Could Deadbeat Teenage Fathers Be Worse Than Suspected Online Predators?

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Upon reading some of the comments that self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts make on YouTube and on other platforms throughout the Internet, I run into all sorts of double standards and hypocrisies.  These self-righteous do-gooders are always ranting on about how the statutory age of consent in every state jurisdiction of the United States of America needs to be raised to either 21 years old or 25 years old. They will even badmouth any man over 40 years old who pays attention to an 18-year-old girl despite that she is above the statutory age of consent, and they will do so with venom in their mouth. They will even do so if a 40-plus-year-old man shows non-Platonic interest in a woman in her twenties; and if she reciprocates such attention, they will allege that she is suffering from daddy issues or emotional scars from child sexual abuse.  The only exception to this same pattern of arrogantly judgmental behavior among these self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts is the previous situation involving Chris Hansen and the significantly younger woman with whom he was having an extramarital affair. They will defend Mr. Hansen right to the very end, because he is like their hero.

What makes this same pattern among self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts so interestingly hypocritical is that these same idiots will verbally condone men in their fifties and beyond brutally raping 18-, 19- and 20-year-old male inmates in correctional facilities across our nation, and they will even crack jokes about it.  These facts are precisely why these self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts cannot be trusted.

I am just as anti-pedophile as most of you out there are.  I’m all for having laws that protect children from harm.  However, if someone tells me that he or she is a child advocate who is active in getting tougher laws on the books against the abuse and the sexual exploitation of children and also minors in general, I will not believe in a word they say if they have done nothing to reform the inheritance laws throughout our nation and have no intentions of doing so.  As conveyed in this one article by Jason B Truth, the ultimate damage that survivors of incest and child abuse suffer is homelessness and poverty inasmuch as the laws in their state jurisdiction did not protect them from being cheated out of a large inheritance after their abusive parent or parents were allowed to cut them out of their will.

In previous Steemit articles of mine, I have described how deadbeat teenage fathers have inflicted damage on our society as a whole.  The United States of America now has a higher rate of teenage pregnancies than even the United Kingdom does, putting our nation in the number one spot as having the most teenage pregnancies out of any industrialized nation in the world.  It is no secret that our nation has become the deadbeat teenage dad capital of the world.  Two notorious deadbeat teenage fathers I have reported about in previous Steemit articles of mine are Levi Johnston and Isaac Frausto.

A.  Isaac Frausto Is A Deadbeat Teenage Father Who Can Be Worse Than Even A Suspected Online Predator

There has been a recent incident between Isaac Frausto and Maddie Lambert that is going to make your stomach churn if you don’t already know about it.  Herein I am going to take this opportunity to compare Isaac Frausto and other notorious deadbeat teenage fathers with individuals who have been intercepted in online sting operations after vigilantes have caught them trying to meet up with a teenage female minor for sexual intercourse; and I am going to show you how much worse deadbeat teenage fathers like Isaac Frausto are than even these individuals.

Now, as I have indicated in my Steemit article titled “Can Children Sexually Victimize Adults?”, I have not aggressively posted any articles here on Steemit specifically about my opinions and impressions regarding online sting operations and vigilantes who seek to expose adults publicly who attempt to meet up with teenage minors for sexual intercourse after contacting them on the Internet, because I have mixed feelings about these crusaders, so to speak; and I know how explosively crazy they can get with anyone who may even slightly disagree with them on juvenile-justice-related issues.  A very pressing concern that I have about these online vigilantes or “predator” hunters, if you want to call them that, is that Chris Hansen inspired the majority of them to go into the kind of activities in which they are currently involved; and what makes it so disturbing is that Chris Hansen was involved with some shady characters himself while he was hosting the “To Catch A Predator” series on Dateline NBC.  In fact, he was one of them.  The YouTube video below describes the unethical activities of him and his colleagues during that period of his life.

Chris Hansen And His Team Turned Out Not To Be The Angels In Wings That Everyone Thought Them To Be

In any event, what I have been finding in watching videos on YouTube that show “predator” hunters zeroing in on these individuals is that even these suspected online predators appear to have more scruples than deadbeat teenage fathers like Isaac Frausto do.  If you don’t know who Maddie Lambert is, the two YouTube videos below of her appearance on Maury show her describing the circumstances behind her teenage pregnancy and the hardships that she endured in taking on the roles of a mother and a business woman at a very young age.

