Are All Teenage Fathers Pedophiles? [Part 3]

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[Please Read Part 1 And Part 2 Of This Article Before Reading The Segment Below]

C.  A 14-Year-Old Girl Confronted The Harsh Reality Of Deadbeat Teenage Fathers After She Told Her Boyfriend That She Was Pregnant With His Baby

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Maddie Lambert. She lived in Texas. It was 2013 when she was 10 years old and she started her first YouTube channel. Below is her very first video back then.

Maddie Lambert’s First YouTube Video

Maddie was a happy, little girl. She liked doing makeup tutorials on her very first YouTube channel. Her parents loved her and tried every way to protect her from the cruelties of the world. However, it was inevitable that she would someday become a teenager and she would enter into a world where many boys her age had only one thing on their mind. It was to her misfortune that her school system taught abstinence-only education instead of sex education where she and other youngsters her age could have learned about contraception and all the facts of life. In my humble opinion, implementing gender segregation in the public school system would be the best way to prevent teenage pregnancy. That is, girls should go to one school and boys should go to another school in each school district. Anyhow, Maddie observed that there were many classmates of hers in her middle school who were sexually active. The movie titled Juno featured a female teenage protagonist played by Ellen Page who whined throughout the entire film that she didn’t understand what the term “sexually active” meant. Juno was an intellectually bankrupt movie that offered no real insight into the realities of teenage pregnancy here in our nation. Anyone who speaks English knows what “sexually active” means, but the protagonist of Juno obviously didn’t.

Anyhow, Maddie met a boy named Isaac Frausto when she was in middle school. Like her, he was in his early teens. This punk was a jock who was dead set on feeding his own male ego and having something to contribute verbally upon participating in all the filthy talk that went in the boys’ locker room at his school. He was going to make Maddie the topic of such conversations. Maddie and Isaac were only six months into their relationship, which is less time than it takes to carry a baby to full term, when they began having sexual intercourse. Every time an article like mine here gets published on the Internet, a swarm of teenage boys always come out of the woodwork, and they complain that it takes two to tango; and they always ask why it is always the teenage boy’s fault whenever a girl in middle school or high school becomes pregnant. I agree that it does take two to tango under normal circumstances. However, keep in mind that when the boyfriend is a jock with a big ego like that of Isaac, usually he is the one who initiates the sexual contact and he usually puts a great amount of pressure on the underage girl to give in to his sexual advances. These punks almost always have the mindset that they can walk away from this girl in the event that she becomes pregnant. If you want the full-blown story about what took place between Maddie and Isaac right up to the time that she became pregnant, here is a video of hers for you to watch below.

Maddie Lambert Describes The Events Encompassing Her Pregnancy

When Maddie and Isaac broke up, Maddie was unaware that she was pregnant with his baby. Nonetheless, it does not make him any less obligated to be a father to the baby. After she found out that she was pregnant, she was lucky that her parents were supportive. She had thought that Isaac was going to be the same way, because, after all, he was the baby’s biological father. However, her situation was much different from that of Crystal Guyer Koso that I’ve described herein; and I’m not only describing the fact that Maddie and Isaac were the same age, whereas Crystal Guyer Koso and the father of her baby, Matthew Koso, were eight years apart in age difference. Matthew Koso married Crystal Guyer Koso and provided for her and their child. After Maddie told Isaac about the pregnancy, his first reaction was that he did not believe her. Then after she convinced him that she really was pregnant, he wanted her to get an abortion.

Maddie Lambert Provides A More In-Depth Description Of The Events Encompassing Her Pregnancy

