A Guide to Commissioning Artwork from KLYE

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A Quick Reference Guide to Purchasing Art from @klye

A number of people approached me in the past few weeks looking to get illustrations done for their Steemit articles. I'm more than happy to help folks bring their visions into reality with my art, but I've now noticed the need to set standardized pricing schemes. In order to make a living and pay off my debts with content creation of my own, web developing and illustrating other people's posts I've written this guide to help folks get in contact with me easier and understand the fees for my art.

I've included a price list below and examples of various illustration details in order to help people better understand what adequate compensation for my time and artwork is. Hopefully this cuts down on me having to explain my pricing! Consider the following list as sort of a minimum pricing guide when you contact me to get your post drawn up:

Small Illustration or Icons:


Price: $5 - $10 SteemDollars

If you just need a small icon or artwork done up for your next post it's asked you please pay at least $5 to $10 minimum to help compensate me for my time and design work. Believe it or not a man with such artistic talents like myself is not incredibly financially well off..!

Medium Sized Art Doodles:


Price: $10 - $25 SteemDollars

Looking to create a medium sized header (or footer) image for your posts that grabs users attention and makes them click on your post? I specialize in hand drawn artistic clickbait that increases user engagement and helps with your overall votes and profits in the long term!

Larger, More Complex Drawings:


Price: $15 - $50 SteemDollars

Looking to have a wonderful fully coloured illustration done by myself to complement your latest post? Look no further than myself to illustrate your vision and bring your dreams to life with hand drawn art by yours truly. Why go and grab some generic image off of Google when you can get a custom illustration (or 10) done up and truly tell your story the way you intended?

How to Get in Contact to Purchase Art:

If you're looking to commission some art I try and make myself available most times in my room on the Steemit.chat site. Feel free to hop on there and tell me what you have in mind and your time schedule. With my newly found success on Steemit I try to ensure that I leave time to work on my other projects as well as get my commissioned art completed it a timely matter. For those of you just looking at the pictures and larger text I've included a big link below where you can find me:

Join KLYE room on Steemit.chat!

Notable Posts Containing KLYE Art:

Sometimes it pays big to have eye catching custom artwork for your posts!
Below are links to a few fine examples of posts that have done well that feature #klyeart

Meet Laonie and 6 Other Steem Superheroes
~$1,114.10 - by: @pfunk

I am Laonie, a Super Superhero, a Hero of Heroes.
~$2,213.44 (wow!) by: @laonie

A Steem 'Demand Bomb' is about to detonate...
~$523.25 - by: @blakemiles84

10 Ways Steemit.com is BETTER THAN SEX (NSFW)
~$807.60 - by @klye

(Payout prices at the time of writing this, last one is shameless self plug)

Image Usage and Royalties:

It's asked you always inquire about permission to use my images before you use them in your posts. In the past I've had a few folks use images without my permission and go on to make large sums on their posts although most were very polite and understanding after I raised the issue with them. Don't be THAT guy and rip off my illustrations, this is how I've been able to pay my bills the past month and I consider illustrating/writing on Steemit my second full time job. If you make money with my illustrations I ask you kick a little something my way.

The free icons I give away at the end of some of my posts can be used without charge, although if you do happen to use my icons it'd be greatly appreciated if you at the very least give me a shoutout ("Thanks @klye for the icons") and best case scenario maybe send me a some fair percentage of your posts payout (+10% or more would be sweet).

It's unlikely I am able to accurately express my gratitude to folks who support me through giving me work through art, upvoting my posts and ultimately sharing the wealth they manifest with their posts that feature icons or art I've released.

BONUS: Free "3D"-Upvoticon

Vote with STYLE when you copy and paste the link given below to make the 3D-Upvoticon!
Use this in your posts or comments any time you would like to show someone you like them.


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Business that good that you need your own chat room and a guide so people know how to give you money.....FREAKING AWESOME MAN I am happy for you!


