Say NO To Pedophile-Panic Propaganda!

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In a previous Steemit article of mine titled “Underage Boys Usually Get Away With Rape,” I described a controversial situation that actor Rob Lowe was involved in that ultimately evolved into a sex scandal back in 1988. What is particularly interesting about Mr. Lowe is that one year earlier he starred in a movie titled Square Dance about a 13-year-old girl named Gemma who lives with her grandfather in the country; and after she eventually moves to the city, she meets a 21-year-old mentally disabled man named Rory with whom she forms a friendship. Eventually, Gemma and Rory begin to make-believe that they are married to each other. Philanthropist and actress Winona Rider played the role of Gemma, and this movie was filmed and released before she had become famous and widely known as an actress.

The public received this same movie with mixed feelings because of the controversial nature of the age difference between the young female protagonist and the young male co-protagonist in it alongside the romantic undertones that were implied in it. Luckily, back in the 1980s, self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts had not grown enough in numbers to overwhelm our society with their narrow-minded way of thinking. I guess that, in a way, you could consider this film to be the United States of America’s answer to the 1962 French film titled Sundays and Cybèle.

Unfortunately, nowadays films like these do not appear on television or at the movie theaters at all here in our nation inasmuch as our society has allowed itself to become too influenced by these self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts. Many of these same individuals are either social justice warriors or femi-Nazi extremists seeking to get as many men locked up and registered as sex offenders for some of the most ludicrous reasons here in the United States of America.

Some of you reading this Steemit article here of mine may not know what the definition of a femi-Nazi is. You can get a good idea of what it is by viewing the various definitions of it that appear in the Urban Dictionary website.

A. Marielle Devereaux Is A Dangerous Femi-Nazi Extremist Who Uses Pedophile-Panic Propaganda To Further Her Agenda

About a year or so ago while I was surfing around on the Internet, I stumbled across this one article by a young college student named Marielle Devereaux. The title of the article was “How Pedophilia Feeds Off Of Child Marriage And Teen Hypersexualization.” Simply by reading the title of the article itself, I was already able to see how nonsensical the contents of it were going to be. Teenage hypersexualization has absolutely nothing to do with pedophilia, and Ms. Devereaux is blatantly taking writer’s license with the definition of it in her article in a way that is detrimental to the best interest of our society. However, what could I expect? This woman is a dangerous femi-Nazi extremist, and her article reeks with pedophile-panic propaganda; and her article is an opinion editorial that is almost completely devoid of factual information. It shames me that she is from the same ethnic background as I am.

In her two first paragraphs therein, Ms. Devereaux states:

While Heavily Promoted By Society, The Perverse Attraction An Adult Has To A Child Cannot Be Justified By Or Blamed On The Media And Examples They Intake. What You Can Do If You Suspect You Are Guilty Of Having Certain Sexual Thoughts About Children, Is Seek Immediate Therapy, Or Face The Possibility Of Prison Time.
Many people are shocked by pedophilia– boggled by how twisted a person has to be to fantasize about having sex with a child. Others simply write pedophilia off as an illness to be cured. It’s true that pedophilia is a subset of the mental disorder, “paraphilia,” which is listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) as “a condition in which a person’s sexual arousal and gratification depend on fantasizing about and engaging in sexual behavior that is atypical and extreme.”

Femi-Nazi extremists, self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts all like to push therapy down the throats of individuals whom they are not sure about for the most ridiculous reasons. Unlike pedophilia (a sexual attraction to prepubescent children), hebephilia and ephebophilia (an attraction to adolescents) are both merely social constructs that have never been reclassified as psychiatric disorders through the proper channels. Therefore, if a psychiatrist is providing therapy to someone for either one of those two inclinations, for a lack of a better term, then that mental-health professional has gone rogue and he or she runs the risk of losing his or her medical license for engaging in psychiatric malpractice.

Unfortunately, there are charlatans out there who would jump at the chance to make an easy buck as a result of the insecurities and fears of the American people, and femi-Nazi extremists like Marielle Devereaux are well aware of this fact. I’ve always suspected that some of these Chris-Hansen-wannabe online vigilantes seek these charlatans out to help them line their pockets so that these charlatans will give them something financially beneficial in return.

Another problem with mental-health professionals is that some of them are opportunists seeking to expand the definition of pedophilia as in the case of Dr. Raymond Blanchard. Femi-Nazi extremists absolutely love this man, because he wants to help them with their agenda to destroy as many men as they can. I comment about him in my Steemit article titled “Should Hebephilia Be Reclassified As A Psychiatric Disorder?

Luckily, there are still many decent mental-health professionals in the elite ranks of the American Psychiatric Associations who police these kinds of malfeasances within their medical communities. The problem is that there are not enough of them to keep charlatans from harming vulnerable individuals who may find themselves one day cornered by self-righteous do-gooders.

In her article, Ms. Devereaux makes it no secret that she likes for men to be sent to prison for unjust reasons, especially because she knows that she will never have to see the inside of a men’s correctional facility for any reason under any circumstances. That is, unless she decides to go work as a corrections officer in a men’s penitentiary. It’s kind of ironic now when you think about it, because human-rights activists across our nation are fighting to open up all the jails and prisons and release all the inmates because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ms. Devereaux makes it clear in her article that she makes no distinction between forcible rape and “statutory rape.” However, the two criminal offenses could not be any different from one another as in night and day. To put it all in simple words, whenever a baby is born as a result of a forcible rape upon the mother, that child usually grows up to hate his or her biological father. However, whenever a baby is born as a result of “statutory rape” and the mother is the alleged “victim,” that child usually grows up to hate the criminal justice system for ruining his or her parents’ lives instead.

