ADSactly Personal: Tales of Unintended Errors...

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ADSactly Personal: Tales of Unintended Errors...

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Today, I began to wonder how much heartache, sorrow (and amusement) have been caused by misunderstandings or people unaware of cultural differences.


It happened to me today.

A miscommunication that is.

And a little sorrow as I hold this person in the highest regard and I just wouldn’t mess them about.

I made an ‘innocent’ comment about something and they took it completely the wrong way and thought badly of me, when I would never even consider what it is they think I did in a million years.

My messages went unanswered for a couple of hours, or I was just impatient as they probably just went out. I wanted to write more, but I didn’t want to badger them.

Yes, I cared too much about the situation, I should have let it go.

It turned out they weren’t really bothered in the slightest, it was me making a mountain out of a molehill.

But as I kept thinking about it misunderstandings seemed to be a good topic to research and I found some amusing misunderstandings and cultural faux pas to share...


Midnight Snack

Staying around a friend’s house, Jack got hungry during the night and he asked if he could have a bowl of cereal and his friend said that was fine.



So he went down to the kitchen and helped himself to a bowl and cereal and left the bowl in the sink, unaware that he had done anything wrong, until the shouts and screams of his friend's mother in the morning who had found the bowl in the sink when she realized that the bowl had been used for cereal.

The religion of the people whose house that Jack was staying in was Orthodox Jew and he had used a meat bowl for a dairy product, which was not kosher.

He was asked to go and bury the bowl.


Foot Faux Pas

One late night, John was in Chang Mai in Thailand having a phad kaprow (which is stir-fried pork with basil and rice) in a little restaurant tucked away under an overpass.



He ate it in silence sitting a plastic chair and table, nobody else around except for the old lady who owned the late night restaurant. He felt in his pockets and realized that he didn't have any money left, but as he had been told that this was a dodgy area, he had hidden a stash or cash in his shoe - just in case.

He was relieved as he didn't want to leave without paying, as he was an honest type of guy.

But when he was asked to pay and he started taking the money out of his shoe, the old lady went a little crazy at him and started shouting at him.

He discovered that feet were considered filthy in Thai culture and the notes of money had the picture of the scared Thai King on them, so he had unwittingly committed a cultural faux pas, by trying to keep his money safe in his shoe.

He tried to rectify the situation by saying that he was also standing on US dollars too, but the old lady was not to be consoled. He walked away head down, having learned a new cultural lesson.


Picking a Ripe One

It pays to remember which country you are in, as Tom found out one day when he had an interview in New York and he forgot that he a new habit that just isn't culturally acceptable in the United States.

He had spent some time in Beijing and even though he had first been disgusted at nose picking in public, he later found it quite liberating and it became a habit.

But when you do it in a middle of a job interview in the USA, he found that he didn't get picked as the right one for that job and it was only when he sat down later to think about the job interview, he remembered getting an itchy nose and how he responded to that itch in public.


Toliet Trouble

One of the cultural shocks that you get around the world is toilets. I remember when I was a little girl, the public toilets in France were just holes in the floors in cubicles (yes, even the ladies) that you had to aim at. I remember even going to check on the sign of the door to make sure I got the femmes and not the hommes.



There are other places in the world, like Morrocco where you don't use toilet paper to clean yourself, but you wash with soap and water instead.

All of these could lead to some misunderstandings if you arrive there unprepared.

It is a good idea to research this before you visit anywhere, as you might want to bring your own supply of tissue paper, as an offense will be caused if you ask or grimace at thought of the alternative.



It's also a good idea to read up on culture and ways to behave when you travel anywhere. I know when I visited Egypt, I kept my arms covered and didn't wear anything too revealing, we even bought galabeyas (traditional Egyptian attire) and it definitely made things easier being there and we learnt a few phrases, although the only one I can remember now is "la shukran" (No thank you).

