How a minnow can become a dolphin for a week by leasing steem power - How to lease steem power

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Would you like to be a dolphin for a week?

A dolphin typically has more than 5000 steem power, and each 100% vote is worth more than $1.

On steemit you are already important if you have 500 Steem power. But dolphins have upwards of 5000 steem power. They are very important. Dolphins are influential and tend to have a growing band of followers.

Did you know that you could quickly become a dolphin by leasing steem power? When you lease steem power, you can vote them as if you owned them. Your votes are worth more.

The cost of loasing 5000 steem power for a week is less than 90 steem.

How to lease steem power

Go to and choose “Lease Steem Power”. Fill the form in like this:


You are welcome to change any of the parameters.

What’s the advantage of leasing steem power?

Everyone has their own reason for wanting more steem power. Maybe you want to fend off a flagging attack. Maybe you are organising a writing competition and want to vote for all particpiants. Maybe you want to vote all your friends with a meaningful amount. Maybe you just want a bigger vote for yourself.

When you have the extra steem power, you can vote anyone you like (including yourself), as often as you like. There are no limits.

Here’s an excellent reason for a minnow to lease steem power - Advertising yourself

Below, I am using 5000 steem power in the example, as that is enough to make you a dolphin. You can of yourse choose any amount.

With each 100% vote now worth over a dollar, people will start to notice you. Your name will be near the top of the list of voters, even on trending blogs and whale blogs.

Accompany each vote with an intelligent comment. Some bloggers will follow you. Some will also read your blogs. You might get lucky and have several people upvote you for more than you expected. It does not matter How much you earn. This is about the advertisiing morebthan thebimmediate return.

You may get a follower for life, who will vote hundred’s of your blogs in the future. Perhaps their first vote isn’t worth much. It doesn’t matter. They will grow. They will vote for you again and again.

How to get the most out of your advertising campaign

Before you lease steem power, prepare two or three excellent blogs. By “excellent”, I mean REALLY EXCELLENT. You should proof-read them 100 times. Get a friend to read them. They should be your best works ever.

Then lease the steem power. Now set about finding other blogs which interest you. Make a long and interesting comments about the blog content and add your vote.


If you have more than 500 steem power, a slider will appear each time you vote. It allows you to adjust the value of each vote from 1% to 100%.

(You don’t have to always vote at 100%).

It is recommended that you make no more than 10 votes at 100% per day. However you could make 50 votes at 20% if you wanted, or 500 at 2%.

I recommend that you adjust the size of your vote according to what you think will work best for you. Don’t forget, your aim is to use your votes intelligently so as to attract as many long term followers as possible. Size matters more to some than others. It also depends on how many comments per day you plan to make. If you don’t have time for more than 10 comments a day, there’s no point in voting for less than 100% each time.

If you want to target a large number of minnows, you could make 500 votes a day of 2% each. It’s up to you to develop the best advertising strategy for yourself.

If you get your strategy right, some bloggers (and maybe other commenters) will be so impressed by the quality of your comment that they will visit your blogs. If they like what they see they will upvote you and follow you. For years to come your future blogs will appear in their feed. If they are good, your reputation will grow and the votes will be flowing in.

The important thing is that your vote and comment it is like any advertising. It won’t work on most people. It will work on some.

Before you start voting

Develop your strategy. Who will you vote? Where will you comment? Whale blogs? Trending blogs? New blogs? Only one topic?

Don’t forget:

  • Whales are overwhelmed by people like you trying to get their attention. They are unlikely to visit your blog. But if they do, their vote could be worth alot of money.
  • Trending blogs have hundreds of comments. Yours is less likely to be noticed, by the blogger, but many others could see it.
  • The vote of a newbie may be worth nothing today. It may be worth alot more in the future
  • It’s easier to attract newbies and minnows than dolphins and whales and for less money
  • Is your comment good enough to make the blogger and/or other commenters say “Hey! This guy sound interesting! Let’s see what else he writes about.”

Some bloggers will fall for your charming words. They will try reading your blog once, and may like it. Even if you only earn a couple of dollars, you know those readers will be back, over and over again.

You are only leasing for a short period. At the end of the period your leased steem power will be returned to the original owner. If you would like to renew your lease, you can visit the website before the lease expires and click on “Renew this lease”. Renewing is often more convenient than re-listing your lease request and waiting for it to get filled.


Hello friend, good post, this requires dedication to explain every detail, this strategy with minnowbooster is the one used before, it does not have much power because it did not have much time to publish, and get the most out of it, but if I use it from time to time to buy some votes, for my minnowbooster is one of the best services there is, and it is good to rent to increase SP and to help with our vote to users who deserve it. Greetings and keep going friend I congratulate you, you have learned a lot.