Instead of stepping up to the plate like a father was supposed to do, Isaac turned into an absolute scoundrel on Maddie much the same way that Levi Johnston eventually did so with Bristol Palin not too long after she became pregnant with his child. Isaac insisted that he was not the father of the baby, when fact has it that Maddie has never had sexual intercourse with anyone else but him. He tried to make her out to be a sexually promiscuous girl, when nothing about her could have been any further from the truth. He went as far as blocking her on his social media accounts so that she could not contact him anymore regarding her pregnancy. Maddie had thought that his parents would have been more compassionate with her, but it turned out that Isaac’s mother was just as dead set on slut-shaming her as Isaac was insofar as Isaac’s mother insisted that she got a paternity test to prove that Isaac was, in fact, her baby’s father. At the end of the day, Isaac had only been in his relationship with Maddie for the sex, but he never loved her; and when he found out that he was going to be a father, he didn’t want to leave behind his life of partying and having fun as a teenage boy. The baby was eventually born, and Maddie named the baby Everly. She was a baby girl. Maddie subsequently started her main YouTube channel to share her experiences as a teenage mother with others. Isaac’s abusive behavior toward Maddie and that of other boys like him are major reasons why I have repeatedly called our nation the deadbeat teenage dad capital of the world. Maddie explains Isaac’s disgraceful attitude in the YouTube video below.

Maddie Lambert Made A Guest Appearance On Another YouTube Channel To Share Her Experiences With Other Teenage Mothers Like Her

Self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts fired their mouths off in the comments section of the YouTube video showing a clip of Matthew Koso, Crystal Guyer Koso, and Cecilia Koso’s appearance on The Steve Wilkos Show, and they accused Cecilia Koso and Matthew’s mother, Peggy Koso, of facilitating a “sexually exploitative relationship” between an adult man and an underage girl. However, it is clear to anyone with common sense that Cecilia Guyer and Peggy Koso really did the right thing. Isaac Frausto’s mother, on the other hand, is a disgrace to all parenting. Also, Matthew Koso never sexually exploited Crystal Guyer Koso. He and Crystal Guyer Koso shared a love together that flourished into a marriage and a family. Isaac Frausto, on the other hand, continued to use and abuse Maddie Lambert from the very first time that he put his paws on her. Never mind that he was the same age as her and that Matthew Koso was eight years older than Crystal Guyer Koso at the outset of the two couples’ respective relationships.

Isaac’s mother continued to demand that Maddie got a paternity test, because she was convinced that Everly did not belong to her son. In other words, she insulted Maddie by implying that she was sexually promiscuous and could have gotten pregnant by anyone when she was 14 years old. What a piece of human feces Isaac’s mother is! This is the reason why our nation should draft deadbeat teenage fathers into the military on their eighteenth birthday. Maddie’s parents experienced one aggravation right after another in dealing with both Isaac and Isaac’s mother regarding Everly. Because Isaac’s mother had a daughter, one would think that she would have addressed the situation with great sensitivity; but instead she was a hateful, obnoxious and rude shrew who treated Maddie and her family with great disrespect after finding out that her son had fathered a baby with Maddie. Below is a YouTube video of Isaac Frausto’s mother. In that video, she looks like an oversized blob of manure with a big, phony grin on her face through which any intelligent individual can see her true colors. She is about as fake as a three dollar bill.

Isaac Frausto Did A YouTube Video With His Mother

Because Isaac and his mother made it more than obvious that neither one of them were going to pay child support to Maddie and her family for the upbringing of Everly, Maddie and her family did the only thing that was left for them to do. They took Isaac and his mother to court. Maddie describes that whole set of events in the video below.

Maddie Lambert Went To Court With Her Baby

Geez. Doesn’t Isaac Frausto bear a strange resemblance to former YouTuber Omnipolitics16? Okay. I get it. Former YouTuber Omnipolitics16 did mention in his video that his age preference range went from 3 years old to 12 years old, and I have stressed in previous Steemit articles of mine that adolescents over 12 years of age are, for the most part, too old to be objects of a pedophile’s desires. Well, I can assure you that former YouTuber Omnipolitics16 will not be getting a date with the YouTuber, Danielle Cohn. Danielle Cohn’s current boyfriend, Mikey Tua, would never want to be equated to former YouTuber Omnipolitics16 in any way, shape or form, even though Danielle Cohn is rumored to have been 12 years old when she started dating Mikey Tua, which would, therefore, make him four years her senior. Of course, that is another Steemit article for another time.

