🦀 Sideways for awhile... 🦀

in #kr9 months ago


The only constant is that nobody knows what's going on and everybody is always wrong.

Why not sideways for a while? It seems like everybody always wants up or down. No one ever talks about a prolonged sideways market. It could just go sideways, and that would drive everybody insane, until they lose interest and then the big move would happen.

These days, more and more youtubers are talking bearish talk. Is this the indicator to buy? Why would there be a warning of more dumpage? It just doesn't make sense to me. It already dumped a lot. Will it dump more? Is this just a bear's hopium to go to 14k? We may never see 14k or 10k.

I'm just waiting on the sidelines.

Crab sideways



선생님의 글을 번역기를 돌려 해석해 봤는데 엉망입니다... 흠....

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