There are many valid strategies on steemit. Your high reputation shows that you have found good ones for you. Leasing steem power is one of several interesting strategies.

The question for many is why to do it.

Some want an immediate profit.

Some want to support steemit

Some want to vote their friends

Some want to reward entrants in a competition by voting all contestants.

Some want to defend themselves against a flagging attacker.

Everyone has their own motive for wanting to be a dolphin for a week.

Whatever your motive, more steem power means more people take notice of who you are.

It’s like buying flowers for your garden. People will notice your house. You will please the neighbours. However you will not make a profit from the flowers you bought unless they increase the value of your house.

You did a very good job by making this post because there are many newbies who are unfamiliar with lease word. I start my journey by commenting on quality post then I realized I should invest some STEEM and I took SP on lease for sometime so now I'm a dolphin. ;)

You are indeed now a dolphin, thanks to the steem you leased. Each vote from you is now worth alot of money. That’s why I just visited your blogs. I liked what I read and decided to follow you. It works!

Thanks for stopping by. I am looking forward to reading more of your comments and blogs.

I'm much obliged for that. I even didn't think that you will follow me one day even I followed you from the first the day when I took a peek at your one of the posts.

You are really doing great work for this community. Thank you for looking at my blog. :)

You did a great job by taking the lease dear. If I had the funds to, I also would have. Congrats as you have been able to make yourself a go into the steemit world and make yourself known #smiles

You will take on lease soon. This day comes in everyone's life if they are doing hard work and loyal to this community. You seems quite good to this platform. Best wishes for you. :)

Hello @swissclive! Been following your trail for a while and i find this information very educating for me. I don't mean to sound awkward, but i never would have known otherwise! I can't wait to be a dolphin... I make sure all my comments are quality, and i put a lot of soul into my blogging... I have no doubts i'll get there soon... Thanks for sharing this piece. People like me now have another stone to climb on in the steemit movement..

As you said, your sp defined your value on steemit, so the more your sp increases the more you become valuable

It’s like advertising. Leasing SP may not be profitable for the period you do it, but you may win followers when you vote them with a clever comment. If those followers also have SP and it is growing, then they may vote for your blogs for years to come. It’s hard to calculate the value of that.

Unfortunately a whale is unlikely to be impressed by the size of your vote, so don’t waste it on them.

You now have high SP so hopefully some people will follow you to see what you write.

By the way, thanks for the large upvote @soufiani. You were the seventh largest vote on this blog!

To get the most traction with your comments I recommend you comment early on fairly new articles so that people who come later will see what you wrote, and maybe impressed.

Steem power delegation is amazing that will help you to grow quickly on steemit if you don't have enough money to buy steem power. Its very difficult to get delegation now a days. I bought steem power delegation on blocktraids price of 8 steem per steem ( i got 5020 steempower by giving 575 steems for 3 months)which is very costly. I did not calculate before buying. I want to inform you that please don't buy steem power delegation from blocktrades for now. If you are good content creator and want to expose your content through self voting then you can buy steem delegation from blocktrades it is still available. Thanks for education post @swissclive and minnowbooster tutorial.

I hve not really looked at the blocktrades leasing option. With minnowbooster, you have optiond to adjust things like the price you are willing to pay.

Owk this is quite a great piece and I love the fact that you took the time out to tutor us on how to lease steem power . For sometime now a friend of mine has been leasing steem power and I been wondering what manner of dumb idea that was. Why would I want to lease steem power for just a week and to what end?

I will look at some of the points you raised one after the other in a bid to give my opinion on some and ask for better understanding on some.

A dolphin typically has more than 5000 steem power, and each 100% vote is worth more than $1.

I want to believe that a dolphins comes right before a whale. If a dolphins has just above 5000 so, then what does it take to be a whale coz I was shocked to check up on @surpassinggoogle one day and found out he was still a dolphin. His 100% voting power is over a hundred sbd yet he is still called a dolphin. I was really perplexed and it has aided my confusion on who a whale really is.

On steemit you are already important if you have 500 Steem power.