Upon appearing at the courthouse, it was the first time that Maddie and Isaac had seen each other in two years. Isaac didn’t really see his own daughter on a regular basis until after he was court-ordered to pay child support. Crystal Guyer Koso never needed to go through the court system to get Matthew Koso to support their child, because Matthew Koso married her and he provided for her and their child, Samara. The only bad guy in that scenario was the criminal justice system, which really should be called the criminal injustice system. Self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts will argue, “Yeah, but Matthew Koso had an illegal relationship as an adult with a child!” No, no, no! Crystal Guyer Koso and Maddie Lambert were both virtually the same age when they became pregnant respectively. Matthew Koso behaved the way a father should behave when he decided to marry Crystal Guyer Koso and provide for her and their child, Samara. Isaac Frausto, on the other hand, behaved like a complete piece of human garbage from the very first time that Maddie Lambert told him that she was pregnant with his child. If anyone has ever deserved to be treated like a criminal, it is Isaac. If you’re going to present the argument that Isaac was just a kid when he got Maddie pregnant, stop typing. Boys can be tried as adults when they are 14 years old under certain circumstances in many state jurisdictions of our nation. No teenage boy should get a free pass on getting an underage girl pregnant only because the sexual intercourse between him and that girl was perfectly legal.

It is a good that Maddie eventually won child support from Isaac as she did. However, the American court system has a long way to go in dealing with deadbeat teenage fathers who are still minors, and the parents of these deadbeat teenage fathers leave so very much to be desired regarding their integrity as paternal grandparents or lack thereof. Luckily, our nation is beginning to pass Federal laws that hold the paternal grandparents of a baby born to an underage girl financially responsible under certain circumstances while their son continues to be a minor.

After Isaac began his visitations with Everly, he missed those visitations regularly. Maddie tried to work with him on that matter, but he got worse and worse as time marched on; and he wanted visitations for whenever he found it convenient for himself. Maddie and her family naturally became angry with Isaac for being the way he was about the visitations. He was getting into fights regularly at school. He would whine in videos on YouTube and on other social media platforms about how the whole world was against him, and sometimes he even talked about wanting to commit suicide to elicit a pity party for him. There were people stupid enough actually to buy into all his malarkey too. He even complained that he no longer had any time to himself inasmuch as he had to work to pay child support to Maddie for Everly’s upbringing that he was court-ordered to do. However, it would have behooved him to offer to pay child support to Maddie without putting her through a court proceeding. Also, I don’t feel sorry for him, because he put himself in that situation by getting Maddie pregnant in the first place. What is particularly annoying about him is that he has actually claimed in videos of his that he is a responsible father simply because he pays child support. No, Isaac! You are not a responsible father, because you had to be court-ordered to pay child support inasmuch as you were unwilling do so on your own volition. Therefore, you still continue to be a deadbeat teenage father who has to be court-ordered to do anything related to your parental responsibilities.

Isaac’s transgressions continued to pile up one right after another. Upon first meeting Isaac’s subsequent girlfriend, Briana Gibson, Maddie had believed that she was a sweet girl and she had hoped that they would get along. However, as time marched on, it became apparent to Maddie that Briana was not looking to be any friend of hers. Maddie tried to make peace with Briana, but Briana was trouble for her from the beginning. Briana turned out to be another Sunny Oglesby with Maddie. Isaac and Briana sought inventive ways to belittle Maddie insofar as Isaac called Maddie a “retard” on social media. Isaac and Briana, however, continued to receive pity parties on social media any time that they didn’t get their own way with Maddie about anything, and there were even people stupid enough to praise Isaac and Briana as being good parents to Everly in the future. However, Briana had once revealed on social media that she had no desire to be a stepmother to Everly. The YouTube video below describes many of the wrongs that Isaac committed against Maddie and even their own daughter.

YouTuber FrazierTV Describes Isaac Frausto’s Transgressions Against Maddie Lambert In Detail

Isaac had the audacity to start his own YouTube channel and piggyback on Maddie’s fame and fortune as a YouTuber. The quality of his videos was poor in comparison with the ones on Maddie’s main YouTube channel, but there were people foolish enough to go to his YouTube channel and subscribe. After Isaac had the nerve to ride along on Maddie’s coattail with his YouTube channel, he added insult to injury when he and Briana Gibson alongside Isaac’s sister laughed at Maddie on a live stream after Isaac conceitedly told Maddie that she got her YouTube fame from him. Here is an interview that YouTuber Jacob Anderson held with Maddie. In that same video, Maddie describes Isaac, Briana and Isaac’s sister laughing at her in a derisive manner during that same incident.