Forcible rape is a violent act of sexual brutality against an individual, whereas “statutory rape” is merely a legal construct that is created in accordance to societal norms of a given culture. Ms. Devereaux shows her profound stupidity by failing to make such a distinction in her article. Anyhow, Ms. Devereaux makes mention about the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (“DSM-5”) in her article, and she even quotes information from it. However, she cherry-picks the information, because she leaves out the fact that a pedophile is someone 16 years of age or older who is sexually attracted to a prepubescent child more than five years their junior, generally younger than 13 years old (or younger than 11 years old under certain circumstances).

B. Marielle Devereaux Uses Faulty Information To Back Up Her Arguments Against Underage Adolescent Marriage

It doesn’t take long for Ms. Devereaux’s article to fall apart at the seams. Therein she delves into the subject of “child marriage.” However, she fails to make a distinction between a 90-year-old man marrying a 7-year-old girl in an oppressive patriarchy-oriented nation like Yemen and a 17-year-old woman willingly marrying her 23-year-old boyfriend whom she has known most of her life and with whom she is very much in love here in the United States of America. In other words, she does not deem teenage marriage to be any different from child marriage, which is quite misleading on her part. She injects the same kind of sensationalism into her article that most femi-Nazi extremists do whenever they publish an article about underage marriage, and she does so initially by including a ridiculous picture of a little girl in a bridal gown who doesn’t look any older than maybe 6 or 7 years of age.

The so-called statistical information or rather misinformation she cites therein contains much of the same malarkey that I have debunked in previous Steemit articles of mine. My Steemit article titled “The Great American Controversy Over Underage Marriage” nips much of Ms. Devereaux’s cited misinformation in the bud. The major problem that I have with the misinformation that she used to support her article is that she is taking data that mostly pertains to volitional teenage marriages and misconstruing it as mendacious scenarios of toddlers and elementary-school children being forced into unwanted wedlock with abusive child predators and being raped every night.

What I really find laughable about Ms. Devereaux is that she claims in her article that a 14-year-old girl married a 74-year-old man in Alabama in 2010, because what she is stating would not have even been legally possible by 2010 inasmuch as Alabama had outlawed any marriage before the age of 16 back in 2003. Geez, Ms. Devereaux? If you can’t even get your facts straight, why should anyone trust anything that you put in your article?

In her article, Ms. Devereaux states:

By continuing to allow child marriage, our country is sending the message that children are old enough to be in mature, adult relationships and engage in grown-up activities and duties. With some children in marriages being as young as 11 and 12 years old, this is extremely toxic ideology. Regardless of whether a child has undergone puberty or not, they are not under any circumstances, physically or mentally, built to bear the responsibilities that come with adulthood and a sexual partner.

First of all, Ms. Devereaux, if you’re reading this Steemit article here of mine, let me get one thing straight with you. You’re using the term “child” and “minor” interchangeably in a deceiving way. A 16-year-old girl may still be a minor, but she is not medically incapable of having sexual intercourse in the same way that a 5- or 6-year-old girl is. That is, if a 5- or 6-year-old girl were to have sexual intercourse with an adult man, she would sustain harmful internal injuries; whereas a 16-year-old girl could have a sexual relationship with a 22-year-old man without suffering any kind of harm.

Second of all, Ms. Devereaux, I’d like to know who died and appointed you as an expert on this topic. You were an 18-year-old college student when you wrote this article. Therefore, you are blindly weaving together junk data that rabblerousing organizations like Unchained At Last and The Tahirih Justice Center slopped together.

Ms. Devereaux? I agree with you that no little girl should be getting married at 7 years old. However, when we are referring to adolescent girls between the ages of 12 and 17 years old entering into matrimony willingly, then that is an entirely different ballgame. I have met many women in my lifetime who got married as young as 13 or 14 years old, not necessarily to boys their own age, and they had their happily-ever-after wishes come true. I’ve even come across stories about adult men who have married girls this young and have paid to put them through college, which is something that most deadbeat teenage fathers like Levi Johnston and Isaac Frausto would never do for their underage baby mamas.

It should also be noted that in state jurisdictions of our nation where there are no statutory age floors for marriage, the English Common Law dictates that a girl cannot get married before she is 12 years old and a boy cannot get married before he is 14 years old. Therefore, Ms. Devereaux’s allegations that girls are getting married at 11 years old nowadays here in our nation is somewhat of a deviation from reality.

C. Marielle Devereaux Foolishly Believes That She Can Strengthen Her Arguments By Putting Diapers On Teenagers

What you are trying to do in your article, Ms. Devereaux, is to sucker people into buying into your make-believe world of age-appropriate perfection, which is really nothing more than a fool’s paradise. You live in this delusion that adolescents as young as 12 and 13 years old are no different from toddlers who are barely out of diapers, but you could not be more sadly mistaken than you are. You are obviously one of those idiots who believe that the statutory-rape laws here in the land of milk and honey are better than they are anywhere else in the world inasmuch our nation has some of the highest statutory ages of consent anywhere on the planet, and you somehow believe that raising the statutory age of consent to 25 years old in every state jurisdiction of our country is going to make these statutory-rape laws infallibly perfect. You have much more to learn about this topic than you care to realize.

I recently came across a posting on the Internet from a woman who claimed that a 14-year-old boy had raped her when she was 20 years old. The law treated her as the criminal and ultimately she was convicted of second degree sexual assault charges and placed on the sex-offender registry despite that she was really the victim in that same incident.

Ms. Devereaux? I notice that you are now likely the same age as this same woman was when she went through her ordeal. As you obviously believe now, I can be sure that she believed that the statutory-rape laws in our nation were too lenient and that the statutory age of consent should be raised to 25 years old worldwide before she was raped. Well, I can assure you that she does not believe so now; and when she looks back on her previous perspective of such laws, she probably repeatedly asks herself, “What was I thinking back then?”

