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@kryptoniabot has been tremendously successful and we see the large amount of task being created daily. We hope all have enjoyed the bot so far.

If you have been part of the community so far then you are some of the first users and have seen some of our mistakes and continued development. You also have received some very good upvotes so far.

As part of the sharing equally and giving everyone a chance to receive a fair upvote we have some ideas we will be implementing.

  1. First post per 24 hour period will have larger upvote for those making multiple task per day.
  2. Upvote based on Kryptonia task budget and reward. (Larger Budget and larger reward = larger upvote)
  3. Upvote based on if you are following kryptoniabot

We are open to other ideas to make it profitably for you and also be fair.

We also would like to ask that if you have spare steem to buy a delegation for @kryptoniabot on Minnow Booster. Or if you have SteemPower you can delegate to bot using these links below.

10SP , 50SP , 100SP , 500SP , 1000SP , 5000SP.
Be sure to leave at least 50SP un delegated on your account. You can cancel this at anytime in the future.

Kryptoniabot is upvoting some of its own comments to add to its steempower to pay for delegations it has purchased and at same time share with its community upvotes with larger rewards. Any votes that go to comments will be used for future upvotes.

You can mine Superior Coins at our pool using your PC or RIG here Mining Pool

Once again we would like to thank our community for its support to Kryptonia and Superior Coin

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Congratulations @kryptoniabot ! You received a 20% upvote from @kryptoniabot & @kryptonia.

Remember to receive votes from @kryptoniabot

Run a task on Kryptonia.

  • For those who want to join the growing community, get your free account hereKryptonia Account
    Use the tags KRYPTONIA or SUPERIORCOIN in your Steemit post for max vote.
    Steemit reputation score above 25.

If you would like to delegate to the Kryptonia Upvote Project you can do so by clicking on the following links: 10SP , 50SP , 100SP , 500SP , 1000SP , 5000SP.
Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

Due to an increased amount of tasks, we have changed up the voting power to evenly spread out the Upvote amount.

I've been thrilled with this program even before now, and just wrote a post about the new bot. I am promoting my post everywhere I can to get more people to try kryptonia:
Kryptonia Just Got Better! Bigger Upvoting Now!!!

I'm happy to see you putting limits so people do not post 10X a day. I would be fine with 2 in each 24 hours. That gives everyone a chance and other programs I know do this. This way someone who only posts once a day is not screwed if they post after 23 hours sometimes.

You could vote the first post at $$$ and the second at $ and then any posts after two in 24 hours do not get bot votes.

I like the idea of bigger votes for followers and for higher priced tasks. I think you should publish "levels" and what your vote will be when you get a feel for it.

I recommend taking a break and getting your power up over 80% at least. This will be better for everyone and since this is a new bot - people will understand. Your account will be much more effective if you are voting at a higher power. You will be able to do bigger votes, and more of them.

I was going to contact you anyway to give you a link to this post about curation trails.
One Tip to Improve Your Curation Trail

In a nutshell, the littlest guy votes first, and the biggest last. I know it is just the two of you right now, but you might want to add more later. Steemit is a place where pennies count, especially when you do the same thing day after day.

And finally, I think you need to publish "the daily kyrptonian" to feature the good posts you curate. If you look at qurator and curie - they do this and get good action. There are all kinds of things you can do with this idea - extra power on the bots if people upvote you, contests, themes, etc. I would be glad to "volunteer" to help you with this if the price was right. I'm good at looking at posts to find good ones.

I love you guys and thank you very much for everything you do.

Thanks for your ideas. We are busy making changes to suit everyone better.

Spending SP here is nice.

really love kryptonia!!..wonderful community

I Love KRYPTONIA so much.

i like kryptonia it helps to earn upvotes and a great platform to utilized our post.
kryptonia id : january22secret

your program is very helpful for every people who are there in kryptonia .. thank you so much!

Hi from Kryptonia!
This is a great option for everyone new to crypto, when i started we didn't have an easy way to earn tokens or coins, i believe that we can share this on all social media sites but without spam, something like a picture of a post like the ones here. Good day!

Glad it has helped you, yes please share.