YouTuber Jacob Anderson Interviews Maddie Lambert

The whole irony of it all is that Isaac eventually kicked Briana to the curb, and she had the audacity to elicit a pity party from people on YouTube in her video about her breakup from Isaac, on February 19, 2019. She has since then removed that same video from her YouTube channel. However, if she was so torn up about her bitter breakup with Isaac, I don’t understand what else she could have expected inasmuch as she had gotten involved with a deadbeat teenage father.

After Isaac broke up with Briana, he became involved with a blond-haired girl named “Sydney” who claimed to be 15 years old but looked older than her stated age. Sydney appears in the video below.

Isaac Frausto Dumped Briana Gibson For The Girl In This YouTube Video

Sydney? You look at least 21 years old, if not 23 years old. If you’re not really 15 years old and you’re well into your twenties, get away from a loser like Isaac Frausto. He will only drag you down with his failures and shenanigans. If you’re really a teenager, you look like too nice of a girl to be involved with such a loser. He is always looking for a pity party in his videos on YouTube and on other social media platforms. He will start a video on how he wishes he could just die. He whines in them about how he never has any time to himself, because he has to work after school so that he can afford to pay his child support obligations; but he is the one to blame for that situation that he is currently in. He gets into fights with other boys at random, and he even picks those fights. Most of those same videos have been erased from YouTube. However, everyone on YouTube knows what bad news he is. Sydney? You need to get as far away from him as you can. He already did a significant amount of damage to Maddie’s life. He will not hesitate to do the same to you. Sydney? If I were your older brother or your father, assuming that you are really only 15 years old, you would not be dating a loser like Isaac and you would not be dating anyone like him.

After Isaac missed his visitations with Everly regularly, he couldn’t be happy enough about being a worthless father. He wanted to misuse his own daughter as a bargaining chip to create more problems for Maddie that she didn’t deserve. Therefore, he connived with his mother to make waves for Maddie and her family through the court system. Isaac’s mother took Maddie to court to get more visitation rights for Isaac, when she knew that he was not appearing for the regular visits he was supposed to have with Everly. The hypocrisy of the actions of Isaac’s mother is that she didn’t want even to acknowledge that Everly was her granddaughter after she had initially found out about her, and here she was misusing the court system to get more visitation time for her son despite that he was not appearing at his regular visitations with his daughter. She even had the nerve to seek for Maddie’s main YouTube channel to be deleted permanently, and she ultimately got a court order dictating what Maddie could and could not say on her channel. She had to have known that Maddie’s main YouTube channel was a major source of income for Maddie and her family, but she couldn’t have cared less about how she was hurting Maddie and her family and how her actions would have an adverse impact on Maddie’s financial ability to provide for her baby daughter, Everly. The hypocrisy of Isaac allowing for his mother to engage in this sort of abusive behavior is that he started a YouTube channel shortly after Maddie started her main YouTube channel, because he knew he could soak up much of the traffic that Maddie got on her channel and he could profit from it by monetizing his channel. These events demonstrate that Isaac and his family are a bunch of con artists who manipulate the court system to hurt others. By that point in time, Briana Gibson had told Maddie that she suspected that Isaac was abusing drugs. Unfortunately, Maddie was never able to prove it in court, and the court system was not as fair with her this time as it was the last time that she was in it.

Whenever you surf around the Internet in search of stories like these in which the baby daddy turns out not only to be a deadbeat teenage father but also a troublemaker for the teenage mother of his child and the baby, it is outrageous that you have to plow through droves of websites that ramble on about how teenage fathers need to be empowered and how they are misunderstood and how our legislators need to give them more paternal rights. Noooooooo!!!!! Teenage fathers have it way too easy in our nation, and they do not need to be empowered in any manner. Most of them bail on the underage mothers of their kids. Then after their underage baby mamas have learned to raise their child without them, these punks conveniently find a way back into their lives to stir up problems for them and to misuse their own offspring as a bargaining chip to get whatever they want out of their baby mamas and their baby mama’s families.