Wearing my Galabeya:

Written by @hopehuggs



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amazing, had no clue Tai culture was so extraordinary. It's typical to keep cash covered up in your socks or shoes here in the west. Will remember this when voyaging once more. Much obliged @adsactly, extremely charming and educational!. However traveling is my favorite passion and I like traveling some time I do to travel with my all friends a just a visit many other place in my country .
That's moment just a very enjoyable and happiness..
So my friend your post just mind blowing and appreciated..
Just a very extra ordinary to create this post..
Just it .

I hope to do some traveling one day too, its just a matter of deciding of waiting till kids get a little older or wait till they have flown the nest and finances of course.

GREAT POST. You remind everyone to give attention to the different of culture. Understanding of different cultures is key to avoid misunderstanding. Like toilet issues. if western culture cleans with tissue, while in eastern world in toilet we use water and soap. If we go to a place with tissue culture in the toilet we will certainly experience culture shock. because the host thought outrageous does not provide water for cleaning. Fortunately, now started many places that introduce cleaning with tissues like in hotels, or malls.

Likewise for us who used to take a bath with a bath and scoop water with scoop will be surprised when entering the bathroom that only uses shower. Surely we would say very politely to have a shower but no water due to cultural ignorance.

The final honor on the corpse also varied. Somebody applauded as the body passed through it like in the western world. In the eastern world it is not so that his family will be angry when the body of his family ditepuktangani. They will think people are being grieved instead of being applauded.
All these differences must be understood so as to avoid misunderstandings

Thank you @hopehuggs
Thank you @adsactly
Thank you Steemit

warm regard from Indonesia

These stories are just the tip of the iceberg, so many different cultures - its really quite interesting how we all do things that we consider quite every day, but even our neighboring countries might deal with differently.

you are right, as the prover another bottom other fish and another field other grasshopper

I made an ‘innocent’ comment about something and they took it completely the wrong way and thought badly of me,...

In your case as you described it wasn’t that bad at all at the end. However, I have seen this so many times, even here on steemit platform. People get their own conclusion without being willing to hear the details. It even led to literally abuse. I don’t like to get involved in such a situations, but if you are misunderstood, you just have to stand for yourself.
Lol poor Tom, he may have to be really careful next time he goes to the job interview.

I remember when I was a little girl, the public toilets in France were just holes in the floors in cubicles...

😱! At the end take your time and research the specific country with different culture. You might be surprised what you eventually find out. Even toilet paper could be pretty handy in your carry on bag.

The written word can be taken in so many different ways, as well, because you can't see the face or emotion, hard to gauge sometimes.

Absolutely, you must do your research well, to some extent it also depends on what rating of hotel you stay in well, with regards to the toilet concerns.

That's a great story to provide in this platform actually your every post I follow my dear .
Today you provide culture post just a mind blowing and appreciated..
Your post food picture may be very delicious food and I like this food and some thing place just a very mind blowing and my dear friend traveling is a great process which is fresh your life style and fresh your blindness I realize that all people should travel once a time..
Just it my dear friend..
Carry on your activities and I always support your activities..

I decree that everyone should travel outside their country, even if it is just once and not for very long.

Everything is about adapting to the culture, that's what tourism is all about.

Unfortunately, those who stay to live are more radical, as is the case in Europe, being invaded by Muslims and having to submit to change their culture.

but let us stop saying sad things, but rather understand the omnipotence of David Beckham's smile. Enjoy and leave your comment.

It is sad when a country's own culture is stifled by immigrants who are unwilling to accept the culture of the country they settle in. When these countries break local traditions like the choice of Christmas decorations in fear of offending, it becomes quite ridiculous and these countries are fast losing their identities.

Even my grandma loves David Beckham's smile. :)

Then we are sure that you will read it and share it with your grandmother to make her happy, surely they will laugh a lot and have a great time together.

I hope we continue reading by this means.

from the team of Truly Fakenews we follow you, we read you and we are watching you. ;)

Cultural faux pas may make for amusing reading, but I’m sure they’re anything but at the time. Sometimes, they may even be dangerous. My grandfather once told me how he settled himself in a steaming hot bath in Korea, only to have the lady of the house appear and start washing him. His reaction and accusations caused an incident that included the lady’s husband shaking a farming implement at my grandfather before my grandfather’s Korean girlfriend (the couple’s daughter) was able to calm things down.