Maddie Lambert Went From A Struggling Teenage Mother To A Successful YouTuber Within A Short Period Of Time

Maddie Lambert’s baby daddy is Isaac Frausto.  If you read Part 3 of my Steemit article titled “Are All Teenage Fathers Pedophiles?”, you will then get the full scoop on all the injustices that the notorious deadbeat teenage father Isaac Frausto committed against Maddie Lambert from the beginning of her pregnancy and even before then.  Isaac Frausto has gone from bad to worse since then.  In spite of all the humiliation, problems and difficulties that Isaac has caused Maddie, Maddie has given this jerk more second chances than he would ever deserve.

Earlier this year Maddie attempted to establish peaceful middle ground with Isaac for the benefit of their daughter, Everly.  She even went as far as allowing for him to be in two different videos with her on her YouTube channel so that he could give his side of the story, so to speak.  Throughout those two videos, Maddie kept herself calm and collected, and she delivered a superb performance in presenting the facts as they were.  On the other hand, Isaac was a complete abomination to the camera.  Nonetheless, Maddie extended her kindness to him, which he didn’t deserve, and she volunteered to be in a video on his YouTube channel also.  Below are the three described YouTube videos.

Isaac Frausto Makes A Complete Fool Out Of Himself On Camera

Isaac Frausto Cannot Even Deliver A Decent Presentation On His Own YouTube Channel

When you watch the three YouTube videos above, you’ll notice that Isaac acts as though he is spaced out throughout most of them.  He sticks his tongue out at the camera often.  He makes goofy facial expressions.  He is absolutely annoying throughout these entire three videos.  At the same time, Maddie keeps herself well composed in all three videos.  If I had been in Maddie’s shoes, I would not have posted the first two above videos on YouTube and I would not have agreed to be in the third video above.

What is particularly outrageous is that in the second video above, Isaac is caught saying that if he could go back in time and change history, he would have sought a paternity test sooner than he did to prove whether or not Everly was his daughter.  Oh, wow!  How noble of him to say such a thing.  The mere idea that he and his mother insisted upon a paternity test after Maddie revealed to him that she was pregnant with his child only shows that he was seeking to slut-shame Maddie and buy himself more time before he was possibly to face a major child support lawsuit.

It is clear that Maddie was monogamous at the time that she was involved with him.  If Isaac had really wanted to step up to the plate as a decent father to Everly and as a decent person to Maddie, he would have gone ahead and taken Maddie’s word for it that her child was also his.  However, like a typical deadbeat teenage father, Isaac had to drag his baby mama’s name through the mud only to serve his own selfishness.

Even though Isaac currently pays child support to Maddie for Everly, it does not make him any less of a deadbeat teenage father.  Why? The answer is plain and simple. He did not offer to pay child support to Maddie on his own free will as a responsible father would have done. Instead, Maddie had to get a court order against him to compel him legally to do so.  Even after all the headaches that he put her through, she still made every effort to treat him with respect as her daughter’s father.

In a nutshell, Maddie has done everything that she can possibly do in order to make a truce with Isaac.  However, reality has it that Isaac simply is not the pacifist type, and his recent reprehensible actions have demonstrated his inability to act even halfway decent with Maddie and her family for very long.  Back in April of this year, there was an incident in which Isaac appeared at Maddie’s front door to take Everly in violation of the COVID-19 quarantine that was in effect in their home state of Texas at the time.  Isaac did not follow the protocol that was in place to protect him and other residents of Texas.

Upon appearing at Maddie’s front door, Isaac became violent with her while she was holding Everly in her arms inasmuch as she would not hand Everly over to him because of his refusal to comply with the protocol set in place for the COVID-19 quarantine. Maddie attempted to defend herself. Afterwards, Isaac used every dirty tactic he could on social media to mislead the public into believing that Maddie was the guilty party and that he was the victim.  He had also taken Everly to a public place for a party that did not involve family members in violation of the COVID-19 quarantine there in Texas on a separate occasion.  Below is a YouTube video that contains various clips regarding this same incident and the likes.

Isaac Frausto Makes It More Than Apparent That He Is Really A Deadbeat Teenage Father

There was another video on YouTube that contained the entire recording of Isaac throwing himself a pity party after the April incident as well as the entire recording of Maddie Lambert subsequently explaining to the public what actually had happened. YouTuber Gluteus Medius had posted that same video, but, unfortunately, the YouTube account was terminated.  Now, I don’t think that I need to go into great details about the above video, because the actions witnessed in it speak for themselves.

