ADSactly Life - Common Dreams and What They Mean

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ADSactly Life: Common Dreams and What They Mean

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We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.

Shakespeare seemed to have a real fascination with dreams and dream-worlds, sneaking them into many of his plays. And for good reason, for the subject is a fascinating one, indeed. If you are anything like me, you've probably spent many mornings puzzling over what the night before's dream might've meant. Often, our dreams carry hidden messages from our subconscious – it can be a decision we regret, an object or a person we long for, a lack of pleasure or other such things that are simply not right within our lives. And often, studying those dreams can provide a great insight into the inner workings of our brain – what makes us tweak, perhaps why we are unhappy.
Famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud understood this and pushed this concept that by studying dreams you might understand your psyche better and get to know some of your deepest wishes and desires. Freud believed that dreams disguise our more disturbing impulses. But we are not here to delve into the complexities of psychology. No, this is just a post touching upon some of the most common dreams and what they might mean for you. Read into it what you will. It might apply to you, it might not.

1. Dream of Flying


This is one of the most common dreams. Ever. Chances are you have dreamed you were flying at least once and so have your friends. And you may have asked yourself what does it mean? After all, it's a pretty exhilarating sensation because we usually live dreams as if they were no less real than anything else we experience. And to fly or to at least think and feel you are flying surely leaves you a little confused.
Apparently, dreams of flying are greatly connected to freedom or perhaps, lack of. You might have this dream when you've just exited a toxic relationship, but you are just as likely to have it when you are feeling swamped at work. Often, dreams signify change and this particular dream speaks of an imbalance in the area of your life which houses freedom. You might feel you're too free, because the lack of boundaries can often be harmful, both to you and to others. And it might be your subconscious trying to tell you to get a grip. But it can also be an alarm, your inner self crying out against repression in your life, perhaps at work or in a personal relationship.
Apparently, dreams of flying can be very relieving and actually serve as therapy if you're going through a stressful time.

2. Dream of Falling


Another very common one, dreaming of falling, and it seems to go hand in hand with the first, doesn't it? Maybe at some point you stop flying and just free fall..
Predictably, if you dream of falling, it generally indicates some sort of insecurity in your life, an issue (again, dreams can often have a cautionary purpose) that needs to be dealt with. It often tells you that in your waking life, you are out of control, that you feel out of your depth. You tell yourself you've got it covered and that you're doing just fine, but doubt has a way of sneaking in and if it can't get at you in the waking world, it will crawl into your dreams.
Because dreams of falling can often be a terrifying experience. Again, it feels as if you're really falling and it's very...desperate.
They might also indicate a feeling of failure, like you've let someone in your life (perhaps even yourself) down with some recent action. And while some insecurities are normal, too much insecurity can become crippling to your day-to-day existence. You need to find whatever it is that's bothering you and deal with it, become at peace, as it were, or the dreams will keep coming back.

3. Dream of Being Chased


This one is a particular favorite of mine, since it's a very common dream for me and apparently for others. And it seems it is a good thing, although you wouldn't expect it. If you dream you're being chased – by a crowd, by monsters, whatever you wish – it means your subconscious is telling you to stop running, ironically, and face a problem. To put it simply, it's telling you you are running away from something and if you're anything like me, you always end up getting caught. Which is exactly what will happen in your waking life. You ought to just stop and think about it, understand what you're running from and face it head on rather than keep running. You can't run forever.

4. Dream of Dying


This one can often be very frightening to the dreamer, although it is apparently really common as well. We've all had at least one such dream, I believe. And it seems it's not actually about dying. While you might read a fear of death into it, that's not really what the dream is trying to tell you.
A dream of dying doesn't refer to you physically dying, but again, to something happening in your life, some situation that you feel needs to be stopped. Because that's what the dream is telling you, that you wish something in your life would end – perhaps a bad relationship, a job, something like that.
And like the previous dream, this too is actually a positive one, because it's your subconscious telling you to try something new, to find a new relationship or a new career path perhaps. It's an encouraging dream.

5. Dream of...Celebrities


You know that one where you're stuck in an elevator with your favorite actor/actress? Well apparently, that's still just your subconscious trying to tell you something about yourself. I know, I was disappointed too.
When you dream of meeting a celebrity, it's usually one you like, right? Well, that's a good sign of what you value in life, what kind of qualities – luxury, good looks, kindness, whatever that celebrity makes you think of. It's also a cry for personal recognition. In today's society we feel a constant pressure to compare ourselves to celebrities, what we wear, how we look or talk, etc and this dream might just be you wishing you received more recognition.
Quick word to the wise, the only recognition that matters is your own. You don't need to impress someone, just make sure you are content.

