post! :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it's inspiring me to get more involved here after reading posts like yours on Steemit :) I hope this community has lots more folks like you, I seem to be coming across quite a few ! :) I actually wrote a blog post just now about trail running in the North Pennines, UK, and I'm an architecture student. That's two of the qualities on the list and I'd hope I have the other two! :P Hehe. Maybe you'd like to check out the post. This is the first (hopefully of many) adventure blog posts, so they'll get better as I practice, but treating this one kind of like a trial run to see what people like and can benefit from the most. Take Care, P

I am so effected by your article. Unfortunately not everyone knows the value of family or friends. And not everyone have it. I think the most valuable tressure in this life is the people you make them your family and friend.

Gratitude is a means to what has been given to us, @aggroed
Your goals are very noble

One of the great things about overcrowding a cabin in winter is that people are great heaters.

Sounds like fun =)

Me gusta el perfil de tus invitados... espero escribas como te va con tus reuniones y fiestas este fin de año

Amen. Especially the last part about warmth. That is so important! I always search for it in others, even if I have to say or do something silly to draw it out of that person haha. If that person is smiling and laughing even just a little, I know I've done my job. Warmth is best shared. Keep doing what you do! Big hugs and lots of love, fam! If that steemit summer jam kicks off I will be there, woopwoop! 🙌

every party needs a dog to play catch with and snuggle.

You got a 24.81% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @aggroed!

Wow SteemTurbine sounds interesting! With SMT I think blockbrothers will change the STEEM history! Great work going on, probably you all will be full time Steemians soon! @bijoy123


I hope you are learning that spamming one comment on every post you can will not earn you rewards, and will cost you reputation.

If you don't soon learn it, you'll just go away, as your negative rep makes you invisible.

I bet you're capable of making cogent, substantive comments on issues that matter to you, and if you did that, you'd be a benefit to the community. If you don't do that, you're a hazard to the community, so I hope you either soon learn from this experience, or just go away.

Clearly, the choice is yours.