After Isaac had put Maddie through all of the humiliation and torment that he did from the offset of her pregnancy and even before then, in figurative words, all of us can see that he has clearly added a thousand more insults to the injuries that he has inflicted upon her.  His actions reek with much of the same perfidy, furtiveness and self-serving cynicism that Levi Johnston engaged in with Bristol Palin after he had found out that she was pregnant with his child and even before then.

As in the situation with Levi Johnston and his mother, Sherry Johnston, Isaac’s mother is just as disgusting and disgraceful of a person as Isaac is.  Let’s not forget that Levi Johnston’s mother served time behind bars for drug-trafficking-related charges.  In one of the clips in the video above, Isaac is screaming and yelling at Maddie, at her sister (Avie), and at her mother (Melissa) in a threatening manner; and there is a woman defending Isaac who appears to be his mother.  Then again, most mothers of deadbeat teenage fathers appear to act as though their sons can never do any wrong.  For this reason, I strongly feel that our Congress and our president need to pass a law that would draft deadbeat teenage fathers into the military on their eighteenth birthday as described in an article by Jason B Truth.

What is so outrageous about many of these mothers of deadbeat teenage fathers is that they will pervert-shame a man over 21 years old in a heartbeat who marries or even shows a non-Platonic interest in an adolescent girl younger than 18 years old, but these same women will insist that their teenage sons can do no wrong. They also love Draconian statutory-rape laws except when they are used against their teenage sons in some unusual manner.  They are sellouts to the Puritanical Establishment, and, at the same time, they absolutely love double standards.

In the above video, when Maddie is explaining what actually happened during the above-described April incident between her and Isaac, she is clearly upset and angry and she states that she believes that her daughter, Everly, is someday going to hate her father, Isaac, with a vengeance.  If she were to state that Isaac was the face of justifiable patricide, she would not get any argument out of me against her.

It is extremely apparent that Isaac has exploited Everly in every way to line his own pocket ever since Maddie was able to make a living off of her YouTube channel.  He set up a YouTube channel initially to piggyback off the fame of Maddie’s YouTube channel.  He showed no interest in becoming a part of Everly’s life until after Maddie began raking in the big bucks with her YouTube channel.  He was not a part of Everly’s life for the first ten months of her existence.  His actions mirrored what Levi Johnston did when he began capitalizing off of his ties to the Palin family after Bristol Palin had become pregnant with his baby and then he subsequently defaulted on his child support payments to her after their initial breakup.

Maddie has suspected all along that Isaac has been involved in drugs and has been selling them, but she is having a difficult time securing the evidence that she needs to prove so.  Isaac represents everything that is despicable, shameful and deplorable about a deadbeat teenage father, and yet, at the same time, he acts as though he is in love with himself insofar as he believes himself to be some kind of stud. What is so outrageous is that he gets to complete high school whereas Maddie had to drop out of high school because of him.

B. Suspected Online Predators Appear To Respect Underage Adolescent Girls More Than Deadbeat Teenage Fathers Do

Now, many of you may be asking what any of these events have to do with online sting operations set up to catch adult men who seek out sexual relationships with teenage girls who are still young enough to be “jailbait,” so to speak.  Once you look at the YouTube videos that I have embedded herein as examples to that effect, it will become easy for you to see the connection.  In the YouTube video below, Chris Hansen confronts a 19-year-old man named Vincent Ambrosio regarding his intentions to meet up with a 12-year-old girl.

Chris Hansen Catches Vincent Ambrosio Attempting To Meet With A 12-Year-Old Girl For Allegedly Suspicious Reasons

After you have watched the YouTube video above, it becomes clear that Vincent is an incel who never got the chance to experience a first love in middle school or high school; and his desires to recreate that experience later on in life has, unfortunately, landed him into an embarrassing situation on camera that will be viewed unfavorably on a wide scale.  After he falls apart at the seams on camera, it becomes no mystery that he is not having a good day, to say the least.  In any event, what particularly grabs my attention in this video is that when he approaches the decoy who is posing as a 12-year-old girl and she backs away from him quickly, he respects her wishes not to engage in sexual activities with him. In other words, we all become immediately aware that Vincent would never have forcibly raped a real 12-year-old girl if he had actually come into contact with one.

