Happy First STEEM Payout-iversary!

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Hello Steemians, you may not know this but July 4th is especially meaningful for us as it was on this day in 2016 that the Steem blockchain first began to distribute STEEM to content creators all over the world. At the time many believed it wouldn't work at all. It wasn't the first, or the last time, this protocol would be underestimated or written off.

But it did work and has worked ever since. This represented a paradigm shift because for the first time ever a free and permissionless system was released that enabled anyone to join and begin earning valuable tokens for sharing their stories.

Many Firsts

For the first time, users were leveraging a decentralized protocol to determine for themselves who deserved to be compensated for their content, something they continue to do to this very day. 3 years later, the Steem blockchain is powering more applications, with more users, earning more cryptocurrency rewards, than any other blockchain in existence.

A Holiday for All Steemians

For Americans, July 4th is a celebration of the day they were freed from one tyrannical gatekeeper. But for Steemians, July 4th represents the day we freed ourselves from even more gatekeepers. No longer will we depend on the Facebook’s, Twitter’s, and Instagram’s of the world to safeguard our content. Not only does Steem take care of that for us, but it rewards us for the privilege!

This has certainly been a challenging year, but with MIRA and Hivemind already released, the upcoming Hardfork 21, Communities, and Smart Media Tokens, we are truly seeing an entirely New Steem come to life.

Happy July 4th and Steem on!

The Steemit Team


Congratulations to Steemit Inc and all the Steemians that have made this blockchain great!
If you want to help make it greater join @jpbliberty’s Crypto Class Action to bring down the tyrannical Tech Goliath’s and distribute their ‘tea’ to the cryptocosm.

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Even if I am sometimes sceptical, sometimes doubting, sometimes criticizing, and even if @dan and @ned have already fled the battlefield ...

... STEEM(it) was (since I joined in September 2016), still is, and will be in future, an important part of my life.
Despite of all the (many) problems, STEEM offers the unique combination of a fast, technologically advanced blockchain and a community full of creative, intelligent and open minded people.
Lets make the best of it! :)
I owe STEEM many pleasant hours, fun, fruitful discussions and knew knowledge.

Happy (STEEM distribution) birthday! :)

By the way (as I am just writing here) I really wonder why steemit.com isn't already registered at Brave as a BAT recipient (like for example CoinMarketCap), which would create quite some additonal earnings?

@ned didn't flee. The community made him leave, because they were afraid about the price, which has not improved.

@ned didn't flee. The community made him ... flee. :)
And by the way, the gazelle also didn't flee. The cheetah just made it ... leave. :-)

No, nobody (at least not the community) could force him to leave. It was his own decision. And already long time before that he was rather inactive on the platform. At SteemFest 3 he didn't mingle a lot with the people. My impression is that he just didn't identify much with the community and the 'normal' people (or maybe he is just rather introverted).

Bad metaphor with the gazell. He still likes STEEM, and meets with Eli and the board once or twice a week (this info comes from Eli Powell herself).

So he left because he thought it was the best way for STEEM as a whole to get back on its feet, not because he wanted to. (This is just a guess, but I think it’s a good one)

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Sorry, nobody would mind, if at least he kept posting, communicating, maintaining his blog.
But, yes, he fled ... and yes he withdrew nearly all his STEEM from the platform.
No, I have nothing against him personally. Actually, I am thankful that he co-created STEEM. And I would like to see him come back and post/comment again.

Why doesn't Steemit register for Brave. It's not that hard.

Same reason why t took them this long to integrate keychain probably

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I wasn't there in 2016... but I'll celebrate along with you.

New Steem vs. Facebook, Happy Pay-iversary 😄


Congratulations to Steemit Inc and all the Steemians that have made this blockchain great!
If you want to help make it greater join @jpbliberty’s Crypto Class Action to bring down the tyrannical Tech Goliath’s and distribute their ‘tea’ to the cryptocosm.

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I'm only downvoting this because you said the same thing twice, each comment has 5 votes, from the same five accounts, for a total of 46 cents. I'm sure you can live without the 23 cents on this one.

Problem with Partiko saying comment failed when it didn’t. Cause me to double post.

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These 5 votes on your response to my downvote, now totaling 22 cents, are making my left eyelid twitch.

Happy distribution day! May you continue to rule us with fairness benevolence and transparency for centuries to come.

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Happy July 4th to Steemit Inc, its employees and every American on Steem and elsewhere! Important upgrades to how Steem nodes are run and more in the works inspire confidence. All the amazing work of the Steem-Engine team is a huge factor in turning around the ecosystem. Happy third anniversary of reward distribution to all Steemians!

happy unniversary steem

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Keep up the good work and you have all my gratitude. :)

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Happy steem holiday... Welcome new steem

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Congratulations on the holiday.
Four years have passed, and the interface of the site has practically not changed. You do not think that for a long time nothing changes?

Happy birthday steemit ! Thanks to everyone who made this possible, steemit is really great and hope to be able to get more of my friend join this awesome community ! ♥

No longer will we depend on the Facebook’s, Twitter’s, and Instagram’s of the world to safeguard our content.
Death to censorship media. :)
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Been here since it's inception. Decide to participate and pose today. Who's bright idea was to make the enter button on the keyboard the post button?? I seriously was trying to just make a new paragraph & it was not only posted, but I now Steem it won't even let me edit the post to finish it. Cool.

Yep, I remember this day very well. Many people did not believe they could be paid by posting content. Happy paid day for all steemians.

Happy 4th July to all the Old & new steemians out here 😊

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Mantap stem

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Thanks for this amazing gift called Steem! 🙂

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I've been here since September 2017, and I'm wicked psyched to be part of the awesomesauce Steemit community. Happy Payout-iversary, Steem!


Thanks for sharing it, I Venezuela we don't have a 4 of July but have a 5 of July that is the same 4 of July hahaha

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Good news! Steem will soon become the world most celebrated blockchain!

But please we’re looking forward for the SMTs, it’s our dream that should come true!!

God bless Steem Family!
Happy Payout-iversary!

Happy Anniversary!

«-Once Upon A Time-»

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Oh yeah! "Click & Learn"

¡Elementary My Dear Watson! Click on the image & each green text. };)

I feel like your account should also accept payout.

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@steemitblog - Honestly, until Steemit, Inc. stops selling STEEM to stay alive, it hasn't worked.

The amazing thing is how much selling pressure Steemit Inc actually puts on the blockchain.

Long live freedom

I am unable to sell or buy steem because I cannot access my private keys. Why is this? Why can't I unhide them to use them!? This is ridiculous!

Did you try logging in with your active or owner key?

I logged in with my owner key. I figured it out though. It's all good.

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What was the problem?

I had copied the wrong key. I fixed it as soon as I'd written the comment. I'm going to be more careful from now on. At least I didn't lose everything.

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Ah yes, operator error.. often the problem.

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