Meet One Of The Most Incredible Beaches In The World

Hello everyone! I decided to take a shot on another @photocontest , this time in the #landscapephotography category. Similarly to my Lisbon post, I picked another gorgeous Portuguese place to be featured.

I'm talking about Praia do Camilo (Camilo's Beach). This beach is located in the south of the country, in a region called Algarve. According to the Business Insider, it's considered one of the most incredible beaches in the world. I couldn't agree more! No matter how much I travel, I always go back to this piece of paradise.


Praia do Camilo is a very small beach, but that doesn't make it less incredible. It's located at the end of a long sharp staircase - which you will need to go through to get to the sand. The top of the hill provides a breathtaking view of turquoise coloured water as well as the cliffs and rocks that surrounds its bay. At the top of the staircase, you can find a Fish & Seafood restaurant with a terrace where you can enjoy panoramic views of the coast.

It can get very windy up the stairs. The secluded beach is protected by its rocks, though. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, you will be able to enjoy some nice sunbathing whilst appreciating the view.


This praia is located in a city called Lagos, where you can also find Ponta da Piedade - a beach considered the 'most beautiful in the word' by the Huffington Post .

I don't totally recommend going there on the peak summer season, as it can get really busy. The best times to go there are before or after the peak months (normally July and August).

Have you ever been to Praia do Camilo? What other beach would you consider as "one of the most beautiful beaches in the world"? Please let me know, I'm a beach lover :)

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Well then you got to visit Virgin Island near Bantayan Island in Cebu Philippines then if you are a beach lover. Crystal blue waters, white, powdery sand and some of the friendliest natives (Us!) to give you a happy holiday!

I haven't posted my vacation last month as I am stuck in editing my video haha.



Oh wow that sounds and looks incredible. I will need to add that one to my Travel Wishlist :)
GO GO GO edit it , I want to watch it :). Is it about the Island you just mentioned?


Yes it is, I'm too lazy to edit and render haha. Once I get to the computer I either Steemit, Netflix or play games haha.
It has been stuck in my to do list for weeks now!


I wouldn't call you a "lazy" person, that's for sure haha Well, take your time. I'd love to watch it, whenever you have it ready! I never record my holidays, that's a shame! I should do next time :)


first time I did it just because @rubencress gave me the idea to take short 1-2 sec videos and compile it. So hence the laziness of editing and stitching it all together haha


Stop by Coron, Palawan, too, if you have the chance. Crystal clear waters as well and lots of shipwrecks to dive if you are a diver.


Oh wow. I just looked at pictures and it looks amazing! I didn't know about that place. I should definitely visit if I have the opportunity :)

Looks like an amazing place. There's some great beaches near where I live in Cornwall and the ones in the Isles of Scilly are my favourites, because they never get too crowded. The sea is cold here and that's nice in the summer months but means that swimming in the sea takes a bit of courage for 9 months of the year.


Ooh I actually never been to a beach in the UK, apart from Portsmouth. I will definitely check the ones you're recommending, in the Isles of Scilly, specially because I go to the UK once in a while. I bet it must be really beautiful out there. I don't mind the cold water too much, as I really just like to enjoy the view rather than going in the water :)))
Thank you for the recommendation!!

It's hard to choose a favourite.

I like the beaches from Ilha de Tavira a lot, because the water is warm...

However, I love to dive into the water. And so I'd pick one of the many beaches in Terceira, Azores.

But there are times when I just want to relax and watch at the sunset. Castro São Paio, in Labruge, is the perfect spot for that. :-)


I love warm waters!! I should go there some time :)) I've never bene to Azores but I'd love to. It's on my travel wishlist for sure.. Ooh Didn't know Castro São Paio.. another for my list. There're so many amazing places to go visit. I love watching the sunset at the beach :) Thank you for sharing

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Love this place. Have great memories there. Recommend it for everyone. Gorgeous photos :) makes me wanna go back again


I'm glad you liked it! You should definitely go back there!! :)))

ehehe... really nice photos :)
I love the beaches of the Portuguese mainland. Both the clear sands and the tonality of the waters fascinate's me, they remind me Cabo Verde.

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Wish I would travel to see these awesome places before it's too late. Keep it up


Aww travel is great, you should visit :)) thank you!

Every beautiful place must be visited during off peak seasons to avoid the crowd. I live your photo and every element at play. I wish there were more photos though 😊

Visit Bali and its balmy waters of Padang Padang beach. Snorkel in the clear waters of Coron, Palawan and sunbathe in its white sand beaches.