In cases of teenage pregnancies, if the court system is shafting anyone, it is shafting individuals like Matthew Koso because of the oppressive statutory-rape laws throughout our nation. Self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts are likely going to read my article here and rant and rave about how they believe I am trying to use these same scenarios to urge legislators to get rid of the statutory-rape laws in our country altogether. No, I am not attempting to do anything of that nature. I understand the necessity of statutory-age-of-consent laws in our nation because of certain unusual situations that warrant that they remain on the law books. However, I also do not think that “statutory rape” should be a strict liability offense, unless it involves prepubescent victims below the age of eleven. If a teenager does not wish to testify as a “victim” witness for the prosecution against his or her older significant other in a frivolous statutory-rape case, then he or she should have the right to refuse such testimony without punitive consequences; and, in my humble opinion, if that teenager is at odds with both the authorities and the prosecution in such a matter, the criminal courts really should not entertain such a case at all in the first place.

Crystal Guyer Koso should have been given some kind of veto power in the criminal case that former Attorney General Jon Bruning brought against her husband, Matthew Koso, back in 2005. Luckily, Matthew Koso’s attorney, Willis Yoesel, was able to arrange for Crystal Guyer Koso to testify as a witness for the defense at his criminal trial before Mr. Bruning could get his hands on her to make her testify against her husband as a witness for the prosecution. Crystal Guyer Koso stood by Matthew Koso throughout that entire ordeal and he did likewise, because they had a child together and they loved each other. Isaac Frausto, on the other hand, shouldn’t even be allowed to breed after the disgusting way that he treated Maddie Lambert throughout her pregnancy and afterwards, AND HE CERTAINLY DID NOT NEED TO BE EMPOWERED IN ANY WAY! People on YouTube need to stop fussing about protecting his paternal rights, because he has done so very little, if anything, to behave like a good father since Everly’s birth.

Isaac Frausto gets Maddie Lambert needlessly upset on a regular basis. As a result, she has to be suffering from emotional scars from his abuse. She never deserved to be treated this way. Never mind that he is the same age as her. However, our society refuses to understand the damage that he has done to her. Somehow simply because he is the same age as her, it is though he can do no wrong in the eyes of self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts. These same people would rather belittle and ridicule Matthew Koso based upon an archaic social taboo and an upside down criminal justice system rather than based upon the facts themselves.

Maddie Lambert had to drop out of middle school because of Isaac Frausto’s actions against her, and she had to be home-schooled because of the problems that he had caused her at school, even though they went to different high schools. He did so by slandering her on social media. In the video below, you can see that Maddie is under a great amount of stress because of the vicious legal actions that Isaac and his mother have taken against her.

Maddie Lambert Describes Problems That Isaac Frausto And His Mother Have Obviously Caused Her

I once saw this other video on YouTube in which Maddie looked as though she was going to break into tears, and she was trying to explain how she was always nice to people and, for that reason, she was easily taken advantage of. The video was not on her main YouTube channel, and it looked as though it may have been copied from another social media platform. If her father saw that video, I can only begin to imagine that he wanted to hug her and protect her any way he could. Isaac took a nice girl and antagonized and belittled her every way he could with the complicity of his mother, and he initially denied his paternity in a manner that slut-shamed her. The video below lays it all out in detail.

Maddie Lambert Describes The Paternity Test And Its Legal Effects

Even YouTubers clear over in the United Kingdom are taking notice of what a worthless piece of human garbage Isaac Frausto is. Below is a video to that effect in which YouTuber Lily Devine offered words of support for Maddie Lambert and also criticized Isaac Frausto for being a deadbeat teenage father.

YouTuber Lily Devine Speaks Her Mind About Isaac Frausto’s Transgressions Against Maddie Lambert

Matthew Koso never questioned Crystal Guyer Koso’s past. She admitted in an interview on 20/20 that she had become sexually active before she had gotten involved with him. However, Matthew Koso never insisted upon a paternity test after she had announced to him that she was pregnant with his child, because he loved her and he trusted her. In the comments section of the YouTube video showing Matthew Koso’s appearance on The Steve Wilkos Show, YouTubers made ludicrous accusations against Matthew Koso that he groomed Crystal Guyer Koso, that he would be a danger to his own children and that he was only looking to manipulate the system by marrying her. However, if anyone groomed anyone, Isaac Frausto groomed Maddie Lambert; and he should not get to hide that transgression of his behind the proverbial cloak of age-appropriateness, for a lack of a better term, that people like all of these self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts are always misusing to extricate punks like him of any blame or wrongdoing. It makes no sense that somehow Isaac Frausto continues to get a free pass for his transgressions against Maddie Lambert and their daughter simply because he was lucky enough to be on the same side of the legal age line as Maddie Lambert was when he unleashed chaos into her life in the form of an unplanned pregnancy for her at age fourteen and all the other shenanigans that followed.

