LMAC #22 - Winner announcement!

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Greetings Steemians!

Yesterday's dPoll on the finalists of Let's make a collage #22 has just been closed. For the first time, the community has decided to award three first places:

Bildschirmfoto 2019-07-10 um 08.26.21.png

To acknowledge this outcome in the fairest way I decided lift up the total reward pool to 36 SP and equally split it in three 12 SP power-ups!

Please join me in applauding the three winners! 👏👏👏

First place
  • 12 SP power-up
@bidesign (10 of 36 votes) Open Air Trumpet Solo
First place
  • 12 SP power-up
@detlev (10 of 36 votes) Steel Elephants
First place
  • 12 SP power-up
@muelli (10 of 36 votes) DRAUF GESCHISSEN
Original image

Thank you all for your engagement, by creating these cool artworks and joining the polls!

Stay tuned for round 23!


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Congratulations to all winners! Perfect:) @bidesign was my winner!!

Whooooot, 👍Congratulations to all winners. 🙏

many thanks and please give us more challenges like this...

Congratulation @bidesign

Thank you

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Incredible, ... Yeeeaaahhhh. 😎
Many thanks to all who made this possible and congratulations to the other winners!

excellent work, congratulations to the winners and everyone who makes this challenge better and more interesting, we see the next challenge, every day it becomes more difficult the challenge for such wonderful work

Ich find super mit welch kreativen Ideen die Leute hier dabei sind! Find auch super das du diesen kreativen hiermit einen Ort zum Austoben bietest @shaka

Danke, das freut mich sehr zu hören! Vielleicht findest Du ja auch mal wieder Zeit und Musse beim Austoben mitzumachen :)

Ja ganz bestimmt! 😉

3 first places :) very controversial competition. Congratulations @bidesign, @detlev and @muelli , Keep running this beautiful contest @shaka

Thank you @outlinez

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Congratulations to these creative winners.

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Thanks a lot for nice challenge, friends. 👍🙏Congratulations to all.👏👏👏

Thank you

Very generous of you, @shaka. Each winner worthy of a prize. Thanks again for coming back and running your contest. It is a great asset on Steemit, and a personal pleasure for me.
Congratulations to all, winners and everyone who entered.

wow! a nice resulting :P

Congratulations to the winners!