Hehehe even as low as 300sp you become important. People start diaturbing you for upvotes and it can just be so tiring. Last week @tarazkp held a contest and the price was delegation of steem power to some persons who he deemed performed well and I was among the few. He delegated 250sp to me which would Las for 4 week and since then it's been hell (Lolzz) . People who would never chat with you for any reason starts dropingboff their post links for you to upvote. Well what can I do? Its a small world and so I still help who ever I can with the little I have. But the bottom line is that one becomes important even with as low as 300sp...steem power is really powerful on steemit...lolzz

The cost of loasing 5000 steem power for a week is less than 90 steem

Now this might be a bit of a problem for minnows like me. Getting steem now is extremely difficult unless you chose to invest by buying steem yourself . Those who don't have the cash to pay for steem might find it difficult generating as much as 90 steem in just a period as short as 1 week for renual or even for the very first lease. I made 90 steem in 3 months...u can imagine

What’s the advantage of leasing steem power?

Before now I had always thought if the immediate return accompanied with leasing steem power and that has discouraged me from doing so. When I run my calculations , I see that i may run a loss doing so and so I recline . But you have been able tovm give me a new insight on the advantages of leasing. I never thought of it this way. Never thought of the advertising advantage therein.

Then about commenting. It's always interesting when you get to comment on people's posts who take the time out to respond and make the conversation Lively. I love commenting on your posts coz I found out that you take the time to always read through every comment and engage the commenter in a conversation which is very good. So many dolphins don't and it just makes commenting on their blog rather boring.

Renewing is often more convenient than re-listing your lease request and waiting for it to get filled.

When you say renewing is easier or more convenient, how do you mean? Does it mean your orders get filled faster when you renew than when you place a new order?

@sistem. Thanks for reading. I hope you will find that leasing has long term benefits for you.

I’m also not sure when a dolphin turns into a whale. Maybe it’s at 100k steempower, maybe even more.

It is true that many people don’t have 90 steem to lease 5000. For 9 steem they could try leasing 500. As you said, people started chasing you even for 300!

If you lease and only vote your own blogs and comments, you might make a small profit, or a small loss. The price is at the level where it’s not quite worth the trouble for the money making motive. The biggest variable is the amount of curation rewards.

On the other hand, by giving away your votes to others may make a profit because some will vote you or your comments. It all depends on whether you catch some bigger votes. The real value is in the advertisement effect. Once people follow you, their future votes are probably worth much more than you paid for the lease.

It is always good to discuss. Some whale bloggers don’t fully engage. I don’t think there would be much point in voting for that kind of blogger except to get a share of the curation rewards. On the other hand, many of their followers are commenting in the hope of getting a vote, so maybe it those people I would look at.

Renewing means your lease just carries in the same as before. You have to pay another fee. But you don’t lose the steem power. It saves the trouble of getting listed again and waiting for a taker.

Thanks for the further clarifications @swisscliff. It brightens this topic even more.

Pls where do one check for a steemian Dolphin/whale status?

Very vital points you raise there. Thanks for the elaborate question/experience.

Sometimes being too used to the normal way things are done does not even allow one think of other possibilities. I never knew that leasing steem power could be this easy. Well, saving up steem is now worth something yeah?

All I have always thought was possible is powering up with the little I get from buying steem power with sbds. Well, I must say it has been worth it and I'm just doing all I can gradually. My community is a large one and for one, I have alot of guys who write quality content. I have figured out if there could be a way to help them and all I do most times is help boost their posts with bots and in recent times, those bots have not been extremely profitable.

This idea is not a bad one has it gives better influence and the investment seems worth it to me from all the information gathered here.

Gaining followers is another great advantage as you mentioned. I think whales tend to upvote a trending post because they have an idea that it is good stuff since there are plenty upvotes on it already. So, they might not read it through but just give their upvotes. Well, I don't think there is anything like writing good content and getting rewarded for it. I bow have one of the most valuable information in the world and I don't intend to throw it away.

Thanks for always sharing great and detailed information as this to help the community grow. @swissclive

If you upvote your own post with more steem power, it might get into the “trending posts”.

Whales don’t have unlimited time so they often judge a post by the value of the votes received to judge what is worth reading.

That is that type of post I like sharing with newly got approved newbies. This is very excellent as it centers most on how a minnow could feel like a "king" even if it is for a week to know how it feels to be a dolphin. I always appreciate your post and you very passionate about the minnows.

On the other hand, do you really think it would be that easy for a minnow to be convinced that leasing 5000Sp at the cost of 90steem would really be beneficial to them?

Why I said that is because, any are just here for the money, not the future impact of what steemit could really do for them or their communities. To even power up from the little they earn is difficult for some of them but truely the really pointed out the dog and don't I'd you really want to enjoy the lease to the maximum.

I would say YES, lease if you are set to take yourself to the next level

Thank you for sharing this informative post as usual.

You are totally right. Those who are here ONLY for the money will be dissappointed. Only a very small number of people can make a living from blogging. The amount you earn just isn’t high enough for 99.9%.