Lisa Bloom, Esquire is the daughter of the widely acclaimed attorney named Gloria Allred, and she comes across as someone very intelligent and versed in the legal profession. Ms. Bloom demonstrated her keen sense of awareness when she denounced a forensic psychiatrist for perjuring himself under oath in a notorious criminal trial a little over a decade ago. Jason B Truth’s article titled “Protect Your Children From Shady Shrinks” provides all the details in that regard. Although I do not agree with everything she has done in her legal career, I have a great amount of respect for her in her role as a professional litigator. However, even I have to admit that she was way off-base in her perspective of a situation that was similar to that of Matthew Koso and Crystal Guyer Koso back when she appeared on Sally Jessy Raphael in 1994. That is, Ms. Bloom fired off her mouth about power differentials in relationships between adult men over the legal age of majority and adolescent girls who may have only been slightly below the statutory age of consent, and she rambled on about how it was always normal adolescent behavior whenever two youngsters of the same age in their teens “experimented” with sexual intercourse.

Lisa Bloom, Esquire Appeared On Sally Jessy Raphael Back In 1994 To Discuss The Subject Of Statutory-Age-Of-Consent Laws Here In The United States Of America

Nevertheless, Isaac Frausto shows all of the characteristics of being a sexual predator who groomed Maddie Lambert despite that he is the same age as her. He only wanted her for sex rather than love, and he used and abused her. Never mind that he was also 14 years old when he got her pregnant. He is a disgrace. Matthew Koso, on the other hand, had never had a girlfriend in his life before he became involved with Crystal Guyer Koso to the best of my knowledge; and if he ended up with an adolescent girl of middle-school age, it was because he was, therefore, incompatible with women his own age as a result of certain circumstances in his life that were completely beyond his control. However, he never groomed Crystal Guyer Koso, and he never abused her in any way. She was ahead of him in romantic experience in spite of their 8-year age difference. Matthew Koso never left her with emotional scars in having sexual intercourse with her, whereas Isaac Frausto was manipulative from the beginning of his sexual involvement with Maddie Lambert and became abusive with her afterwards. Maddie Lambert likely has plenty of emotional scars from all of the psychological abuse that she has suffered at the hands of Isaac and his mother.

Like most of you reading my article here, I had not been born yet in 1957. However, I can appreciate the argument that parents kept their pubescent and adolescent daughters away from men outside their age circles in the dating scene back in those days, because most men in their twenties and beyond were significantly more experienced than these young girls at romance and most boys their age operated at the same power wavelength as these young girls. However, we now live in an era in which there are boys as young as 13 years old who are not only sexually experienced but are sexually deviant and dangerous, whereas there are men in their twenties and beyond who were cheated out of their adolescence and are inexperienced and have no girlfriend in their past to boast about because of circumstances beyond their control. Therefore, there are bound to be teenage minor girls and adult men who are going to feel compatible with one another and will, therefore, end up together because of these same irregularities between the different age groups, for a lack of a better term. For that same reason, Ms. Bloom’s one-size-fits-all formula simply does not apply to either the situation she confronted on Sally Jesse Raphael or the situation regarding Matthew Koso and Crystal Guyer Koso, and it is outdated and obsolete in spite of any effort on the part of the American culture to hold onto it. Her one-size-fits-all formula in this regard is something that would only be a figment of the imagination from a white-picket-fence fantasy world at this point in time.

