Are Korean Posts Really Overvalued?

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This post is a reply to Why is that berniesanders asshole flagging Korean posts?

1. Korean Community is Growing Bigger and Fast

There are great and positive perceptions in Korean communities, both crypto and non-crypto ones. Our growth is explosive and positiveness is going around our community. According to @arcange's post, active users of Korean community has more than quadrupled and posts and comments have increased a lot as well.

This is not only about number of users, but also investments. Korean community was and is the biggest buyer of Steem, especially when Steem price was decreasing. While many whales were reducing their stakes, Korea community recruited more investors hence supported Steem price. Also many of them have powered up. We now have 21 members in top 300 (at lesat $25,000 worth) and in total over 7,000 MVESTS, which equates over 3 million dollars. This is about 8% of total active stakes.

2. Views Are Really High

Accroding to OECD Data, population of Korea is only 4.4% of the total or about 1/20. Roughly speacking, a unit views for a Korean language post may be regarded to have at least 5-10 times greater views than English posts with the consideratino of the scale effect.
Here are interesting examples. @maa's two posts hit Google Now suggestion and got over 1,000 views. Isn't it cool? More Korean people are paying attention to and will come KR community.



3. We Need to Consider Contexts

Fourteen days ago, we felt very bad and upset due to the downvote. Why? We had a newbie highschool girl and gave her our best welcome. We think that she can be the gateway person who opens the door toward Korean teenagers and can trigger mass dispersion of Steemit in Korea. But her first post was downvoted. She seems so disappointed and the traction has greatly decreased. Although the flags were removed, the effect remained since he did flag during downvote-only period. I asked him to leave some message to make her feeling better, but nothing happened. I am really concerning this kind of thing happens again.
2017-05-18 (41).png

We now have a wonderful illustrator, well-known Korean crypto analyst and investors, and many other important members. Their posts sometimes seem get too much, but I think it maybe not if we count what they will bring in the future.

Our Thoughts

I do not want to restrict his freedom to downvote, but want to request do it in more prudent and consistent manner.

Appendix: Responding to image he posted (@engagement is his sub-account)


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Something that was failed to be mentioned here, which is the most important part actually, is that Bernie/Engagement is downvoting in the last 12 hours where no upvotes can counter his downvotes and he is voting with much more rshares than anyone else on the platform. He can't downvote before the 12 hour mark because he will be countered with an upvote if his downvote is "too large". So, instead he is abusing the system and downvoting with a larger voting weight than anyone else on the platform is currently being able to use and only in the last 12 hours where upvotes are not allowed. It's abuse in every sense of the word.

He is able to reduce a very popular post's payout by 70% with a single downvote because of the way things are currently set up on the platform.

If he wants to downvote he can do it in the normal allotted time with the normal allotted voting weight like everyone else on the platform. Bernie/Engagement is playing by a different set of rules than every other poster on here. How's that for fair?


Flag on this fair (at least no hate speech or abusing) comment, and I think this is how he plays. He may try to hide fair criticism by his powerful downvotes.

A translator should be avaible on the website if we are going to explode with different languages


Good idea.


Holy cow 2.04$ for your upvote thanks alot clayop

I always thought there should be a reputation requirement in order to have the ability to flag a post. For instance, maybe a reputation of 60 to flag. This would keep people who are new and maybe just disgruntled because the money is not coming in fast enough from ruining someone's posts. I feel like I can say this because I'm only in the 40's myself and am still learning how things work.


Yeah I suggested something related. It should be our future priority.

Your concern is valid, I don't know by how much the rewards were cut by flagging. I'd like to see more information about that but I'd like to think that the people that use flag, have Steemit's best interest in mind and not just their own wallet or close circle of friends.

And sometimes, maybe, those people have yet to think things that far that some have. My view on the issue is complicated, at the same time I'd like to see new people getting rewarded well, who represent whole new communities of people, that yet are not using Steemit, but at the same time it would be negative to see their rewards decline sharply after few posts.

It's hard to come to consensus on what fair rewards is when the consensus is formed by thousands of people around the world who don't share the same information base, which is used to make these decisions.


It usually cuts over $100 and in my case about $300. About 40% of his flags are on kr posts. I think daily cut is several hundres, so he probably decrease at least $3000 so far.

But English contents are not very accessible for kr members so voting on them may yield worse results. I expect there will be more posts (as like now) and the rewards will be dispersed more.


Interesting. Sounds like kr community is really booming.

I hope we don't lose too many people thanks to this flagging. Hopefully these individuals on receiving end understand that it's not personal and that their rewards will keep growing as our whole community grows. If Steem becomes mainstream they'll feel far worse for giving up in these early days!

Thanks for explaining this situation.

I'll once again mention what I perceive could be a great improvement, namely, to separate the "flag" idea from the "down vote" idea.

Each post would show only the current sum of votes, and a "flag" would be reserved only for bad behavior.



Can you explain downvote reason? why did you downvote without any comment? i want feedback to improve my posting.

Hello, everyone. I am ludorum.

I want to know reason why you downvote my article.
(it is my best article. and for many people are vote my posting and see it)

if you are thinking my article is shit? or just hate non-english article?
do you want me to leave out?

explain me. please.

i want to post more good and helpful.

thank you.

적어도 한국과 인도네시아 커뮤니티를 핍박하지마십시오. 한국과 인도네시아 커뮤니티는 향후 스팀발전을 견인할 가장 강력한 커뮤니티입니다.

At least do not persecute the Korean and Indonesian communities. The Korean and Indonesian communities are the most powerful community to drive future steem generation.