On the other hand, the monetary rewards ARE important. They are a way of keeping score. They are a way of measuring success compared to others. They are sign of recognition. My first 5 or 10 blogs earned me less that about 12 cents in total. Now I often earn more than $20 per blog. OK, this one isn’t so popular. It’s only making $9. But relatively speaking that 900 times more voted than my first blog.

Those who choose to lease steempower shouldn’t see it as a way to invest 90 and get back 150. Unless they get really lucky (and good), it won’t work like that. Rather the leasing is a way to take yourself to another level. I recommend spreading the votes around with lots of intelligent comments on blogs similar to your own.

It’s a bit like renting the village hall and throwing a giant party for everyone in the village (lease some steem power). Everyone in the village hears there is free beer. (They visit your blog). They come and chat with you (comment on your blog). You buy them beer (give them a vote). It will cost you money, but after the party loads of people will remember you as the guy who throws parties (They will follow you). They will greet you in the street (they notice your next blog). They will always invite you to their parties. (You have steemit friends. You are part of the steemit community. When you comment their blog, they will vote for you, because you are a friend).

Yes spammers are a problem for some bloggers who are very popular. I tend to give out a couple of 1% flags, (it does no harm at all), to blatant spammers, and the rest stay away.

You are absolutely correct and there is a saying that goes thus, "no pain no gain" life is all about risk if you really want to be successful. I think leasing steem power is a very good way to go for someone that wants to create a trademark for him or herself on steemit.

Lol! The village illustration you used is very nice and funny because things like that happens here in Africa a lot. Have you been to Africa before? A lovely country with good people at heart.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea. Been here for about three months now but never thought of this idea of leasing the Steem power and use it sought of advertising purpose. I now feel even leasing a small amount like 500 for 9 steem could really help too. I am working hard to get over the plankton state and the goal is to be there by end of the month, so let's see how it goes. Once the goal is achieved will try to bump up my SP by leasing it and boost my recent project to the wider audience.

Very good. My advice is to focus your comments on the relatively best of the new steemians. Some of them will become dolphins. It is much easier to get a new steemian to follow you than an old one.

Thank you, sure and yeah it makes sense, I will follow this tip. Much appreciated.

Honestly it's just so sweet to have some nice sp on your account. Just look at when I won a 250sp delegation from tarazkp, I felt like a little lord of my own. I could actually give a little uplift to a post or comment that I think is worth it. I had thought of leasing sp from minnowbooster but I was afraid I might not be able to recover the amount spent within one week as I put a limit of 10% of self vote.

Reading through now gives me a new insight into what I could gain with the leasing. Not necessarily a good return on investment, but a little spot for myself where others will see. Maybe I'll consider trying it out but with a smaller amount first.

Thanks for sharing this great information I always try to learn new thing and I learn new thing from your post I follow you Hope you will help same like this because mostly do not know about this including me but after reading your post i am glad hope you will help in feature keep it up your way is so nice to understan its very simple and comprehensive
thans for sharing these also i like it most
If you have more than 500 steem power, a slider will appear each time you vote. It allows you to adjust the value of each vote from 1% to 100%.

(You don’t have to always vote at 100%).

It is recommended that you make no more than 10 votes at 100% per day. However you could make 50 votes at 20% if you wanted, or 500 at 2%.

I recommend that you adjust the size of your vote according to what you think will work best for you. Don’t forget, your aim is to use your votes intelligently so as to attract as many long term followers as possible. Size matters more to some than others. It also depends on how many comments per day you plan to make. If you don’t have time for more than 10 comments a day, there’s no point in voting for less than 100% each time.

If you want to target a large number of minnows, you could make 500 votes a day of 2% each. It’s up to you to develop the best advertising strategy for yourself.

If you get your strategy right, some bloggers (and maybe other commenters) will be so impressed by the quality of your comment that they will visit your blogs. If they like what they see they will upvote you and follow you. For years to come your future blogs will appear in their feed. If they are good, your reputation will grow and the votes will be flowing in.

The important thing is that your vote and comment it is like any advertising. It won’t work on most people. It will work on some

Thanks @swissclive for this piece.
First, I sincerely never knew there was such a thing as a dolphin here in steemit.
Thought it was just a joke when people did it but hearing it from you noe confirms good to know I can actually become a dolphin... Hahaa..

But about the lease if steempower.
About two groups I know of, came together to lease this steempower but it wasn't released. Instead, the sp was returned...

So what's the assurance that if I for instance, apply for the lease.. It will be granted...
I'm really interested in being a dolphin too...