Now, I know that Ms. Bloom was an attorney who prosecuted child sexual abuse cases back in 1994, and it was inevitable that she was going to have a harsh opinion of any young man over the legal age of majority who became involved with an adolescent girl below the statutory age of consent regardless of how close he and that girl were in age difference. Ms. Bloom has consistently maintained a hard-nosed attitude about such matters through the years. However, my response to her way of addressing these issues is this. If she prides herself to be such a committed child advocate and she wants to do something really constructive in that respect, rather than throwing young men in jail and in prison on frivolous and even malicious statutory-rape convictions, she needs to fight to reform the defective inheritance laws throughout our nation so that no incest survivor or any kind of child abuse survivor ever ends up destitute and homeless as a result of the abuse that they suffered at the hands of their parents or legal guardians. If she were to go down that road, then she would be building her reputation as a true child advocate who cares about the welfare and safety of the most innocent members of our society.

Matthew Koso did not marry Crystal Guyer Koso to get out of going to prison. He was eventually incarcerated anyhow after he married her, and the judge who sent him to prison and placed him on the sex offender registry for 10 years afterwards engaged in judicial misconduct in doing so as I explained further back herein. Even though Crystal Guyer Koso had a baby with someone else while Matthew Koso was incarcerated, Matthew Koso came back to her and even offered to help her raise a child that was not his own. Those are not the characteristics of a sexual predator looking to manipulate any “loopholes,” so to speak, in the criminal statutes despite what former Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning said about him.

Despite what any self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts said about him in response to his appearance on The Steve Wilkos Show back in 2010, Matthew Koso shows no characteristics of being someone who would molest his own children. Self-appointed pedo-experts and self-proclaimed child advocates make the mistake of believing that just because Isaac Frausto was the same age as Maddie Lambert at the outset of their sexual relations with each other, he can do no wrong and he would never be a threat to his own daughter. Because Isaac was 14 years old when he got Maddie pregnant with Everly, it is though somehow magically he is incapable of ever having done any wrong and he is incapable of ever doing any wrong again in the eyes of all these brain-dead self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts. Well, Maddie became concerned that Isaac might have been taking drugs and would pose a danger to his own daughter. However, how can anyone ever be so stupid as to believe that teenage boys never molest their own children or other people’s children?

A 13-Year-Old Boy Admitted To Raping A 5-Year-Old Girl

Adolescent boys under the age of eighteen also pose a danger to adult women and elderly women as I described in my Steemit article titled “American Legislators Are Now Putting Age Limits On Legalizing Love.” They commit rape and other heinous crimes against women significantly older than them.

If self-appointed pedo-experts and self-proclaimed child advocates continue to believe that Matthew Koso is a pedophile and that he is a danger to children, there is no way that they can get around the fact that he is the lesser of the two evils upon comparing him with Isaac Frausto. Therefore, assuming just for the sake of argument that these same people are correct about Matthew Koso, what does it make Isaac Frausto? He would have to be a pedophile also and a much more dangerous one at that, I might add. However, all of these same people are going to argue that he can do no wrong to Maddie Lambert inasmuch as they were both on the same side of the legal age line and they were the same age as each other when they were having sexual intercourse with each other and Maddie became pregnant. Well, even though I can appreciate the argument by all these know-it-alls on how age is not just a number, society does not have the right to treat statutory rape and pedophilia as one cold mathematical equation either. Hence, the best course of action is simply not to brand Matthew Koso as a pedophile, a child molester, or a child groomer at all, because any way you look at it, he always comes out as being a better person than Isaac Frausto. Moreover, to the best of my knowledge, no mental-health professional has ever formally diagnosed Matthew Koso as a pedophile, and the evidence shows that he never groomed or took advantage of Crystal Guyer Koso; whereas Isaac Frausto’s actions upon Maddie Lambert since the outset of their relationship wreak with all sorts of sexual exploitation and wrongdoing despite that he was born around the same time that she was.

Self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts have posted online about wanting to castrate Matthew Koso. However, Isaac Frausto is the face of justifiable patricide, and nobody could rightfully blame Maddie Lambert’s parents for wanting to castrate him. Then again, they would likely get slapped with some ridiculous criminal charge like Felonious Assault Of A Child or some other nonsensical criminal citation in that event. I simply don’t buy into this garbage about how Isaac Frausto was too young to know what he was doing. HE KNEW! Boys his age get arrested for rape and murder all the time in this nation. Isaac ranted and raved in one of his videos on the Internet that he has never raped anyone. Well, neither has Matthew Koso. Moreover, Matthew Koso has always been a better human being than Isaac Frausto could ever be.