Thank you venus! It's sort of been a learning curve for me to figure out what I needed to do to optimize my time spent on various art pieces. Now when folks ask how much my art pieces generally cost I can link them to this post and hopefully it helps save me some time repeating myself. :)

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You'll get that castle eventually, love. ;)
Awesome that your art is becoming so popular!


I'm pretty excited that I'm making an acceptable living on something I enjoy!

You have found a niche and nobody mixes the artwork you do with the humor quite the same way. I'm going to upvote and expect to pay a steem dollar or two to get my badger!


Would you like one with or without rabies? :D


I only like my badgers foaming at the mouth and ready and ready to pounce!

You've hooked me up way to many times! I got a donation heading your way very soon. Thank you for being an awesome part of this community + a great guide! :)


Greatly appreciated man!

Any donations are greatly appreciated and I'll be sure to give you some shout outs!

Good luck man! eheheh! How much for a caricature?


If you have a photo/idea that you'd like me to turn into a caricature I can do it for as little as $10.
The price of course increases the more time and detail that goes into the illustration.
That being said I do enjoy working with my clients to get it to where they see it in their mind.

You started around the same time I did. You have really been working hard around here. You're an inspiration. Keep going!


Thank you hanshot!

I have been trying to help others with their posts as well as get my own stuff done.
It's been a bit daunting, but I'm slowly getting the hang of working as an illustrator!

@klye you are worth 10x that at least. The creative spark in your mind is special and unique. Only great things to come in the future for you.


The kind words are heart warming blockcodes. Thanks.

I'll try to do better in the future, Still a long way to go!

<<Warning, SATIRE ENCLOSED>> I commissioned @klye to make a drawing. He sent it snail mail. And there were ACTUAL SNAIL in the package. And a wild bobcat. So, in conclusion, yes. <</End Warning>>


I try to get to everybody's illustrations as fast as I can!
I've been pretty swamped lately. I apologize if my turn around was slow. :/

Edit: I clearly cannot understand basic humour. -_-


Crap, I thought you would see right away that was satire! Sorry. Your turnaround was awesome especially for the quality of your work. I was just trying to be funny and failing lol.
The post I used the commissioned art on got upvoted by @berniesanders AND made over $300. I'm almost afraid to tell people the secret but screw it! Can't thank you enough. And - here the art is in all of its glory for all to see

And this icon:
They both kick ass.


Ahh. Thanks man. I'm glad you made a killing on that post.

It is a wild display of what is possible on Steemit for sure. :)

@klye Awesome man! I'm really glad you're finally charging a decent rate!


I had to set minimum prices after spending a few hours drawing stuff for folks and ending up making less than enough to purchase a decent pizza. Unfortunately I'm not able to crank out art work for free anymore since the demand has gone up and my available free time has diminished.


@klye Yeah I know, I'm one of them :D
Glad I was able to make up for it on the "Your Bank is an Anachronism" post. You did great work on that!

Free badgers eh! That's what I got from this post, sign me up!!!


I'll need your left testicle in trade sir!

Edit: The fine text doesn't seem to show up... ;)


Granted, its a fine testicle!!

@kyle is like a permanent fixture at Steemit, I couldn't imagine this place without you.


I'm like that leaking toilet that you just bring yourself to fix! ;D

Love your art work and your sence of humor.
I hope to commission a piece in the future, once I've got the hang of steemit and earned a few Steem Dollars.

I can't believe that I was the first one to do that. An hour old post with 17 upvotes that included a free 3D upvote button, just there, free to use, and nobody did this???? Really? Wait, will this encourage them to upvote your post, or my reply? Will it work for both?? Maybe I should do two.

Yeah, now we can both see if it works. THANKS KLYE!

For an incredibly talented artist, you are also very generous.


Feel free to use em wherever you would like!

I'm not sure what the effect of using the image will be..

Let's hope it's a good one for both of us..!