Learn And Earn Contest Entry : T = TURMERIC

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We are now on the twentieth alphabet of the 26 alphabets of the English language. Today's alphabet according to the contest schedule is T. The plant for today can also be used in making Tea. Lol. We have Turmeric to talk about.

Credit : @emjoe


This plant has a lot of interesting benefits to the human body both internally and externally. Let's talk more about the...

Health Benefits of The Turmeric Plant

  1. Turmeric can help during Cancers.

  2. It can be mixed with lime for skin treatment.

  3. Turmeric contains anti-aging substances.

  4. It is good for Stomach Ulcer patients as well as has these other benefits found on this link .

** FUN FACTS ABOUT TURMERIC**: Turmeric is used and grown most in the Asian Continent.


This is what the turmeric looks like after harvesting.

I will love to nominate @justobong to participate in the contest. To join the contest, please follow the requirements on this link closely.




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Thanks buddy :)

Turmeric is my best in cooking fried rice, the color is simply amazing.

My entry :

My comment :

You are right about this :)

Turmeric is my best in cooking fried rice, the color is simply amazing.

Thanks for your entry

Hey @emjoe this really informative and this will helpful to treat cancer that informative thing.
Here is my entry

Thanks for your entry.

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