D.  My Conclusion To This Topic

I’m not mindless of the prospect that American parents are going to express their disapproval of Matthew Koso’s relationship with Crystal Guyer Koso and their eventual marriage, because society has indoctrinated Americans to think the worst about individuals like Matthew Koso despite any evidence that demonstrates that such a person is harmless and simply needs for everyone to leave him be. I get it that many of these same American parents are going to make a point about how they would never allow a 20-something-year-old man to become romantically involved with their 12-, 13-, 14- or even 15-year-old daughter. However, I find it unimaginable that at least some of these same American parents should not be able to see what a piece of worthless human garbage Isaac Frausto is, and I cannot even fathom why any parent would condone what this punk did to Maddie Lambert. That is, assuming that these same parents have a pubescent or adolescent daughter whom they don’t want becoming pregnant with the baby of someone like Isaac Frausto who would mess up their lives and create problem after problem for their daughter and them in the event that their daughter decided to keep the baby.

From a clinical standpoint, accusing Matthew Koso of being a pedophile for falling in love with Crystal Guyer Koso and eventually marrying her to provide for her and their child is no different from calling Isaac Frausto a pedophile for getting Maddie Lambert pregnant and turning into a deadbeat teenage father on her. Neither one of them pass the test set forth in the DSM-5 that would technically qualify them to be pedophiles. If anyone believes that accusing Isaac Frausto of being a pedophile is defamatory in any way, then the same can be said about Matthew Koso. Therefore, the school of thought that self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts promote brands each and every teenage father of being a pedophile for that matter no matter how young a teenage father is. Because teenage fathers are not all pedophiles under this same bogus standard on the part of self-proclaimed child advocates and self-appointed pedo-experts, then Matthew Koso cannot be a pedophile either.

The agenda that Fraidy Reiss, Jeanne Smoot, Donna Pollard and others like them are furthering is feeding the fire of the oppression that the criminal justice system is inflicting upon decent Americans like Matthew Koso. Our nation’s incarceration rate does not need to be increased any more from such Puritanical imposition, and the sex offender registries throughout our nation do not need to be inundated with the faces and addresses of individuals who do not deserve such humiliation and ostracism. For those reasons, we all need to put a stop to people like Fraidy Reiss, Jeanne Smoot, Donna Pollard and others like them. Get to know the legislators in your state that oppose their agenda. Find out if you can get a popular referendum going in your state jurisdiction to repeal any unfair marriage laws that these societal fundamentalists have shoved down people’s throats. My Steemit article titled “Americans Have An Effective Way Of Getting Unfair Laws Regarding Underage Marriage Repealed” shows you how to do so.

This Article Is Copyright-Protected.


Ladies and gentlemen? A new development has come through regarding my Steemit article above. Maddie Lambert initially claimed that she had gotten pregnant at 14 years old. However, she recently revealed in a video of hers that she first found out that she was pregnant when she was 13 years old. Here is the video below.

Therefore, she and Crystal Guyer Koso were not virtually the same age when they became pregnant respectively, but they WERE the same age when they did so respectively. In light of it, the court system failed both of them in that it went too light on Isaac Frausto and it should have stayed out of Matthew Koso's life.

Ladies and gentlemen? You may notice upon reading this same article of mine above that the video of YouTuber Jacob Anderson interviewing Maddie Lambert is no longer there. I attempted to look for another copy of it on the Internet, but I was unable to find one. In any event, Maddie Lambert did a similar video with YouTuber Jacob Anderson on her own channel, and much of the same things were said in that video. Here is the video below.

It may not be the original interview that YouTuber Jacob Anderson did with Maddie Lambert on his own channel, but it will still be very informative.

Ladies and gentlemen? It looks as though YouTuber FrazierTV has removed his video titled "My Opinions On Issac Frausto" from YouTube, which I had embedded in this Steemit article here of mine upon its publication here on Steemit. I have looked high and low on the Internet to find a copy of it that I can link to this Steemit article of mine, but I have had no luck in doing so. I give you my sincere apologies for any confusion that this same missing video may have caused you in reading my Steemit article.

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