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In 1964 there was a big event that affected many parts of Alaska, and the world. For Tree Tuesday, I present a couple of those remnants.

386 9-9 AwCC tree for 9-11 post.jpg
Nikon D7500 f/2.8 1/8000 sec. ISO-640 Bigger picture click (right click new window)

This was the 386th picture I took on our Saturday outing 9-8-18. The trees in this area are all victims of the 64' quake. This split was likely caused by water intrusion and the freezing thawing process of the many many falls and springs since the quake.

This young Raven has found himself a nice perch to look over his domain.

420 9-9 watching over it all 9-11 post.jpg
Nikon D7500 f/5 1/8000 sec. ISO-640 Bigger picture click (right click new window)

And to close out this post, just because he was so dang cute looking walking up to get closer to all the gawkers wondering what we were all doing on the other side of fence.

373 9-9 just because its so cute 9-11 post.jpg)
Nikon D7500 f/4 1/8000 sec. ISO-640
Bigger picture click (right click new window)

The AWCC, (Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center), was my wifes destination for our saturday outing, it was a great trip and a lot of photos, and I will continue to share a few of them over the next several days and possibly months to come. After all winter is coming, and I know I will get tired of looking at snow all the time, even if it is really photogenic at times.

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Gracias por compartir las imágenes, lastima que lo sucedido fue devastador y arrasó con la naturaleza de la época.


Sí, es una pena, pero así es como la madre naturaleza renueva la tierra y crea nuevas tierras y mares.

Yes it is a shame, but it is how mother nature renews the earth and creates new lands and seas.

(I hope that translated okay.)


Por un momento tu comentario me hizo acordar de NOE cuando elaboró el arca, se hizo un diluvio para renovar la tierra de todo lo existente y darle un nuevo comienzo a la humanidad.


Hay muchos ciclos en la naturaleza, muchos ven la poderosa fuerza de la naturaleza como destrucción. Pasan por alto los cambios en el crecimiento de una nueva vida después de toda la destrucción. La madre naturaleza se trata de cambio y, a través de ese cambio, una renovación de la vida.

There are many cycles in nature, many see the powerful force of nature as destruction. They overlook the changes the growth of new life after all the destruction. Mother Nature is about change and through that change a renewal of life.

(translated via google translate)
(traducido a través de traductor de Google)

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