Thank you

You must make sure the interest rate you offer is high enough. Unless the “Nett APR” is at least 40 you have only a low chance of someone taking your offer.

Also you must have enough Steem (not steem power) in your account to pay the fee. Many people have steem power, but not enough steem to pay the fee. In this case you must convert some sbd to steem, or buy steem.

Oohhhhh..... Steem. Not steempower.

Thanks so much @swissclive. Would work on this....

Would really be a beautiful thing to be a dolphin....

I have been tempted to lease SP but not always on steemit. It definitely is a great way to boost awareness of one's blog posts with more SP. Did not even think about breaking up upvotes to like 500 minnows a day. Although it does not sound like a lot of rewards for but worth a try to see what happens :) Thanks.

Why not 1000 votes at 1% for 7 days? With 5000 SP you would be hitting 7000 people with at least 1 cent. The problem would be writing so many good comments. You can’t spam lol.

Is it even humanly possible to do 1000 votes and comments in a day? To be actual comments and not spam. I wonder if someone actually tried and see what their results are. Like go to "introduction" tag and upvote all the new steemians that post in a given day. That is what I plan to do. Now I just need to do it :p

It’s experiments like this that we would all like to know the answer to - what actually works?

The problem is that what works for you, might not work for the next guy, because your blogs are brilliant and his might not be that good.

LOL I wish my blogs are brilliant. I am deseperately in need to experiment as I am not earning much on steemit. Upvote bots can only go so far, wish I had a better plan of attack to do better. Thanks!

This is just it. I wish I have enough steem to lease at this time of my steemit journey, I would have love to do it straightway, but not withstanding,i have picked a lesson from this write up. "it is easy to gain the attention of newbies than that of the whales" this indeed talked directly to me. I would consider leasing sp in the near future to enjoy the complete dose of this post.... Thanks for this eye opening post....

This is a very good post!!! I like, that you do not just call to buy or rent SP, but how to use it correctly, to benefit not only yourself but also others!!! That's about this and I think for a week. I'll do it soon

I have tried leasing a few times from minnowbooster and and run into some difficulties. I didn't know what exactly to put where and the few blog posts I read on Google didn't exactly help.

This post has solved my difficult a great deal and that's majorly cos the added that pic of the image (steps to follow). Thanks for this.

I'll give it a try again and see what comes out. It would be nice to be a dolphin, even for a week.

Thanks, swissclive! I had never heard about leasing SP before. I’m not going to do it just yet, but I definitely will keep it in mind. It definitely sounds like a great way to get noticed here on Steemit!

Nice article. What is the lowest amount of Steem needed to lease SP because I have tried leasing with 20 Steem and 60steem but the order was rejected.

There is no minimum amount. You can lease at a cost of as little as 1 steem.

You must make sure the interest rate you offer is high enough. Unless the “Nett APR” is at least 40 you have only a low chance of someone taking your offer.

Of course you must have enough steem in your account to pay for the lease. In your case @zizymena, you have zero steem so you can’t pay for it. You will have to earn some more, or buy some steem first.

Yeah I wasn't having in my account, we actually had a kind of joint contributions I and fellow minnows to come up with that amount in a new account so we can curate our posts. When the lease didn't come through it was converted back to SBD and re distributed to everyone who contributed. Thanks @swissclive for the interest rate tip. Will sure put that into consideration next time.

On the other hand, is it not likely that once the SP goes down the flock of followers who had followed me (especially minnows and planktons) will now drift away because I don't have a juicy upvote any longer? I had actually thought about the strategy you shared, but a number of my well wishers advised me against it. So I am kind of confused.

If your were blogs were good enough people will follow. They don’t just follow for the money. People won’t stop following you unless the quality of your blogs deteriorate.

I don’t follow anybody for the money. I follow them because I like what they write. However, I always look at who voted for me. Those who voted the most koney are at the top of the list when you click on the “43 votes” button. If they made a good comment or not, I am likely to go and find out more about them. It’s simple curiosity. Sometimes I follow them if they have several good blogs.

Yes, I understand your perspective. That seems to me a very natural thing to do as well.

This is interesting. Thank you @swissclive. I used to think of the financial or should I say short term productivity of leasing steem power. I tend to think of how to get enough steem to renew the lease at its expiration. This has given me more insight and more enlightenment into why I lease steempower.
I love especially the part where you advised that the minnow makes wonderful posts just before getting the lease. That's very good. I've really gotten a lot from this, which I hope to implement. Thank you.