Great idea for utilizing superiorcoin. I love the upvote idea i just hope there will be a table for percetage of upvote with regards to the number of rewards for the task. Aint no fair to see same percentage of upvote for 5 sup reward and 25 sup reward.

Thanks for your comment, and yes its in the plans

Full support to Kryptonia. How I wish I can delegate but I do not have enough SP at the moment.

Personally I am so thankful for Kryptonia it has helped me a lot and other stemians in the community.

Keep it up Guys! We love your Work and the Community is here growing magically. Its a perfect proof that your platform has made an impact to mellinials.

Thanks to all the people working behind Kryptonia.

Best wishes,

Es una gran iniciativa para tirar hacia delante. Incluso hasta la luna ! @bon-nom

I like kryptonia. This ideas will can better the service.

I like the bot, although to be honest, I was a little surprised that getting started wasn't so easy. Maybe that's intentional? Basically in order to make a task (let alone get noticed by the bot), we need to have SuperiorCoin already but we have to wait 7 to 14 days for the tasks we do to pay off. Not a big deal, patience is a virtue, but it does mean a bit of a shakier start.

Anyway, I just got past that first 14 day period and was noticed by the bot a couple times - thank you! I look forward to working more with Kryptonia, maybe things will be smoother going forward!

(kryptonia: motordrive)

Im grateful to kryptonia because it increases the amount i get from my steemit posts. Thank you very much kryptonia and kryptoniabots.

This is a fantastic post, and certainly explained a LOT more to me, I have been doing this for a while and happy with the rewards I have been earning.
Kryptonia ID socialmediaseo

Everything I do with Kryptonia seems to benefit me. Thank you for a great service!

Are you encouraging us to create multiple tasks at the same time? I have only been doing one task at a time as only one would appear in the timeline at a time. Thus I would archive a previous task before creating a new task.

Please correct my thinking.

I also think people could award more SUP as prizes for contests. I've seen it here and there but it may create a buzz.

From Kryptonia: @reonlouw

Yes only one of your tasks is shown on the list but when people reload the page they will see your other tasks as well. So yes you can have more than one task running at a time.

Kryptonia simply the best.....

SteemConnect is a safe way to Delegate. Use the Active Key Only - Never Use Your Owner Key Safety comes first online

We also would like to ask that if you have spare steem to buy a delegation for @kryptoniabot on Minnow Booster. Or if you have SteemPower you can delegate to bot using these links below.

10SP , 50SP , 100SP , 500SP , 1000SP , 5000SP.
Be sure to leave at least 50SP un delegated on your account. You can cancel this at anytime in the future.

To assist growth, earn passive amounts I use this method to support.

When you feel you wish to Un-Delegate here is the URL which is fast and easy to use:

Alter youraccount to your Steemit name and delegatee the account you wish to undelegate, pop URL into a new window and hit enter, if you have joined SteemConnect it is seamless and easy to use this method.

Love our own little bot called @kryptoniabot assisting our @kryptonia community and Superior Coin supporters, growing daily together.

thank you so much kryptonia ! i love yah! you helping me a lot :) this is super helpful to steemians family. more blessing! and more power ! this is from krytonia task .. and im sorry i forgot for screenshot.

as my experience. i love kryptonia. it gives me reasonable upvotes but sometimes they miss some posts but its just okay. i understand that they are still adjusting oh how to use this bots perfectly.

i love kryptonia. didnt create any task yet because dont have available supcoin but i heard so much positive feedbacks about kryptonia

What is your Kryptonia ID?

If you want to boost your social media status, kryptonia is the answer.

nice nice, great and helpful idea.

I like kryptonia

the nice post

The right place to start earning crypto for free by just completing the task. Very helpful for a newbie like me. 😉

I would recommend for the site the option to filter searches e.g. only search for tasks that have 5+SUP reward or only tasks that you can complete as some tasks require 100 activity score so I can't do those but I don't know which ones they are until I click on them. Potentially things like steemit related or not as well.

All in all loving the site so far :)

Yes this will be added in future site updates.

Wow, this is a great idea, especially for new users. I kind of gave up on making tasks because the site was moving very slow for awhile. This will encourage me to use the system again.