My husband is an immigrant and he has MANY tales of cultural misunderstandings. Sadly, most of those tales are of Americans bumbling over his perceived culture.

Great article, I enjoy reading this post

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@adsactly today world has 69% people who are going to wrong way and only 31% people are doing their job great as far toilet trouble is major problem where sometimes there are no tissue paper but there are soap and wate to use them. thanks for sharing @adsactly

it is strange to think what seems completely normal for one country is completely different in another.

ere in Australia- in the 1880s a big rural industry was growing sugar cane. The canefields became infested with a cane beetle which chewed crops to dust. (It came from o/s too). So the government imported a seriously gross thing called a cane toad. And now, a hundred years on, unwanted immigrants poisoning dogs, even poisoning water bowls. My fur baby has come a whisker close to death twice, so I'd say- imo, unintended consequences SUCK!!

I'm sorry to hear that. Sometimes they really do suck. I am also writing a post of misunderstandings that do suck, but was trying to keep this one a little upbeat.

Cultural differences can be somewhat of a shock for people who are not easily acclimated to change of country or region. It becomes even more difficult when you are not just a tourist but have to actually live in a place you know little about.

It's always a good idea to prepare for this by learning as much as possible before hand but in my experience sometimes there is no getting around the fact that as a foreigner you are bound to make a mistake or a two. I have done it a few times but thankfully I had people around me for damage control.

Not to be rude or anything but as long as you stick to major points, I do think that sometimes people need chill out :-)

I think you are right, as long as you make an effort to try and at least respect the country that you visit, some faux pas tend to be easily forgiven.

Yes, most people usually understand and give a certain amount of leeway in these matters to the foreigners. Given of course that they know that it was unintentional.

Cultural shocks are incurred by structured institutional changes and its a long process. Roots of a cultural shock are traditional patterns of customs and norms. Aftr every 50 kilometer worldwide you shall face at least at minor cultural shock. Its not possible to integrate different cultural norms in short span of time but requires generations. Fortunately modernization had influenced the convergence of cultures dramatically and reducing the time required for a cultural shock placement. So be ready for shocks when you are on a tour, its not a big deal though.

It is part of the experience of traveling I think.

Learning culture is a best idea before visiting any place. Whenever I go outside of India I alway look on YouTube what to do , what not to do. Thank you for your informative blog..

That's a good idea - YouTube is awesome for so many things

Phad kaprow looks great but.... wow, had no idea Tai culture was so extreme. It's normal to keep money hidden in your socks or shoes here in the west. Will keep this in mind when traveling again. Thanks @adsactly, very intriguing and informative!

I know I'm not sure its something you would think about too hard. A definite unintended faux pas!

Knowing other culture, and following it properly is the best way to show respect. If you ever visited India and especially to any hindu family you need to fully prepare yourself. Be it leaving your shoes at door steps or touching someone feet. Every thing need to be precise to make sure you didnt fell any 👍

Leaving the shoes on the doorsteps is carried out in a few cultures too. I like the idea of leaving the outdoors outdoors, by taking your shoes off on the door step.

I enjoyed reading about these cultural faux pas. Things that make each country and culture different, can also lead to some embarrassing moments!

The cultural differences are very sensitive in them. You comment something offensive though without any bad intention but htey take it bad and turn on you. Good food images. Nice looking dishes.

Well nobody is the same anyway, so with added cultural differences it is a minefield.

Very funny about the cereal in meat bowl.

Nice post
Good luck

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This is the very blog written i really like, Hat off @adsactly

Very informative posr. Thanks for share this post. Great post you are awesome.

I'm sitting here reading your post and all I can think of is the delicious food trucks in Chiang Mai. The Thai culture is really amazing! I spent quite a few months there throughout the years and it's one of my favorite countries.

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