Very informative, it really captures the mind of an average minnow who is trying to see how he can gain favour and have some luck on steemit. Thanks for this interesting article

Thank you for the tips, it can be really difficult as a minnow to figure out how steemit and steem works, so this post had loads of valuable information

I just very recently started using minnow booster and noticed the leasing option, and have thought about it quite a bit. I think it's something that could really pay off, but in order to fully utilize it I would have to take a week and somewhat base it around my Steemit use in order to get the exposure I'd like.

It's a gamble. I'd really like to do it but I also don't want to lose the small amount of SP I've worked so hard to acquire, if I might be back to square one in a week. But, if one were to really go above and beyond during that week, I think it could really pay off.

I think it is unlikely you will make a profit unless your blogs are really good and you get lucky. Hopefully what you will get are some followers who will follow you for years. The value of that is hard to calculate.

My advice is to mainly look for steemians who already have earned a few hundred steem. This means they are getting bigger in steemit. Hook them now while they are still small and they will appreciate your conversation on their blogs. Try and get in early, preferably within half a day of the blog being published. That way other commenters will see what you have written.

Before you start, make sure your latest blog is the most brilliant one you have ever written. People reward hard effort more than lazy effort.

Didn't know you could lease SP... Hmm would try and do that now see how it goes But all I have is like 2 Steem ... Still confused though let's say I want to lease 5000 steem power do I pay for it, and if I'm paying for it what's the rate??? And also at the end of the week when the lease expires will I pay the lease and the net Apr as well...

Good questions. You only pay once - upfront The amount you pay is shown in the photo above (83.333 steem in the example for 5000 steem). You can adjust the amount you are willing to pay (your choice) to a lower amount. If it is too low, nobody will take your offer. If it is high, it will be taken quickly. As you don’t have much steem, you need to earn some, or buy some, or lease a smaller number of steem than 5000, but in my view, there’s not much point in leasing less than 500 steem.

You only pay the upfront amount. You don’t pay anything extra, like interest or fees at the end of the lease period.

What you pay upfront is not refunded.

My advice is to make sure the Nett APR is at least 39%, otherwise your offer will probably not be taken and you will need to wait two and a half days for a refund.

Thanks for clearing it up... I would buy steem but... And I've been on steemit like a month still don't know how to earn steem been only earning sbd and sp....

You get steem by selling sbd or by powering down your sp

Wao! Oh oh!! You just made my day. Thank God I came across this post via @vickyrich .

This is my first time on your blog though, I am impressed. I have learnt a couple of things about leasing and have come across minowbooster severaly but this your post killed it.

Many thanks dear @swisscliff .

Given the low price of steem at the moment it is quite cheap to lease now. Howver, I think the better deal is to buy more steem.

Great job. I liked how detailed you described the whole process of leasing. But I think that its use can be beneficial for everyone. The main thing is to know what you are doing.
I saw a lot of articles for beginners. But I have not seen a single one in which the leasing of the power of the voice is described. This is an important topic that can not be overlooked.
In the future, I will also use this service. Many newcomers simply do not know that this is possible and therefore misses a lot. Thanks for your work.

thank you swissclive you solve my problem ! i rally confuse how to lease steem power as i m new i do not know after reading your post i will try to buy steem power ! it much valuable you briefly describe the whole senirio it much important for newbie steemition! cool

Thanks @swissclive for tips . . . I was inneed of these tips. . . I was taking SP but was confused
And now I am clear

Its really nice to hear this. Thanks for sharing the information. But minnowbooster is no more profitable as before

This is very educational. I did not know one could lease steem power. Your tutorial on the steps to take are very easy to understand, all I have to do is to work on making over 60 steem. Thanks @swissclive

Very good post you got there @swissclive ....I didnt know what the word "lease" meant before...But after taking time to read your post,i fully understand....To what i gained from your post, lease steempower is like borrowing some certain amount of steempower for a period of time....I think i will try this and make quality post because i only do contest...
I dont post because of the low amount i recieve on every post i make...😭..
Thanks again for this vital information...I now also know when to change the percent of vote....KUDOS!!!

I work heavily with contests and the idea of leasing enough SP to become a dolphin for a week is a very good one for when I plan to host a contest of my own. I hadn't thought of the benefits, but yes I can see how it would be much easier to attract others to the contest and then hold onto them as long-term followers.

Holding contests worked for me. A few weeks ago, I had 960 followers. Then I ran 3 contests with nice prizes. Now I have 1700 followers. Of course it costs alot of money to give away contest prizes, but it definitely attracted many followers. There are many stories like this on steemit.

Think am going to take advantage of this post lol, so leasing is quite efficient when it comes to a communtiy account, as it helps the communtiy to grow and help foster the improvement of it members, afterall we all know that upvote is what increase your reputation not posting.

