Coming home from the hospital

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At the hospital

On Wednesday, the doctor said I could go home on Saturday. I was really missing the kids, and so I decided to get into Roblox on my phone to chat and play games with them. Would they recognize me and my password?



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Naomi's Account (2nd grade)


I tried to chat with this account until i realized that it was my daughter and she doesn't read well!! Oops

Benji's account (5th grade)


I found my son's account. We chatted online and played the Centipede game. It was fun. The next day, we met and played some more games.


Well, the doctor announced I could come home on Friday (one day earlier.) The kids knew I'd come home on Saturday. So, I came home when the kids were in school. I turned out the light and hid behind the door.
My son came home from school and went into computer room to get into Roblox.

I logged in to Roblox from the next room over in the house.

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Chatting Dialogue Goes Like This...


He was so surprised 😮

We hugged and hugged.
Naomi came running and we did a family hug.
The family reunited once again.
It was a happy ending.


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I hope that your bursitis is ok or will be normal soon.

My sister's husband had a knee surgery, the surgeon "cleaned" it they told us and I have no idea how it will get better since there is no knee replacement surgery.

Glad that you and your kids have a way of communicating while you are at the hospital. Hospitals are a money pit :(, it sucks after visiting them.

Not only does it suck, but it sucks your money right out of your pocket like a vacuum cleaner. My medical event wasn't covered by insurance. Now I'm questioning as to why I even have to pay for insurance because when it comes time for me to actually USE it, the hospitals don't accept it anyway 🙄 @cryptopie. Yes "money pit" is a perfect word to describe a hospital.

Surprise event is twice the happiness ㅎㅎ

Yes, you are right.

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