Worldwide Mining Explosives Markets Research: Latam, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific, US & Canada

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Consulting Services & Job Search Project Proposal:

Scope: Commercial Sales, Business Development, Technical Services, Drilling & Blasting Markets in the Mining Industry Worldwide. Final Destination: Canada via Express Entry. Development of Strategies to achieve objective. Immediate relocation out of Panama as short term goal.

Modules to be executed:

  • I. Situational & Contextual Analysis - Key objectives: Profile & CV drafting and optimization to reflect real nature of the jobs done in the past and exposed key experience and know how. Consultant will draft preliminary proposals, but client must provide information requested via Slack Network.

  • II. Referral Marketing {Reaching the Market & Selling via Network Referrals} - Key Objectives: Identification of Real Players in the target markets at the level of Mining Industry, as well as the specialized Engineering Recruitment Firms Worldwide. The candidate is responsible for executing connections following my method of Mini Cover Letters and Thanks Letters expanding the Cover Letter Presentation.

  • III. Market/Industry Analysis, Market/Industry Intelligence & Market/Industry Tracking - Key objectives: Weekly tracking of Jobs published in the above markets/industry both at the level of LinkedIn Jobs as wells as Content published.

  • IV. Network Development -Key Objective: Learn how to manage efficiently Networks as well as to increase them to achieve market penetration of data being published.

  • V. Assistance, Training & Rehearsal on every Interview that is notified at least with 24 hours advance warning.

  • VI. Support in the process of applications to the Express Entry Program

As per
Client URL Profile:
Client Key Technical Strengths:
Client Key Managerial Strengths:

Scope of the Project: Worldwide Job Search. Valid for 12 months of Consulting Services.
Fees: To be agreed in private, after approval of this proposal

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Thursday @t 5:15PM Easter Time, May 04, 2018
Texting WhatsApp/Telegram/Imo: +58(412)767-9222
Audio Skype: justinomora

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