Dear Lee
I think that Berniesanders is an asshole that does not have any standards about flagging and just does not want to allow a lot of rewards of Korean community. Berniesanders is just a young child who wants to be identified his influence by little fishes. There is not even 1% of adults thinking of expanding the community or marketing. So do not speak elegant words like expanding markets. It's just a little child's fuss. Never mind.


Nice flag and censorship on this criticism. (FYI asshole is a self description of him on his profile "dedicated asshole"). This seems "how"


thank you @renohq.


the economic power of korea is ranked 10th in the world.
the same is true of sports like the olympics.
we have strong weapons like you in our community, Isn't it?
i'm sure our potential is endless.


And cryptocurrencies are viral in Korea! Steem has a really strong weapon :)


Keep up the good work, if you have time, read my comments here too in support of the community and the kr community specifically.

I do not think "kr" posts are over-valued.

SteemIt is a free-market. The "kr" community on SteemIt is growing rapidly. Content for the "kr" community would naturally garner more upvotes from the "kr" community. There is nothing wrong with that.

A growing SteemIt community helps all SteemIt users around the world. The rising price of STEEM is the evidence.

I support the "kr" community on SteemIt. I cannot read Korean but a picture is worth a thousand words and usually worth an upvote.

There are far more languages I cannot read than I can read. A smile, a photo, and a few emoji's usually bridge the language barrier even when the Google translator does not :-)

Steem on,


Thanks! You may love his posts


love his work! I've been participating in the Korean community lately. I feel like that's not cool in what's happening here, is there a valid reason for #kr flagging?


Hopefully his works won't be flagged just because they are over $150


who is the highschool girl who got upset? just curious.


lhy is the girl and kr comminity is upset.


rightly so.

Thanks a bunch for posting such positive problem-solving information. Such an interesting exposure of data that underlines a clear and coherent point of view. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Congratulations @clayop!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following category:

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Korean and German Communities are the best


my man!


Fully agree. You can read about the German community performance here

Wow, that's awesome! So interesting. Thanks for sharing!

This post just gives me so much faith for this website, system, people and just people in general. There's such a great attitude on here for encouraging people worldwide.

Thanks for the info!

So are the Koreans playing the system or what?

Thank you to our Korean brothers and sisters who use Steemit and those who have invested in Steem! You are valued here!
Rest assured this @berniesanders guy will not be able to continue as he has for much longer.


Lol why is that?

On the other hand some people might be voting korean posts just because of their economic value, not even understanding a word ☺


Some may do, some may use google translation. But yeah those profit-oriented votings matter.


Right, but that problem is not Korea specific: many users vote for 'famous' writers because they hope and expect many other votes to follow later, so that they get much curation reward. If that is a problem (that not quality is rewarded, but being famous) then it is not a Korean problem, but a general problem (which one could try to solve by making the reward curve more linear maybe).


Fully agree. That is in line with why I argued to change the system against for-profit bots/users.

한국인들의 행동이나 결과물에 대하여
특히 서양인들이 이해하기 힘든 경우가 있을 수 있다.
그러나 이해하기 힘들다고 해서
잘못이라고 생각하거나
잘못을 찾아내려는 노력을 한다면
그런 노력자체가 어리석음의 결과물이다.
백인들이 아메리카 대륙과 아프리카를 처음 발견했을때
그곳의 원주민에게 저질렀던 행위를 떠올려보길 바란다.
한국인이 대단한 집중력과 열정을 가진
민족임을 잊지 않기 바란다.
한국인을 제대로 이해한다면
당신의 사고의 폭도 넓어질 수 있을 것이다.

dunno...don't care.
I either unfollow or mute anything I can't understand.
anything not written in english qualifies.


어쩌면 당신은 시간에 번역기를 사용 해봐야하는데, 나는 그것에 좋은 대화를 느낀다.
maybe you should try using a translator at times, i do if i sense some nice conversation in it.

i love the Korean people and this article just shows they like to stay informed

really great work

Korean investments skyrocketed in general in the crypto sphere. At this point the only sane thing to do is support the growth (no need to over-reward some posts).


Over-rewarded is subjective and contextual. And there are high and low payout posts always. If a post is downvoted simply due to it has over $200 reward regardless of its quality and author's potential, it is not fair.


There is a lot of downvoting from whales though due to this experiment we are going through. I got downvoted as well. I don't mind if its for a while.


He is voting with a different voting weight than every other person on here. He is voting in the last 12 hours so that he can use his max voting power with no upvotes to counter him. It is not normal downvoting behavior. He is abusing the current 12 hour system.


It's a different issue, and even contradicting.

so deep

wow... amazing...

Amazing, I like it so much..

나는 한국을 좋아한다. 그들은 견과이다.

@clayop wrote you a good quality article.

My answer was not overrated. And the biggest problem is that I think malevolent down-boat is a problem.
If you read this article, I hope you enjoy Steam itself.

@clayop 님 좋은 글 감사합니다~~

I personally feel that down votes should be used very springily. Only if the content is offensive or deceiving or just a copy-paste from the internet, then it should be down voted. Down votes can have a very bad demotivating effect on the poster. And down voting a member belonging to a specific community is even more bad. If some posts are overvalued then better not up vote them, instead of feeling jealous and down vote them.

Maybe this idea of merging upvotes and downvotes into one entity would solve issues like that.

It's interesting to see a lot of Koreans here but Steem is growing so fast in whole world. I hope one day Turkish community will be as big as Korean. :)


We all do, man. We want the WHOLE world to join in!

Let every man, woman and child unite, here on Steemit. Let the current community grow to become whales so we can spread the wealth to those who're most in need!!!


Yes, and I am delegating 200 MV for Turkish community.