6. Dream of Cheating


Have you ever dreamed your SO was cheating on you? I bet you have, who hasn't, right? And no, this is not a sure sign he/she actually is cheating, so never interpret it as such. As with most dreams, this is rather telling you something about yourself and not about your partner at all.
When we dream our partner is cheating, it's usually a sign of jealousy – perhaps he's addicted to some game or spending too much time at his job. In any case, not enough time with you, the dreamer. And your dream is just your subconscious complaining about it. Talk to your partner, it can't be so bad.
This dream might also indicate a lack of trust, which might be far more problematic in a relationship and a huge issue for you, as a person. And perhaps worst of all, dreams of a cheating partner might sometimes indicate your own wish to be unfaithful. It's not uncommon to try and pin it on the other person and say they are the ones in the wrong...

So, what's your recurring dream? Do you find yourself in this list? Let us know in the comments!

Authored by: @honeydue

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This adsactly post really made me laugh so hard.

A psychological analysis of Dreams.

Very funny, both the writer and the writee, so to say missed the whole points here.

Dreams is more than a subconscious kind of a thing, it's more spiritual than you think. Very spiritual. And the meaning you gave to those dreams don't follow at all. Ask anyone who have been chased with a cutlass before in the dream. They'll tell you this meaning ain't it at all.

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Your post is very nice and practical, @honeydue. The reasons you point out are, in fact, the most recurrent. I wouldn't want to give an opinion about their meaning, because it's more of a therapist's job. However, I see that in that sense you have done a good job of investigation and application.
I believe that of the reasons you point out, the most recurrent in my dreams is that of the fall (although I must admit that I retain my dreams little in my memory).
Thank you. Greetings.

Great post.

When we sleeps and dreams then we feel in another world. We do not realize that at that time we are sleeping. Often when dreaming when you wake up your body feels very tired, as if when you dream of running we run very far and fast.
In my opinion, dreams are a psychological condition of someone who is carried away in the subconscious. the brain gives an idea of ​​what is happening with the person's body. For example, when we were children before going to bed did not urinate first. Working the kidneys, the full bladder cannot hold urine. For this reason, the brain works as if he went to the bathroom and urinated there. even though he didn't wake up, he finally wet himself.
Likewise when the body feels tired and the mind is frantic, we often experience nightmares. For this reason, we are advised not to pray the aagr can sleep peacefully.
Although there are times when the brain works below the conscious threshold is a mental manifestation that is able to give a picture of the situation out there. As we were given a feeling there would be a brother who died by dreaming of removing his teeth.
Thank you @honeydue
Thank you @adsactly
Thank you Steemit
Warm regard from Indonesia

I seldom not dream.
I'm trying to think and interpret my dream but as I observe it maybe there's a little bit of exactness in my interpretation.
But people of old like Daniel in the Bible was gifted to interpret dreams exactly.
I guess now a days its hard to know people that could interpret dreams precisely.

Calderón de la Barca said: "Dreams, dreams are". Some psychoanalysts have chosen to say that dreams are repressed desires or fears that we have stored in the unconscious. Other theories speak of the capacity of the human soul to live experiences while we are lying down and these experiences are our dreams. I have read many books that talk about the meaning of dreams, and I agree that many of them are loaded with our fears and desires. Personally, I have been dreaming lately of my dead father talking to me and smiling at me. I have read and consulted, and almost all the explanations are oriented to the fact that my father wants to communicate with me to tell me that he is well, that he is resting. Suddenly it's also what I want to believe and that's how I want to imagine it: happy wherever I am. Thank you for sharing this refreshing post, @honeydue and @adsactly for posting.

Do you know what it means to dream about a lime sorbet? Like really enjoying a lime sorbet to the fullest.


Mwahaha I love this comment :)) I do not, sadly. Or perhaps I do. I guess it all depends on your personal lime sorbet and what it means to you, no?


Surely. If I don't know what it means, no one can know. That seems to make sense.

I often dream of winning things. Anything from lotteries to awards and random things. Always a 4 leafed clover or some 'lucky' thing in the background.

Good one @honeydue😎

The world of dreams is fascinating. Generally, I do not remember the dreams and I'm very sorry. I like to listen and read dreams stories. They insist in a very curious way on the real and manage their own syntax.
My grandmother, who, as is natural in an old man, thought about her own death, told me about a dream she had. It was a dream in which she flew over a river and contemplated the sown fields and the sea and mountains where she spent her childhood. Paradoxically, this topic of life presented him with death, or rather, the hereafter, not as a fearsome place, but as locus amoenus.
Many years have passed since that story and many years since his death. The memory of his story is always tied in my memory to the memory of his last days.
But, beyond personal interests, as you pointed out at the beginning of your post, dreams are a valuable literary material, and Shakespeare, a master of masters, understood it well. The dream and its relation to literature, imagination and human forms of representation is a topic of reflection for many levels of work.
Thank you for sharing, @honeydue.