Buy SuperiorCoins (SUP) for Steem Dollars (SBD) to run Kryptonia tasks and get upvote from @Kryptoniabot

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If you don't have any available SUP for running tasks you can buy SUP for SBD and earn more SBD 😀

Check HERE how to purchase. The SUP is sent to your Kryptonia wallet and available for creating tasks for your Steemit posts.

Use the hashtags KYPTONIA or SUPERIORCOIN for upvote from @Kryptoniabot

Check these posts for the @Kryptoniabot (Please upvote and comment on the posts):

If you don't have a Kryptonia account register HERE


Felicitaciones, cada día las opciones son mejores.

Okay, thanks.......will work on it......thanks for the advantage you are given up here

They just started, and it is wonderful.

Kryptonia is going places.

Thank you for linking my post @sydesjokes! I really appreciate this. I am so glad I joined Kryptonia when I did. It has been a real bright spot for me here on steemit.

Very nice my friend

Is there any way around, to get SP selling SUP

It seems a good alternative.

This is getting more interesting I never knew there is kryptoniabot

Thanks for the info

Kryptonia is really going places.

Its really a easy way to buy SUP

Cool way to buy SUP

This is a good one

wow thats nice its becoming better day by day..

sbd down to 1.3

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