Ms. Devereaux? If you read my Steemit article titled “Can Children Sexually Victimize Adults? ” and my Steemit article titled “Underage Boys Usually Get Away With Rape,” you will soon realize that when a 14-year-old boy named Avion Lawson participated in gang-raping a 35-year-old woman in West Palm Beach, Florida back in 2007, I seriously doubt that at any time that same woman viewed Mr. Lawson’s heinous actions against her as an act of childhood innocence; and I’m sure that she did not think of him as a sweet, little boy throughout the time that he was inside of her, forcibly raping her.

A 15-year-old boy raped a 52-year-old woman in the state of Washington so many years ago. He did so while she was sleeping. However, the criminal justice system betrayed her by charging her with a sex crime instead of the young boy. Ms. Devereaux? You would be a fool to believe that a 13- or 14-year-old girl would be better off in a relationship with a punk like that or with a teenage boy like Avion Lawson than she would be in a marriage to a 20- or 21-year-old man who loves her and provides for her.

In her article, Ms. Devereaux states:

Part of the problem is how society perceives underage teenagers– and a large portion of this is due to their portrayal in the media. In movies and TV shows, high schoolers are made out to be these incredibly sexual beings, with their attractive, yet grown-looking physiques essential to this image. And we don’t even let teens be actual teens. Most characters that are canonically 17 years or younger are played by actors who are well in their 20’s, including your favorites like Peter Parker in Spiderman, Sharpay Evans from High School Musical, and Blue from Love, Simon.

The reason that adult actors and actresses in their twenties play the roles of teenage minors in television shows and in movies is because movie producers and television producers do not wish to deal with the child labor laws throughout our nation. I know it for a fact, because I used to live in Los Angeles and I even worked briefly in the entertainment industry. There is no other reason that movie producers and television producers engage in this same practice; and, Ms. Devereaux, if you believe that movie producers and television producers are attempting to paint sexually exotic images of high-school and middle-school students by having adult actors and actresses play their roles on camera, then you really have your head in the clouds and you have a one-track mind.

Ms. Devereaux? How are you allowing for teenagers to be actual teenagers if you are trying to equate them to small children in kindergarten and elementary school? Adolescence is much closer to adulthood than it is to early childhood. All you have to do is compare adolescents with adults and realize how much more similar adolescents are to adults than they are to small children who have not even begun shaving on any parts of their bodies yet.

In her article, Ms. Devereaux states:

We are raised to believe that teens should look older and behave like it. We forget that these are still children, according to UNICEF and the laws of many countries. No matter how “mature” they may seem, there is still an imbalance between a legal adult and a teenager/child. Fourteen-year-old girls dressing like 20-year-olds don’t give adult men justification in lusting after or pursing relationships with them.

Notice that Ms. Devereaux links the words “according to UNICEF” to an online publication by the United Nations regarding the rights of the child in the paragraph above in her article. Well, the minute any femi-Nazi extremist cites any information or rather MISINFORMATION from the United Nations, it sets off alarms in my head that she does not have a proper command of all the facts in her quest to demonize all adult/adolescent relationships and marriages. The United Nations could never be a reliable source of information regarding the human rights of children or youngsters in general, because employees of the United Nations, mainly the peacekeepers, have raped children around the world on that organization’s watch. Therefore, Ms. Devereaux, your so-called research falls flat on its back.

Ms. Devereaux? Who are you to tell a man what he should or should not feel? Moreover, what business is it of yours if he decides to pursue a relationship with a teenage girl? You are nobody to determine whether or not that man may be lusting after that young girl. Did it ever occur to you that he might just happen to be in love with her and want to build a future with her? Whether you want to believe it or not beyond your narrow, little mind, successful adult/adolescent relationships have existed and do continue to exist. We men are not the carnal property of you femi-Nazi extremists, Ms. Devereaux!!! SO, GET OVER IT!!!

Ms. Devereaux? You wrote an article about incels and published it in your online magazine Affinity. Therefore, you have to know what incels are. If so, how can you believe that an incel would possess the higher ground in a relationship with a teenage girl than the teenage girl would? Most incels have never been in a relationship with anyone of the opposite sex.

Moreover, Ms. Devereaux, you femi-Nazi extremists cannot have your cake and eat it too. Many of you femi-Nazi extremists whine about power imbalances in adult/adolescent relationships. However, none of you seem to have any problem with the practice of hypergamy among American women. Well, so long as American women practice hypergamy, there are bound to be power inequalities in all relationships regardless of whether they are adult/adult relationships or adult/adolescent relationships.

In case any of you reading my Steemit article do not know what hypergamy is, it is generally when a woman marries upward on the totem pole of socio-economic status. If a woman engages in this practice, she is not going to be in an equal marriage inasmuch as her husband will likely hold all the financial cards. However, it doesn’t mean that her marriage won’t work, and I frankly make this statement despite that I have never been a big fan of hypergamy because of the double standard that it imposes against men here in the land of milk and honey.

Likewise, if an adult man over 21 years old weds an adolescent girl younger than 18 years old, there remains a chance that they will be in a marriage of unequal strength. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the husband is going to take advantage of that power inequality to abuse his underage wife. Instead, he may use it to help her grow into a well-rounded individual. For example, I’ve heard of cases in which an adult husband has paid to put his underage wife through college.

Ms. Devereaux? Stop demonizing something that you obviously don’t know enough about. You obviously have never met an adult/adolescent couple whose relationship led to a successful marriage and a happy family. However, just because you have never met such a couple, it doesn’t mean that such couples don’t exist. You simply have not lived long enough to encounter such a couple and you have not experienced enough diversity in your life to know that there is anything beyond your own little white-picket-fence fantasy world that you brought with you from your home to college.