Am going to use this medium to seek for any whale willing to delegate his/her steempower to a community account @airhawk-project our aim is to help all steemians alike and no country limittation, we give our followers the ability to air their work via our blog and earn a little also and we do organize competition once a while and gift at package to our followers via our telegram group.

So, if you are willing or know someone willing pls do well to write a memo to @airhawk-project.

Oops sorry hope I didnt cause any trouble here.

Thanks to @swissclive for the perfectly and detailed explanation of how delegation works and how to properly maximize it usage

Hi @swissclive. Yup that’s my intention when I leased the sp from you and became close to a dolphin for 3 weeks. Then I went about doing massive upvotes and comments on steemians with similar interest. During this period my followers had increased. However, it was still short of what I had projected, was expecting more followers. After analysing, I came to the conclusion that this could be due to my reputation. Perhaps most steemians only look at your reputation before deciding to check out your wallet :)
For now I had decided to drop leasing sp and focus on building reputation. I realised, besides posting, the fastest way is using bidding bots, especially those bots with very high reputation. Once I reach a certain rep, I will start leasing sp again and hopefully do better next time.
Thanks for all your support for past 3 weeks!!

On a side note, if anyone has some steem to spare, I would really recommend leasing sp. If you have 100 steem, it doesn’t matter much if you power up to sp, 100 additional sp has very very little effect to your account. Instead, why not lease sp using the 100 steem and try be a dolphin. The benefits are much better. And with clever upvoting and some other methods, it is almost certain you can recover the 100 steem during the lease period.

It's very important.
I need this topic.
Thank you very much @swissclive

sorry for weak language 😖

Hello swiss. I'm happy to see you made this post. Yes, definitely, leasing SP it can be worth, and it can makes you be a dolphin for a week.

But as you sayd, you should really know what you will do with that SP. Otherwise it can be a loss.
And i experienced it by myself.

Look as i know, a good way to profit from the leasing SP is doing 10 posts daily. Of course, that's quite hard ( and posting a single image can be inclusive spam ) but is a way to recover u'r inversion, or at least is what are doing some big whales, like haejin, and some others.

So yeah, leasing it can be profitable, but you for sure should know what you do, and well again, as you sayd, you really need some good posts, otherwise im sure leasing will not be worth at all.

Anyways @swissclive happy to see you just did the post, i have in mind to make another Lease Request on Minnow, in like 6 days.
Would you like to fill me again another one? Im usually make some good ones, in witch is profitable for both of us, otherwhise no one will fill them, at least nowadays.

Anyways lady, didn't knew about you until you filled me the request, you seems to be a really good person, who likes to help and share some good stuff with everyone. That's all, have a good day! :)

Incredible contribution for the newbies friend @swissclive, thanks as always. I will study this whole thing in depth to see if I can get a little steem power for at least 1 week. With your permission, I'll rewrite this post on my blog.

A hug.

Wow, an excellent guide to leasing Steem Power, thank you!

I am trying to publish a high-quality content and people often do post meaningful comments to my articles, but I feel bad because I can only award them with $0.02-$0.03. Of course, that amount is also not a very good incentive for them to continue following me.

Having accumulated some Steem Dollars, I will wait to get some free time, prepare a couple of excellent posts, lease a high amount of Steem Power for a week, and then start connecting as much as possible.

P.S. I love how you formatted this post. : )

You have no idea how this came for me at the right time. I actually need the lease and i am just reading the full details about it from you. Wow. You are one interesting person haha. You gave us choices but then still gave us the way out.
I enjoy the commenting part. That's what i do more really and upvotes too. I love sharing my ideas based on what people posted. I guess i will get more into people's feeds more when i lease it. It's about advertising myself and helping few of my friends too and then, do the little i can, to reward quality posts. Thank you so much for this. Now i know what i need to do.

I've always known it will be difficult to get noticed on steemit without contributing something to steemit. But I never thought of leasing Steem power.
But my question is, will you get back the amount of Steem you used to lease the steempower back at the end of the day? I want to know how the return on investment will be if 5000 sp will be for just one week.

No, I do not think you will get your money back unless you are lucky, or really good, preferably both. What you will get is more recognition for your blogs.

Please don’t lease steem power if your motive is just to make money.

If you plant flowers in your garden, you don’t do it to make money. You do it to get recognition and to please others. Leasing steem should be viewed in the same way.

Thank you for your response. I think I understand how it works very well now.

