Akaroa, New Zealand

Taking a break from wine-touring in New Zealand, this was one of the best decisions we made! Akaroa is a very small French settlement southeast of Christchurch on the South Island, with a population of only 625. Make sure you sign up for a tour to go see penguins in the wild. It's quite difficult to do it on your own (you'll definitely need 4WD!)

This picture is from above the town looking down, while on that tour.


Thanks for your support!



Very beautiful . It looks like a fantastic land .. good for you
an amazing picture . Well done
Thank you for sharing‏

I also dream to visit there

New Zealand is truly a paradise. Thanks for sharing!

Make sure you sign up for a tour to go see penguins in the wild

Penguins are so often seen here as a comparison or image, when they say about certain behavior - often pretty. But I did not get the idea to really study these animals. It's interesting, thanks.

It is a country of contrasts and hundreds of places to know. It is rather small, but it has a geography and impressive landscapes. Thank you for the beautiful picture, it seems of tumblr♥

Didn't know New Zealand has contrast but that does make sense. Amazing. Upvoted.

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I agree with you..

one more for my bucketlist!!
looks amazing
I hope I could go there one day, the planetickets are not so cheap from Belgium

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Nice view of nature's beauty

Good choice! That is an amazing picture!

Damn what a shot! Would really wish to visit this place, if you have any more pictures of this beauty make sure to post them. Where are you originally from? Wine touring definitely sounds like an interesting idea :)

worth it to get to take in a vista like that.

what a beautiful geological formation, thanks for the photo

Stunning photography, Jen!

Beautiful picture dude.

New Zealand is goregous. If I visited I doubt I'd leave. A dream would be to have a little house on a hill like that with a view of a lake like that.

thx 4 the photo of tranquility :)

What will it cost a tourist residing outside Australia to get this experience ?

Amazing view, I hope to visit myself one day.

WOW nice picture
I love New Zealand it's a great place

really a good decision, it was.

Beautiful scenery I congratulate you for your photography

I would want to travel to new zealand for its amazing adventure opportunities, have heard a lot about bungee jumping there, also it is a place with diverse geography, would allow you to travel for miles without seeing people

wow looks beautiful i want to visit it one day :)

Beautiful picture thats awesome hope your trip was filled with joy and happiness

this is amazing, so beautiful

amazing shot new zealand is a such a worth visit country hope you enjoy time there

A place worth seeing

Please support the profile

New Zealand it's a magic place, unbelievable!

goddamn, that sounds good !!

That is a lovely landscape photo! I've been fond of New Zealand ever since I learned The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy was shot there. I wanted to experience its mountains and greenery!

Power Rangers was filmed there for a season or more. Other things were filmed in New Zealand as well. Wonderful place. I'm Oatmeal. Liked. Shared. Upvoted. Resteemed.

Beautiful picture, we would love to go there and see some penguins :)

Amazing. We will visit NZ later, if crypto will bring some plus. According today we are going in Bangladesh :)

wow amazing view!!

New Zealand is definitely one of my favorite countries. Can you believe it was my first ever international trip?! What a country for a first international holiday right? It was also my first travel with my husband. Makes it all the more special. We did a 15 day campervan road trip of the entire length and breadth of the south island and I'd say New Zealand spoiled us rotten. The experience is unmatchable. Akaroa was indeed beautiful! Such fond memories from that holiday! :)

Beautiful pictures!


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pleasant nature's beauty good place to spend holidays.

Woah look at the view! Just beautiful.

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So peaceful!!!!!!!!

So good @travelingsomm. I really want to visit New Zealand someday, the landscape looks so inspiring and slightly similar to that of here in the UK (much better I imagine). Hopefully I can go soon :) Keep up the good work.

New Zealand very beautiful country

You've got to be the fastest growing Steemer ever. :O

I’m going to put that place in my bucket list!

Beautiful! I would love to go to New Zealand one day and I bet it's super awesome to see penguins in the wild

Omg, this looks like a scenery from the Lord Of The Rings.

Magnificent shot!

Es un Paraiso!

What a beautiful photo, what camera do you use??

Now that is some beautiful scenery right there!

I've always wanted to travel to New Zealand! I've heard it's really beautiful over there. Nice picture @travelingsomm.

Looks amazing

So pretty!! Love my country, and seeing beautiful pics of it on Steemit ^_^