D. Marielle Devereaux Presents Points In Her Article That Are Ludicrous Insofar As She Relies On Cartoon Characters To Support Them

In her article, Ms. Devereaux delves into the absurdity of using cartoon characters to state her points. Ms. Devereaux? You have to be desperate to cling on to these infantile examples of yours. Cartoon artists are not in the business of pleasing femi-Nazi extremists like you. They are in the business of telling a story that most people will find entertaining. Politicizing cartoon movies is not going to make your arguments.

In her article, Ms. Devereaux obsesses over how physically developed female cartoon characters are despite that they are supposed to be teenage girls who would not yet be old enough to vote. Oh, wow! Not before long Ms. Devereaux will be accusing the creators of Teenage Mutant Ninjas Turtles of promoting violence among adolescents.

Ms. Devereaux’s fixation on such minutia brings to mind the lyrics of this one song that Jack Jones released back in 1961. Below is a YouTube video of that same song.

“Lollipops And Roses” by Jack Jones

Now, when Jack Jones gets to the part of his song where he sings, “Fourteen or forty they’re kids in their hearts,” I can clearly visualize Ms. Devereaux going berserk over those same lyrics and insisting that it is a song about a 40-year-old man having a passionate, forbidden affair with a 14-year-old girl. A femi-Nazi extremist like her will always find a way to twist around the facts and blow even innocent lyrics to a classic song way out of proportion.

E. Like A Typical Self-Appointed Pedo-Expert, Marielle Devereaux Takes Writer’s License With The Definition Of Pedophilia In A Highly Defamatory Manner

Ms. Devereaux spends the next few paragraphs of her article seeking a way to demonize all adult/adolescent relationships and misconstrue them as pedophilia, when “pedophilia” has a very specific definition in the DSM-5, most of which Ms. Devereaux ignores throughout her article. She rants on about the so-called dangers of power inequality whenever an adult man hooks up with a teenage girl who is not yet old enough to vote, when that perception of hers is based upon stereotypes that she and most femi-Nazi extremists obviously have about adult/adolescent relationships.

In her article, Ms. Devereaux states:

It doesn’t matter whether it’s pedophilia or ephebophilia (the sexual attraction to teenagers). However you want to justify it and whatever you want to call it, adults engaging in sexual acts with any minor creates an automatic inequality of power. Whether intentional or not, it’s immovable.

No, Ms. Devereaux! It does matter whether it’s pedophilia or ephebophilia. Moreover, ephebophilia is not even a psychiatric disorder or a paraphilia but rather merely a social construct that amounts to nothing than more than just a prejudicial label that benefits nobody. It’s kind of like you calling a Japanese-American “an Oriental” or calling a Mexican-American “a wetback.” It would either be better for the American Psychiatric Association to reclassify ephebophilia as a subset of teleiophilia or eliminate the term altogether, because many individuals who get called an ephebophile take it as a negative connotation for the same reasons that minorities don’t like racial or ethnic slurs.

Pedophilia is a detrimental psychiatric disorder that can lead someone actually to harming a child. A pedophile will always be the kind of person that he is, unless, of course, he goes into therapy and learns to control his urges. Adult/adolescent relationships or marriages have nothing to do with pedophilia.

Ms. Devereaux? If you’re going to attempt to brainwash your readers into believing that pedophilia is no different from ephebophilia, then you might as well be accusing every dark-skinned person who speaks fluent Spanish of being a member of the MS-13 gang, because that is the kind of stupidity that you are promoting.

On the other hand, if an adult man falls in love with a teenage girl and they someday marry and build a family and a future together, then everyone comes out of the situation happy. That adult man will remain in love with that young girl long after she has left her adolescence. Therefore, it does not do justice to say that he needs psychiatric help as a real pedophile would; and perhaps that man likes the idea of being that girl’s first love, which can feel like a privilege. Ms. Devereaux? You are comparing apples and oranges.

If an adult engages in a sexual act with a minor and that minor is above the statutory age of consent or that adult is married to that minor, then the law is completely out of the picture. Moreover, whether it is legal or illegal, there is a colossal difference between a consensual adult/adolescent relationship and a creepy, old man grabbing a toddler off a playground and doing unspeakable acts to her. Ms. Devereaux? Stop mixing the two scenarios together and treating them as though they are one and the same, because they are not!

In her article, Ms. Devereaux states:

Saying that it’s not pedophilia because the offender went after the child for their maturity rather than their youth, or because the child wasn’t prepubescent, are all negligible semantics. They are distractors from the fact that the sexual predator is seeking a bond with someone they have control over. This isn’t about eighteen and nineteen-year-olds dating sixteen and seventeen-year-olds. This is about adults deliberately pursuing minors they know are a significant amount of years younger than them.

Okay, Ms. Devereaux. It’s nice to know that you obviously believe in the Romeo-and-Juliet provisions in the statutory-rape laws of numerous state jurisdictions in our nation. Then again, many of us would have found it hilarious if Levi Johnston had went to the slammer and got the tar knocked out of him if Alaska had not had a statutory age of consent of only 16 years old and had not had the 4-year-age-difference requirement between him and Bristol Palin for a *statutory-rape charge to ensue, because, after all, he was a jerk with her right from the beginning. To put it mildly, that is. (*Note – Levi Johnston was an 18-year-old adult and Bristol Palin was a 17-year-old minor at the time that they found out that they were expecting a child. Levi Johnston began dating Bristol Palin when she was only 13 years old.)