In Part 1 of my Steemit article titled “Jury Nullification’s Effects On American Statutory Rape Cases,” Maddie is found describing the fact that she felt pressured into having sexual intercourse with Isaac when she was only 13 years old inasmuch as she had been misled to believe that girls her age were expected to be sexually submissive to their boyfriends in order to hang on to their relationships with them. Isaac likely knew that she had this same vulnerability, and he did not hesitate to take full and wrongful advantage of it.  Levi Johnston raped Bristol Palin while she was drunk and unconscious back when she was a teenager in high school.  Teenage male minors always seem to get a free pass to commit such crimes as I described in my Steemit article titled “Underage Boys Usually Get Away With Rape.”

Now, I’m not accusing Isaac of being guilty of rape.  Only an attorney could determine whether or not he was according to the laws in Texas, and it would be the court’s decision to find him guilty or not guilty of such a crime for exploiting Maddie the way he did when she was 13 years old.  Some of you may bring up the point that Vincent Ambrosio made some sexually graphic statements to the decoy in Chris Hansen’s sting operation as evidenced by the chat log.  However, keep in mind that he didn’t actually go through with any of those actions, whereas Isaac likely did all of those same things to Maddie and bragged about it constantly in the boys’ locker room at his school.  Nevertheless, no matter which way you look at these events, Vincent comes out as the lesser of the two evils between him and Isaac.

Here is yet another YouTube video that shows an online vigilante group known as the Predator Poachers of Central Florida zeroing in on a man who arranged to meet a 15-year-old girl over the Internet for sexual intercourse.  In this YouTube video, the alleged suspect is only 22 years of age and he doesn’t appear to be any kind of danger to anyone.

A 22-Year-Old Man Gets Caught Trying To Meet Up With A 15-Year-Old Girl

Okay.  I get it.  They’re in Florida; and the statutory age of consent in that jurisdiction is 18 years old, although such a relationship would be perfectly legal in most European nations. There are probably many happy marriages there in Florida that started out as secret, forbidden adult/adolescent relationships too.

The 22-year-old man had brought a condom with him, which proves that he had no intentions of getting a 15-year-old girl pregnant, if one had actually appeared at the meeting place.  Isaac Frausto, on the other hand, couldn’t have cared less about getting Maddie Lambert pregnant at the age of 13, and he only decided conveniently to get involved in their daughter’s life after he found out that there was money in it for him.  Once again, between this same 22-year-old man and Isaac, the 22-year-old man comes out to be the lesser of the two evils.  I mean, when suspected online predators are appearing to be better people than deadbeat teenage fathers, it doesn’t make the parents of these deadbeat teenage fathers look very good; and it’s quite pitiful when you think about it, because our court system treats deadbeat teenage fathers much better than it treats adult men who get caught meeting up with teenage girls for a liaison.

The Predator Poachers of Central Florida make a point to the 22-year-old man they catch trying to meet up with a 15-year-old girl for sexual intercourse that if they had been the parents of a 15-year-old girl, that 22-year-old man would find himself facing a very violent situation.  Well, I can be sure that both Maddie Lambert’s father and stepfather have often felt like giving Isaac Frausto an attitude adjustment to remember after all the problems that he has caused Maddie and her family.  Then again, unfortunately, they would have had to deal with the ridiculously broad child abuse laws throughout our nation if they had taken their anger against Isaac down that road.

Now, I completely get it. Isaac is virtually the same age as Maddie, and he was also underage like her when he got her pregnant.  Therefore, should our nation go back to the old days when underage adolescent boys could be charged with statutory rape for having sexual intercourse with a girl the same age as them in numerous state jurisdictions?  No, we shouldn’t.  However, as I have indicated previously herein, I do believe that deadbeat teenage fathers should be drafted into the military on their eighteenth birthday.

After having watched both the YouTube video regarding Vincent Ambrosio and the other one regarding the 22-year-old man who went to meet up in public with a 15-year-old girl, I’ve noticed a pattern among law-enforcement officials, online vigilantes and the likes of arguing the point that adolescent girls could become emotionally scarred from a sexual encounter with a man or even from as so much reading a sexually graphic post from him.  Generally, I don’t believe that a 13-, 14- or 15-year-old girl’s head is going to fall off if she has consensual sexual relations with someone the same age as her or older.  However, if we were to assume solely for the sake of argument that these people were right, they cannot argue against my point that Isaac Frausto was definitely no asset to the mental, emotional and psychiatric health and stability of Maddie Lambert.