[email protected] from Kryptonia, spreading some love.

The site is a lot faster now.

Interesting idea and great support...keep going on!!

Me parecen muy buenas las mejoras, excelente iniciativa
Mi experiencia ha sido muy buena usando el bot! Y kryptonia también me ha ayudado muchísimo

This idea is great.

Kryptoniabot make steemit more easy for me love kryptoniabot

I like kryptonia :DD

Great Post. I have a suggestion. I was fairly new where I completed a task which I don't remember exactly. But the owner has revoked me from completing the task. In that scenario where I have completed the task I didn't recieved the reward. How should one has to solve this proble. Since this problem might rise to so many people. I think there need to be a communicating medium between the owner and task completor to get revoked. Or there should be some platform to question the revoke. Thanks If you provide a solution for this problem.

For now when you see people revoking you for no reason you can report them at [email protected] and we will investigate it. There will be a way in future for people to contact the Task owner and if people are abusing the system there will be an easy way to report them.

Thanks for creating this bot, I have always received Upvotes from it anytime I use the tags and am hoping for more growth in the Kryptonia community 🙏👍

This is great idea for people, but I can't understand why kryptonia upvote is reduced this day

@kryptoniabot has been a big help to all Steemit community; majority of the people who are active in @kryptonia are steemians.

It is good idea that the higher price of sup in creating task will get bigger upvotes. We steemians from CEBU PHILIPPINES we would like to thank the @kryptonia family.


it is good idea that kryptonia is helping steemit, we are so grateful for the @kryptonia because i as newbies we were able to receive a big upvotes.

thank you

Kryptonia se ha convertido en una solución para muchos que usamos steemit y esperamos recibir un poco mas de ganancia de ellas para poder seguir avanzando en le camino.

I like kryptonia Idea amazing thing to task assign for earn Sup Coin

I think Kryptonia is a great way to expand your connections to people all over the world :)

We all know that kryptonia has been doing great and is really helping the community(steemian). I really love kryptonia as it has always been part of tag to all my steemit post. But recently i've been hearing people saying they tag kryptonia and create task on kryptonia but still not getting upvote from kryptoniabot. My own suggestion is that the upvote should circulate to all kryptonia users creating task. God bless kryptonia

If you are not getting posts upvoted send mail to support [email protected] and give the details of the posts not upvoted and the task you created.

@kryptoniabot made a great oppertunity for us

I love Kryptonia, is a beautiful project. Thanks for the information

I am glad I found kryptonia and I enjoy doing the task.

I'm new to kryptonia and my mom, @fitinfun got me into it. I'm really happy to see the upvotes when I get them! I am also kind of new to steemit, so I can't tell you about how to vote.

I think you should have limits of how many per day though. I have seen some people here that post like 20 posts a day of memes. I don't think they are in kryptonia, but if they were, they would take all your power.

I'm very glad to follow you if that gets me bigger votes :)

Thank you for this service. I am so happy to be on it and I like the posts I have seen from there.

Upvote based on Kryptonia task budget and reward. (Larger Budget and larger reward = larger upvote)

It would be perfect. otherwise, people just make a simple task in kryptonia to get the upvote

20% is very little :(

I use Kryptonia a lot, so I also follow kryptoniabot, let's hope things continue going good, the future looks great.

just few days when my mom and bro had their membership with kryptonia and making tasks including my post. yes we both enjoyed both upvotes from @kryptonia and @kryptoniabot but It happened I think 3 times that the post of my bro was not upvoted until only today his 4th task that is upvoted already. His name is ryan in kryptonia and @buuroots at steemit. maybe this can be one of the bugs, but still grateful for the other tasks already upvoted. Thank you.

Any time this happens leave reply on comment made by @kryptoniabot , it is checked and will upvote. If @kryptoniabot did not comment then come comment here with the link.

Can also send a mail mail to [email protected] when this happens.

If people don't yet have available SuperiorCoin coins for doing tasks I can sell SUP for SBD

Hello! I am new to kryptonia and I would like to know how many task must I do to get an upvote?

