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RE: Akaroa, New Zealand

@berniesanders @grumpycat @wtf.. #abuse.. @hendrix22 @morten @geronimo @thejohalfiles @thesloth @steemcleaners @ The rewards on these posts are getting somewhat excessive and if not curbed will be the wine travelling haejin.. Multiple posts of little substantive content and disproportionate rewards payout.. ???????? Someone with some horsepower needs to give this a look..

Really this is a $200 post??


It is not. She just got lucky with some whale. That's why I think the steemit has no bright feauture with same system. Ouuu I think you forgot @wnfdiary

I agree, this is why so many that actually put in the hard work get demotivated when they only get peanuts for their posts...



Yup, kinda figured that is how that would go, high rewards, no stake, no investment in the site, typical shithead behavior..

I don't think so. It should be flagged. On the other hand I spent a lot of time in sharing good content but still don't get on how Steemit works:

I agree with you..

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