Nevertheless, Ms. Devereaux, your statement reeks with mendacity and insincerity. You do not get to redefine pedophilia into something other than what it exactly is in the DSM-5, because, in doing so, you’re opening yourself up to a defamation and/or libel/slander lawsuit similar to that of the one against Elon Musk.

You make no sense in referring to one’s insistence upon defining pedophilia accurately to negligible semantics. You live in a fantasy world to the exclusion of reality in believing that a teenage girl’s life is going to turn into a never-ending Harlequin romance novel if she hooks up with a boy the same age as her; whereas if she hooks up with an older man, tragedy and suffering are bound to ensue.

A traditional adolescent/adolescent relationship didn’t work out so well for Maddie Lambert as described in my Steemit article titled “Could Deadbeat Teenage Fathers Be Worse Than Suspected Online Predators?” At one point on her YouTube channel, Maddie Lambert did a video at the age of 16 in which she admitted that she was finished dating teenaged high-school boys and that she would have preferred a man in his twenties.

Maddie Lambert Bashes Teenage Juvenile Boys As Being Unsuitable Suitors For Her

Shortly after Maddie Lambert posted this same video, she hooked up with a 28-year-old man. Her mother was not thrilled about it, but Maddie didn’t end up losing her mind or anything drastic like that.

One of the reasons that certain adult men may find themselves gravitating toward female teenage minors who are significantly younger than them could be because these adults may be incels who suffer from a void of never having experienced that one first love back during their adolescent years. It doesn’t make them evil. In fact, many adolescent girls end up better off with these men than with boys their own age whose only objectives are to score in bed with them and have something to share with other teenage boys in their filthy locker-room talks at school.

Now, Ms. Devereaux, if you’re going to babble on about how you believe that all incels must have some kind of mental problems and, therefore, should be kept away from adolescent girls, then stop babbling. The reason that incels exist in our nation is because of “the 80/20 rule” of the romance marketplace that hypergamy has caused. I have embedded a video in Part 1 of my Steemit article titled “President Trump Should Veto Immigration Bill Regarding Underage Marriage” in which YouTuber Coach Red Pill explains that rule. Moreover, if you’re going to argue that all incels are mentally challenged and should be kept away from adolescent girls, then you are only delving into the debate over whether the mentally challenged have a right to their happiness.

F. Marielle Devereaux Hypocritically Alleges Power Imbalances In Adult/Adolescent Relationships While She Has No Problem With Hypergamy In Adult Marriages

Ms. Devereaux? You rant on in your article about power inequality in adult/adolescent relationships. However, you really have no right to do so, because most of you femi-Nazi extremists condone hypergamy and even encourage it among women and young girls; and hypergamy is the root of most power imbalances in American relationships and marriages.

In her article, Ms. Devereaux states:

This is about men finding young girls more attractive, and women finding young boys to be easier targets. This is about grown-ups taking advantage of their prey’s naivety and inexperience in order to emotionally manipulate them into a relationship where they have no say.

Ms. Devereaux? Do yourself a favor. DON’T BECOME A LAWYER! You’re one who always assumes the worst about anything that may be considered to be taboo in our culture. Attaching a stigma to something unconventional or non-conformist does not necessarily prove that it is evil or wrong. Sometimes it is society that is wrong. However, your narrow mind could never think far enough outside the box to understand even that much. Here in the age of incels and perma-virgins, there are adolescents who are more experienced than adults. Therefore, your point holds no water.

Ms. Devereaux? I pray and hope that a 14- or 15-year-old boy never forcibly rapes you, because if he does, you will learn the hard way that adults don’t necessarily possess the higher ground in sexual encounters. I can frankly state that I did not feel any pity for Alisha Dean after all the trouble that she caused back in 2008, and I would hardly claim that she was suffering a power inferiority after she plotted to seduce men significantly older than her by misrepresenting herself on the Internet as a 19-year-old divorcee despite that she was only 13 years old at the time.

In her article, Ms. Devereaux states:

A grown-up has power over a child in many arenas: legally, socially and emotionally. It’s not all about experience and mental maturity, but the control an adult has over someone who looks up to them and regards them as a figure of authority. It’s about a child who is still figuring themselves out and knows relatively little about what to expect and what they want in a relationship.

How lame of you, Ms. Devereaux. People fall in love with each other for different reasons, and the heart does what it wants rather than what the Puritanical Establishment expects it to do. However, you appear to be one of those deluded individuals who believe that the Puritanical Establishment is always right no matter what evidence is introduced to prove it wrong. Moreover, your definition of what a child is doesn’t necessarily agree with everyone else’s definition of a child. If you compare English dictionaries from the United States of America with one another, you will find that each publication has a different definition of what a child is.

Also, Ms. Devereaux, small children may honor and respect adult authority, but adolescents are usually looking for inventive ways to defy it. Therefore, your argument immediately falls apart.

G. Marielle Devereaux Is Caught Disparaging One Of Her Own Allies In Her Mission Against Underage Adolescent Marriage Here In The United States Of America

In her article, Ms. Devereaux states:

Stop saying that “Roy Moore isn’t a pedophile” because his target for sexual assault was fourteen and not thirteen. Stop trying to rebrand pedophilia as a sexuality by calling a pedophile a ‘Minor Attracted Person (MAP).’ Stop being pedophile apologists and start being advocates for victims. Stop saying that pedophilia is only a mental illness rather than an ugly side effect of misogyny, rape culture and child sexualization. Stop ignoring men when they say they “would f**k her if she was 18.” Stop turning a blind eye to adult celebrities whose legacies are tainted by their teenager fantasies.