In the very recent YouTube video below, Maddie is found describing the difficulties she encountered of becoming a mother at the age of fourteen.  Her video below reveals that she already had mental, emotional and psychiatric problems before she had ever met Isaac Frausto.

Maddie Lambert Describes What It Is Like To Be Pregnant At 14 Years Old

Now, can she blame each and every one of those pre-existing mental, emotional and psychiatric problems on Isaac?  No, she can’t.  However, the fact still stands that he was no asset to her situation in that regard and that, in fact, he did compound her problems in that regard.  However, in spite of everything, Maddie still found it in herself to say kind words about Isaac in her video.

I read many of the posts in the comments section of the above-described YouTube videos of Vincent Ambrosio and the Predator Poachers of Central Florida, and many of them were from self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts who were just looking for the juicy opportunity to hate on someone who has had a confrontation with the statutory-age-of-consent laws in their state jurisdiction.  I realize that many of you self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts out there who may be reading this Steemit article here of mine are going to argue the point that Vincent Ambrosio, whom Chris Hansen intercepted in a sting operation, and the 22-year-old man that the Predator Poachers of Central Florida intercepted are both pedophiles.  I now take this opportunity to address that so-called concern.

First of all, keep in mind that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (“DSM-5”) sets forth that a pedophile is defined as someone 16 years of age or older who is sexually attracted to a pre-pubescent child who is at least five years their junior and younger than 13 years of age (or 11 years of age under certain circumstances).  Therefore, the above-described 22-year-old man is immediately disqualified from being a pedophile.

Now, what about Vincent Ambrosio?  The DSM-5 also provides that someone in their late teens would not be deemed to be a pedophile for being sexually attracted to a youngster that is 12 or 13 years of age.  Therefore, Vincent falls short of being a pedophile.

These online vigilantes and “predator” hunters throw the words “pedophile” and “pedophilia” around indiscriminately as though they have the freedom to take writer’s license with their definitions.  However, these individuals need to know that they are rendering themselves vulnerable to a defamation or slander lawsuit as what happened in the case of Elon Musk.  Derek Logue, who was convicted of a felony for kissing an 11-year-old girl in Alabama back when he was 22 years old, explains in the video clip below that he was not formally diagnosed as a pedophile, and he describes the reasons why he was not so.

Derek Logue Takes On A News Panel Regarding The Realities Of What Is And Is Not Pedophilia

Second of all, if anyone could actually somehow prove that Vincent Ambrosio or the above-described 22-year-old Florida man were really pedophiles, then it would only push Isaac Frausto further downward on the totem pole of morality.  Never mind that Isaac Frausto was virtually the same age as Maddie Lambert was when he got her pregnant at the age of thirteen. Regardless of how the American Psychiatric Association defines Vincent Ambrosio and the above-described 22-year-old Florida man, Isaac still turns out to be a much greater threat to underage adolescent girls than those two men could ever be.

Some of you may wish to argue that it was not normal for Vincent Ambrosio to attempt to hook up with a 12-year-old girl when he was 19 years old and that it was not normal for a 22-year-old man to attempt to hook up with a 15-year-old girl either.  It is incredible how much self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts obsess over their quest to equate their make-believe world of age-appropriate perfection to NORMALCY.  In my humble opinion, the way American society defines “NORMAL” can be arbitrary and sometimes even elitist rather than fair and objective.

Nevertheless, if anyone still insists upon bringing up the argument over what is normal and what is not and you wish to leave a comment to my article, think twice before you type anything.  Regardless of whether or not Vincent Ambrosio and the above-described 22-year-old man were normal in their actions, there is no way that anybody can sincerely argue that what Isaac Frausto has done to Maddie Lambert for the past four years is in any way normal adolescent behavior.  Isaac Frausto needs to be removed from society one way or the other or he needs to be drafted into the military, because he is not going to change otherwise.  It’s as simple as that.

