How to Lease Steem Power from MB

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Follow these easy steps-
1- login
2- still logging in via steemconnect
3- Logging in still, click continue when ready.
4- Click menu then click lease steem power.
5- you should see this screen.
6- fill out all the information then click lease and your order will be put in, if not filled within 3 days you'll get your steem back.

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Excellent tutorial...a lot of people are unfamiliar with this process.

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Wait untill I got enough Steem

Wow... Nice
I love the fact that you have screenshots instead of the usual way of explaining with words only...

I think this is self explanatory enough and i would love to try it out soon...

Thanks for this @dynamicrypto


Anytime, I will make more how to's!


Would really appreciate that and would definitely follow you closely for the updates..

Thank you

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Wow! How much does it cost to lease 100 SP for 1 week?


Very cheap 😂 weekly you can get 150 for 1steem but hard to get as most want 4+ weeks


Will it be economical?


100 no cause you would pay 2 weeks, 1 for the cooldown period. 13 weeks and yes