Oh, wow! Ms. Devereaux? This statement of yours really has me laughing all the way to the moon. You emphasize in your article that you are against adult/adolescent marriages and that you are on board with all these other societal fundamentalists and social justice warriors like Fraidy Reiss, Jeanne Smoot, Donna Pollard and Sherry Johnson, just to name a few, in their mission to outlaw all marriage before the age of eighteen here in the land of milk and honey. However, that article titled “Roy Moore isn’t a pedophile” that you cited and linked therein was co-written by Nicholas L. Syrett, who is an avid ally of all of these societal fundamentalists and social justice warriors in their mission to ban underage marriage here in our nation. Therefore, you just disparaged one of your own allies, and you damaged your own credibility as a result without even realizing it.

I don’t like the term “Minor-Attracted Person” (“MAP”) any more than you do, Ms. Devereaux, because it is very misleading. I will be posting an article here on Steemit about it in the near future. Therefore, herein I will not go into all the reasons that I am against the use of that term. However, I can tell you right here and now that “MAP” is a dangerously ambiguous term, because it implies that a 25-year-old man who is sexually attracted to a 20-year-old woman is no different from a 67-year-old man who is sexually attracted to a 3-year-old toddler, if they are all living in a nation where the age of majority is 21 years of age. The term “MAP” should not be recognized, and it should be eliminated from every dictionary in the world if it has made its way into any of them.

Ms. Devereaux? I agree with you that pedophilia is a mental illness, but you do not get to appoint yourself to replace the entire American Psychiatric Association in deciding how the terms “pedophile” and “pedophilia” should be defined in the DSM-5, and that is exactly what you are trying to do. I am not merely stating these facts to satisfy myself but also to act in your best interest as well as the best interest of any young woman your age. If you read my Steemit article titled “Should Hebephilia Be Reclassified As A Psychiatric Disorder?”, you will find that expanding the definition of pedophilia in the way that you wish to do so could have a seriously detrimental impact on our society and on our nation as a whole.

Don’t be shooting your mouth off about misogyny, Ms. Devereaux, when your words and your intentions rise to the level of misandry. Let me educate you on what misogyny really is.

Misogyny is when a 14-year-old boy pressures a 13-year-old girl into having sexual intercourse with him, and then he turns on her like a betraying angel after he finds out that he has gotten her pregnant. Misogyny is also when that young boy’s mother slut-shames the young girl for getting pregnant as though her son had nothing to do with it, and she does so by insisting that the young girl get a paternity test when it is more than obvious that the young girl didn’t have sexual intercourse with anyone other than that woman’s son. All of these events happened to Maddie Lambert. Her YouTube channel was what saved her.

Misogyny is when a 15-year-old girl tells a prosecutor that she does not wish to testify against her twenty-something-year-old boyfriend in a frivolous and malicious statutory-rape case that she views to be a witch hunt and then that prosecutor turns around and has her locked up on contempt-of-court charges. Such an event took place in Connecticut back in 1986.

I completely get it, Ms. Devereaux. You’re on a crusade to segregate adult men from adolescent girls as much as you can. However, it is never going to happen in the way that you want it to do so. Adult men over 21 years old and adolescent girls under 18 years old have been falling in love with each other since the beginning of time. Despite however much you wish to badmouth these relationships and even marriages, no laws and no societal norms are going to stop these relationships and marriages from materializing.

Now, I am not mindless that there are adult men over 21 years old who wrongfully manipulate underage girls for their own self-serving gratification. However, these men are of such a small minority that I do not believe that domestic policy should be molded into an authoritarian system of austerity against every adult man who ever falls in love with a teenage girl who is not yet old enough to vote. Ms. Devereaux? It is probably easier for you to be on the winning side, but I choose to be on the side of truth instead.

I have one curiosity, Ms. Devereaux. Did you publish your article because your 20-year-old ex-boyfriend dumped you for a 15-year-old girl? I have reason to suspect that something like that happened to you, but I won’t speculate about it out of respect for you. I saw your same article published on another part of the Internet, and someone posted a comment that showed how disgusted and angry he was with you for having published such an intellectually bankrupt piece of tripe.

Ms. Devereaux? A professional journalist does not misuse the terms “pedophile” and “pedophilia” the way that you did in your article. Journalists have the right to be brutally honest, but you, on the other hand, merely wish to spread your pedophile-panic propaganda wherever you can to further your own femi-Nazi extremist agenda; and you don’t have the makings of a professional journalist.

H. Marielle Devereaux Takes A Blind Faith In The Puritanical Establishment’s Narrow-Minded Perspective Of Adult/Adolescent Relationships

In her article, Ms. Devereaux states:

Most importantly stop saying that “true love” has “no age limit.” There is a limit when it comes to children, because love and romantic relationships must have two parties that are equal in standing to one another. An adult and a minor that cannot consent are not equal. They can’t be– not when a minor doesn’t have the legal rights that an adult does.

No, Ms. Devereaux! You are very, very wrong. Now, I completely get it. So many years ago I once saw an episode of The Jenny Jones Show in which a 70-year-old man appeared on the guest panel with his 18-year-old wife and his wife’s family members, and I could clearly see that this May/December couple’s relationship was going to have its fair share of problems because of their wide age gap. This older man was always going to run the risk of someday confronting the dreaded possibility that his wife might leave him for some young hunk.

I found it even the more so interesting that the husband had begun his relationship with his wife when he was 67 years old and his wife was only 15 years old. I had never heard so much screaming on stage on The Jenny Jones Show or on any talk show in my entire life.

Nevertheless, I’ve come across many dysfunctional same-age relationships and marriages in both the adult romance scene and the teenage dating scene throughout my life. You are right, Ms. Devereaux. There is an age limit when it comes to children. However, your definition of children may differ from other people’s definition of children; and every culture has its own set of norms. Viewing teenagers as being no different from toddlers is a major deception on its own.