Wow so much insight. Thank you so so much for this @swissclive. We really need to lease steem power for more people to see. A whole lot of people write very interesting and important posts, but loys of people wont see it at all. Now I can see the reason. We just need to be patient, like you said, the vote of a newbie may be worth nothing today. It may be worth alot more in the future. I hold on to that solely. I hope there's no limit to the sp that can be leased per week 'cos even with the leasing strategy, many of us still have very low SP. My motivation is 'It gets better by the day'. Thanks so much for this awesom one. @swissclive

You explained everything well. But the question is, do you get to pay for the leasing in the future?Cos i really want to upvote people

@swissclive thank you so much for the informative tips.

I have always wondered how the leasing works and how to fully utilize it. This is a very detailed post. If i had that power would have upvoted you 10 times over. Good work

@swissclive thank you so much for this...leasing sp sure isnt a bad thing.

Thanks sir.

What about your cONTEST SIR. I'm a participant.

Prize will be awarded today - as promised. I am still reading the last entries. I read almost all.

really valuable post sir... i badly need this information... thanks a lot.☺✌

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This is wonderful @swissclive, I never regretted for once following you. I think I need to read this over and over again

very helpful...thanks for sharing @swissclive

That's a pretty informative .when i started steemit i didn't knew thing and i have learnt everyghing from articles

As an advertising campaign leasing sounds like a good idea but I think it is really hard to be profitable and make more than the 90 steem (as in your example) you have to pay back.
It then becomes a question if the x amount of steem you will lose by leasing will be worth it. I'm curious if anyone has done the math and figure out if you make a profit or a loss on average when you lease SP.
How is the baby doing? Cheers!

If your motive is to make an instant profit it probably won’t work for you. It is only profitable if you only vote for yourself.

I didn't say anything about instant profit. I was talking if you can make more than 90 steem by using your delegation (including self upvotes)

Let’s say you decide to pay 90 steem (you can offer less - it’s your choice). You vote for yourself 10 times a day for 7 days. (It’s your choice to vote more, or less often). That’s about $35 in total, of which half is in SBD. If both steem and sbd are worth $1 you will definitely make a loss. $90 - $35 = $55 loss. On the other hand, if sbd are worth $5 each, you will make a profit: $90 - $105 = $20 profit. At the present price of around $2.50 you would not make a profit.

SBD to steem ratio is more like 75/25 these days, so it seems it's very dependent on SBD price :)

Correct. The higher the sbd price, the more you can make from a vote.

Would this be a problem? I also thought of leasing SP and upvoting 10 of my posts and comments daily.

Would you recommend this? Would a minnow get flagged for this?

I do not recommend voting your own comments unless you particularly need to promote one of them to push it to the top.

Alright then. I was told Icould possibly get flagged for doing so. Wanted to get a second opinion. Thanks for responding

There are some whales who flag people who vote ALL of their own comments. Voting one or two should do no harm.

a very helpful article @swissclive
keep working

I honestly never thought of leasing, but now that you've mentioned it I'm seriously considering this. The reason being, I had taken one of your previous suggestions and powered up to around 700 SP and the results were exactly as you said they'd be!! Maybe I'm still not making a lot of money, but I'm surely getting a lot of engagement on my posts!! And this has made posting on steemit a lot of fun for me and now i'm being able to look at it more like just any other social media and have fun with all the new friends I've made, and whatever comes in as payouts are a bonus!!

So I guess I will definitely consider leasing for a month once I can dedicate more time to steemit so that I can make full use of the SP I'm planning to lease!!

I see you now have 590 followers. It was where I was 2 months ago. 3 contests later I have 1700 followers. I voted everyone who commented on some of my blogs. People saw how much I was voting and joined in. In no time I was trending. That helped me grow fast. I am following you by the way.

Yes I have started voting on comments now too. I think @taskmaster4450 pointed out the importance of upvoting comments and he was absolutely right!! But with SP as high as yours, I'm sure that attracts a lot of spammers too LOL 🤣

I haven't had so much spam as you get yet haha, but I was just talking about this with a friend the other day on discord. I told him, the moment you start getting regular spam comments, you know you're becoming famous 😁

I've started doing a giveaway contest too. My SP isn't high enough to make a very significant or strong upvote, but I'm giving away smartcash to the winners every week!! Having a tipping bot built into the steemit blockchain for smartcash has made this very attractive and easy to tip winnings.

Thanks for the follow by the way, really appreciate it!! 🙂

Thank you do the information, have always wanted to learn to do this, and have some of my own also.
Thank you @swissclive.

Hi, your post has been very nice. I am ready to vote and comment on all of them and hope you vote and comment.My steem id link

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