One thing that really baffled me about the Predator Poachers of Central Florida in their sting operation was that they took the 22-year-old man’s condom away from him.  One of the YouTubers stated in the comments section for that video that they would only be contributing to the possibility that this 22-year-old man would get a 15-year-old girl pregnant if he didn’t have that same condom with him.  Some girls that young seek those older men out for a reason, and obviously these vigilantes did not follow the 2008 story about a group of teenage girls who had made a pregnancy pact in Massachusetts.  I give a thorough description of that same incident in Part 1 of my Steemit article titled “Jury Nullification’s Effects On American Statutory Rape Cases.”

What I have been noticing for a long time is that many of these online vigilantes and “predator” hunters also seem to be in love with prison rapists as though these lowlifes have some kind of sense of nobility and serve some kind of divine purpose.  Of course, that is another Steemit article for another time.

C.  My Conclusion To This Topic

Although I am in no way attempting to put angel wings on any of the alleged suspects that online vigilantes catch in their sting operations, I am still finding that many of them rank higher on the totem pole of morality than Isaac Frausto and many deadbeat teenage fathers do.  Comparing deadbeat teenage fathers with suspected online predators may be among the best ways that our nation can open its eyes to the realities of deadbeat teenage fathers and the serious problems that they cause society.

At the end of the day, deadbeat teenage fathers like Isaac Frausto pose an even greater threat to our society than even alleged online predators do. More deadbeat teenage fathers are ruining the lives of underage adolescent girls than alleged online predators are, but somehow our society chooses to turn a blind eye to the infestation of deadbeat teenage fathers in our nation inasmuch as too many people are somehow misled to believe that being an adolescent and underage at the same time gives these punks a free pass to wreak havoc in these young girls’ lives.  These social degenerates must be stopped and even removed from society. Let’s set aside all the pedophile-panic politics and concentrate on finding a way to punish these deadbeat teenage fathers for the harm that they have done to underage girls and to society in general.  I believe that the best way to do so is to draft them into the military on their eighteenth birthday.

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As always great article and very informative. I was waiting and checking around here for some new reads from you and to my surprise my wishes were answered heh not 1 but 2 new articles from you! and I did not even get to the 2nd one yet.

it is a real shame that here in the usa unfortunately it is so much easier for those youger to get away with things such as rape or taking advantage of others. People want to talk about normal well that is not normal and what this Isaac person has done is not normal or respectful either it really baffles me a lot how these people can be with these situations don't even bat an eye but let it be someone a bit older and they freak out.

Exactly. And it is as though these self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts are pre-programmed to think a certain way and adhere to the same narrow-minded set of tactics in addressing any juvenile-justice-related issue that involves controversy, because these people don't know how to think for themselves and they don't seem to have a will of their own. Not only can they not be trusted, but they are also dangerous individuals who have no respect for individual freedoms.

Also since you brought it up in this artical you know what is ironic? the usa which has a fairly high age of consent and crazier restrictions and such we actually compare to other places in the world with lower ages of consent be it 13, 14 or so we have the highest teen pregnancy rate than those places. to put it simply the laws here don't do anything but seem to push people to make these things happen more often that is what I think.

In a nutshell, we Americans are living in a broken system that is resembling less and less of what was once a democracy. People need to speak up. I do my part by publishing articles here on Steemit.

oh and one last thing are you ever gonna talk about at some point the crazy folks who disregard the ages of consent in the usa? what I am saying by disregard what i mean are well the loud mouths and self appointed pedo experts you mention. I am sure you are no stranger to the fact that in most of the united states the age of consent is actually 16. 16 being the most consistent one there are a few places here and there that are 18 or 17 but not that many. are you gonna talk about how regardless of that fact people in the nation still see such a thing if a couple did get together as taboo? and maybe address why that is so? I wanna see your take on this sometime whenever you can get to it I know you have tons and tons of other work to do so take your time man getting to it. I know you put a lot of research into your stuff and that takes time. and with this virus pandemic still floating around with the corona still floating around things are all flipped upside down so take your time.

I'm going to hit upon as many facets of this same subject matter as I can in future articles of mine. However, before I begin to post articles here on Steemit as aggressively as I did before, I do want to find out what that warning is all about that has been showing up at the top of the website whenever I go checking my Resource Credits. It's something about a "hard fork" causing a lot of problems for everyone. I'm not exactly sure what a "hard fork" is, but I know that it is something not good. I want to make sure that Steemit is going to be around for at least a long enough time for me to post everything that I wish to post on this platform.

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