Ms. Devereaux? Heather Corinna is a feminist, and she would likely judge your logic to be seriously flawed. She is the author of the article titled “Rage of Consent,” which criticizes our nation’s statutory-rape laws as being upside down and very unfair. Therefore, you having a blind faith in these laws shows how clueless you are about this subject matter.

A teenage minor may not be able to consent from a legal standpoint depending on the statutory age of consent in their state jurisdiction, but a teenage minor does consent anyhow regardless of what the law reads. The law is a hypocrisy in this regard, because it allows for prosecutors to try teenage minors as adults in criminal courts and to deprive them of having any veto power in a frivolous and malicious statutory-rape case at the same time.

Ms. Devereaux? If you femi-Nazi extremists really cared about power inequality in relationships and marriages as you claim that you do, then you would also be boycotting the practice of hypergamy among women. However, because you don’t do so, your war against adult/adolescent relationships is really a war in disguise against all men and their pursuit of happiness.

I. Marielle Devereaux’s Ideologies As A Femi-Nazi Extremist Are Dangerous To Society Regardless Of How Well-Meaning They Appear To Be

In large bold print in her article, Ms. Devereaux states:

A minor shouldn’t be responsible for saying “no” or fighting off their pursuer. The adult should be the one who is responsible and strong enough to say no to a consenting romantic relationship or un-consenting sexual relationship with someone who is still a child. Hold men and women accountable. Hold famous people accountable. Hold straight and LGBT+ people accountable. Hold your friends accountable. Hold yourself accountable.

Ms. Devereaux? How do you even know that a teenage girl wants to “fight off” an older man who shows a non-Platonic interest in her? The situation could be that the older man keeps his feelings for the young girl a secret from her until and unless she also has a non-Platonic interest in him and reveals it to him. Do you honestly believe that a boy being the same age as her in such a love pursuit is going to make her life into a bed of roses? If you read my other Steemit articles, you will clearly be able to realize that we are living in the deadbeat teenage dad capital of the world known as the United States of America.

Ms. Devereaux? You express yourself like someone who has lived a very sheltered life rather than someone who is streetwise. I know that adults who harm adolescents do exist. I’m not denying that fact. However, I wish that you femi-Nazi extremists would stop misleading your supporters into believing that it is mostly older men who commit heinous sex crimes against teenage girls and even pre-teenage girls. It is not mostly older men who do so, and adult men over 21 years old are not the cause of all the problems of teenage girls and pre-teenage girls despite what self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts like yourself may mislead the public to believe.

Seven years ago in the Commonwealth of Virginia, two 13-year-old boys raped an 11-year-old girl. An article about it that was published online drew the outrage of others. However, most everyone who followed the story was concerned that these two punks were only going to get a slap on the wrist from the court system, merely because they were lucky enough to be on the same side of the legal age line as the underage female victim. I describe this problem in our juvenile-justice system in my Steemit article titled “Underage Boys Usually Get Away With Rape.”

So many years ago in the Commonwealth of Virginia, there was even another similar incident, except it was a case in which a 13-year-old girl dressed up a like a young boy to fool a 12-year-old girl into having sexual intercourse with her. The 13-year-old girl was prosecuted for her actions in that regard, but concerned citizens were doubtful that she was going to be confronted with the full wrath of the law as she would have in the event that she had been an adult woman.

In her article, Ms. Devereaux ultimately states:

Stop being okay with pedophilia until it crosses a line that makes society uncomfortable. Pedophilia isn’t exclusively rape or an old man marrying a little girl. Rather than changing the topic, or debating the technicalities of what makes a pedophile, take a stand and speak out against the normalization of pedophilia in society.

Ms. Devereaux? Who says that anyone is okay with pedophilia and wants it to be normalized? The problem here and what is making me furious is that femi-Nazi extremists like you are seeking to expand the definition of pedophilia to include individuals who have absolutely nothing to do with this same societal ill. I agree with you that pedophilia isn’t exclusively rape. I don’t believe that an old man should be marrying a little girl. However, I don’t believe that the definition of “a little girl” should be expanded from being solely a prepubescent female child to including girls in their adolescent years as well. There is a substantial difference between a 7-year-old girl and a 15-year-old girl.

All you have to do, Ms. Devereaux, is watch the film titled “Are All Men Pedophilies?” and you will hopefully understand that the world of early childhood and the world of pubescence and adolescence are light years apart. Below is a YouTube video containing the entire movie of “Are All Men Pedophiles?” by Dutch filmmaker Jan-Willem Breure.

The Movie Titled “Are All Men Pedophiles?” Attacks The Myths That Wrongfully Attempt To Broaden The Definition Of Pedophilia

Ms. Devereaux? If you femi-Nazi extremists keep taking your beliefs down the same road that you have been doing, it won’t be long before criminal defense attorneys will be misusing your ideologies to get 13-, 14-, 15-, 16- and even 17-year-old boys off the hook for sexually molesting 8-, 7-, 6-, 5-, 4-, 3-, 2-, and even 1-year-old girls here in our nation. They will argue in court that there is no difference between a toddler and a teenager and that a 15-year-old boy having sexual intercourse with a 7-year-old girl is merely a learning experience for both parties.

Once such problems begin to surface, society will likely be much more uncomfortable with that situation than anything that you may be cooking up in that deluded mind of yours, Ms. Devereaux. There needs to be a definite dividing line to separate adolescents from small children. Cross-pollinating the two distinct age groups in the way that you wish to do so will cause our nation more problems than it will solve in the long run.