You only need to do one Task and the Steemit post should have the tag KRYPTONIA or SUPERIORCOIN on it and the bot will upvote it.

Thank you sir! I finally got an upvote from them

It is great , that is why i really like kryptonia.

great idea kryptonia for making this bot... nice and great idea

This is good task. already follow kryptoniabot

Kryptonia helped me a lot through my steemit journey but why is it the value of sup is too low? Just curious about, nonetheless! It is very beneficial to any of our social media accounts.

I really like superior coin. I also appreciate kryptoniabot.

The rules will make it much more, especially the task budget one.

Monetizing Kryptonia has been a game changer. Thinking outside the box seems to evade most users.

Owo... Really Cryptonia is doing great the concepts

In am new here and it gives me the possibility to gain the upvote of kryptonia especially for the new comers like me.

Great idea.

Awesome addition!!!!

I love kryptonia and this is a great idea. ^_^

en los ultimos dias he notado caida , sin embargo me ha resultado muy util, thanks kryptonia

es una excelente idea pero creo que ya dijeron lo que iba a decir normalmente yo gasto bastante y hay otros que con 10 de recompensa sacan votos más altos

kryptonia project is awesome for minnows. because it has not including any third partys. good project.

I like the idea of bigger votes for followers and for higher priced tasks. I love the upvote idea Thanks for creating this bot, I have always received Upvotes from it anytime



I think kryptonia is very helpful for me.

'm happy to see you putting limits so people do not post 10X a day. I would be fine with 2 in each 24 hours. That gives everyone a chance and other programs I know do this. This way someone who only posts once a day is not screwed if they post after 23 hours sometimes.

Investment into Superior coin pays off.

I really like Superior Coin. Really nice coin to promote steemit profile.

No what happened I'll never leave kryptonia/superiorcoin. Kudos to the team..

Kryptonia with steemit helps my vote gets higher and higher :) thank you!
Upvoted andI screenshot it already :)

Buen día, todavía soy de las pequeñas, pero les doy mi voto y mis felicitaciones, cada día hay mayores ventajas y oportunidades, excelente.

thanks for sharing

Kryptonia has been wonderful. The upvotes has been helpful. Thanks @alexmalone

Una gran idea original para que se extienda el poder de SuperiorCoin @xintoe

Kryptonia has been quite helpful in many situations and I'm glad to be a part of it!

This ideas will can better the service.Interesting and great support.keep going on!

Kryptonia is putting smiles on peoples face

Nice! I have been receiving an upvotes from this bot.
Advising everyone to follow the instructions and continue to rally about it. Share and let people jump in to #kryptonia

have to thank @sydesjokes for having shown me this platform that is becoming more and more established every day. I must continue learning from the page as there are things that I still do not do as I collect my top coins. Good rewards in homework. I also want to know if I can write the tag in all the posts?

I am glad I found kryptonia and I enjoy doing the task.

I'm very new to this and I'm trying to figure it all out. I'm not all that tech savvy but I'm definitely learning

great post

Bot upvoting posts is a good way forward. I like it

I LOVE KRYPTONIA so much . @kryptoniabot is doing a great job. Everytime I create a task the bot upvotes my post. Nice one and thank you for sharing.

I am also from kryptonia using SUP and I want to grow in steemit. Pleasse help me.

Thank you kryptonia for this great opportunity. I am one of those who are benefitted by kryptonia bots. So far so good. Im grateful as always.


Also followed on kryptonia.
Username: fycee12

Kryptonia is a great and innovative way to make steemians and kryptonians have an engaging responses to each of our blogs. I am now in the process of adding more SUP coins to post my own task other than the one kryptonia sponsored itself.
Thankful for this opportunity to both earn superior coins and Steem/SBD.

More power @kryptoniabot

Using kryptonia and steeemit for long time. Thanks nathan for providing the best way to make and enhance cryptoworld.

For my opinion the bot has been and continues to work wonderfully and I think it's a big boost for what we have little profit in Steemit helps us boost a little more in the community

I like kryptonia.
Great task prices,secpecially the first and easy money,not so low what i thought firstly.
username @w11w11

Great system! Kryptonia rules ! 🙂

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