J. My Conclusion To This Topic

We need to beware of all femi-Nazi extremists who are spreading pedophile-panic propaganda everywhere in their attempt to brainwash our society into believing myths that are simply not true regarding teenage sexuality. Adult/adolescent relationships may not be as readily embraced here in our nation as they are in other nations, but it does not make all of them evil; and such relationships could function better if societal fundamentalists and social justice warriors were to keep their noses out of these couples’ business.

Marielle Devereaux may be young, but it doesn’t make her any less dangerous of a femi-Nazi extremist than her older counterparts. In fact, we as American people need to be more vigilant about young femi-Nazi extremists like her, because people like her tend to intrigue the public merely because of their youth.

Individuals like Ms. Devereaux are latching on to sensitive topics such as pedophilia and child molestation so that they can misuse them to play on the fears and the insecurities of our society and our nation as a whole. While I am someone who is all for the protection of children, I also do not condone the misrepresentation of facts to mislead the public into acquiring a mob mentality that could damage our nation in the near future and even cause us to become a Fascist totalitarian police state in the long run.

Older adult men do not comprise the majority of perpetrators who are sexually victimizing underage adolescent girls. Teenage boys are mostly committing these heinous crimes. Do not allow for femi-Nazi extremists like Ms. Devereaux to manipulate the public into turning the concept of pedophilia from the psychiatric disorder that it is described as in the DSM-5 into a political construct that will be misused as a weapon to create a caste system that will ultimately destroy our nation and our society.

Much to my regret, the marriage laws in our nation are changing for the worst and making it more and more difficult for adult/adolescent couples to legalize their love into matrimony. Therefore, those of us who recognize the kind of damage that Ms. Devereaux and other femi-Nazi extremists like her are doing all need to get together and fight the efforts of these people to do so.

We still have a legal weapon known as the doctrine of jury nullification to stop predatory prosecutors from needlessly sending adult men to jail and prison, among other things, simply for having fallen in love with an adolescent girl who happened to be on the opposite side of the legal age line as them. Whenever any of us get summoned to serve on a jury for a frivolous and malicious statutory-rape case, we have the right to vote “NOT GUILTY” and acquit a defendant even if he did break the law.

Ms. Devereaux and others like her merely want to send men to jail and prison for reasons that pertain to the unjust characteristics of our statutory-rape laws throughout the nation. They don’t care if a man’s life gets completely destroyed as a result. We must not allow them to win this battle.

Having more men needlessly on the sex-offender registries throughout the country is going to cause more poverty and homelessness, which will lead to more and more violent crime and will possibly evolve into national security problems. Femi-Nazi extremists like Ms. Devereaux do not have our society’s best interest at heart. They complain about misogyny, but they laugh about men being gang-raped in prison and getting infected with the AIDS virus. These women are not real women. They are monsters. We need to stand up to them and stop them once and for all.

This Article Is Copyright-Protected.


Did this girl just seriously compare ephebophilia to pedophilia? ephebophilia which is generally ages 15 to 19. She just really went there? It makes me weep on the inside at the sheer lack of knowledge and misinformation I pray that not many people took this at face value. also funny the way she speaks of adult/adolescent relations and claiming that they are not sexual at all when at the time she wrote all that she herself was still an adolescent only merely 18. There is so much wrong with the things she wrote I don't even know where to begin. Also what is it with this power imbalance I keep hearing of? Like what damn power imbalance? as if every couple out there has such a thing. As far as I see it if you are in a good standing relationship no matter it be adult/adult, adult/adolescent or adolescent/adolescent there is no power imbalance the moment you two step in together you are equals. And I say that for every good standing couple out there as for the bad ones well okay fair enough.

Ikr. She is supposed to be a college student who excels in journalism according to administrators at her school, but yet she doesn't take the time to perform the research that she needs to do in order to produce anything beyond a blatantly biased opinion editorial. Supposedly the school she is attending is a reputable learning institution in Illinois, but nobody in the faculty seems to oversee her work as they should. My second cousin attended Bradley University there in Illinois to get her degree; but if she were to read Marielle Devereaux's article, she would roast her left and right for misreporting and misstating the facts therein. It scares me to think that Ms. Devereaux may someday be working for one of these major news agencies in the press or the media.

In cases of hypergamy, supposedly community property laws protect the young woman who is either poor or middle class whenever she marries a rich man, and these laws are supposed to make such marriages equal. The only problem is that not every state jurisdiction in our country has community property laws. Of course, I'm not a big fan of hypergamy. Nevertheless, I agree with your point insofar as power imbalances can be leveled out to make adult/adolescent relationships ones of equal strength if the adult partner really cares about the adolescent partner. For example, even though the adult partner may occupy the higher ground financially than the adolescent partner, he can still make the relationship one of equal strength by paying to put his teenage girlfriend through college after she graduates from high school. I once read a true story about a 30-year-old man who protected his 16-year-old girl from a violently abusive 16-year-old ex-boyfriend. Also, if an adult boyfriend does not push his adolescent girlfriend into doing anything that she does not feel ready for, then I would have to say that he is balancing out the difference in power dynamics to put them both on an equal wavelength.

Femi-Nazi extremists always seek to believe the worst about adult/adolescent relationships, because, for one reason or another, they feel personally threatened by them. I honestly don't believe that they care about the teenage girls involved in them. For that reason, people like you and I need to call them out on their nonsense whenever we come across any article on the Internet like the one that Ms. Devereaux published back in 2018.

To those of you who are viewing my Steemit article on Steempeak and you are having difficulty getting the Jack Jones video in it to play, what you need to do is view my article on Steemit instead. For some reason or another, the Jack Jones video keeps coming up as "Video Unavailable" whenever I click onto it in this same article here on Steempeak. However, it plays just fine here on Steemit. I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience that this kink may have caused.