A week in Japan Day #6

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Today I am going to tell you about Japan's Crazy Boy, TAKURO
This is why Takuro is named Japan's crazy boy-
__Takuro took dried roses, dipped them in Gold and sold them to boyfriends who wanted to gift expensive gifts to their girlfriends.
In this way can you imagine how much $$$ he has made?
I will tell you at the end of this post.
gold roses.jpg
__He wanted to talk to machines so he built a RING
The ring controls your apps just as you wave your finger in the air. As simple as that
But Takuro could not talk to people because he couldn't speak ENGLISH
__Once he told."In Tako Bell, it took me 5 minutes to order WATER "
So, he built a device, named as ILI that allows people like him to talk to people!
It is a device that translates on the spot. NO INTERNET, NO APP. JUST CLICK !!
Takuro grew up knowing only Japanese. But instead of learning another language he found a way to learn every language. That's Crazy, right??
So can you imagine how much Takuro made selling gold-plated roses??
It's $200000.
That's day 6, see you tomorrow.

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Image courtesy- Google.

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Omg amazing guy takuro and I think he is genius also because he invented translated ring without help of any internet amazing. @pankuvirat

No, he invented the ring so that he can control the apps without touching. The translator is like a small stick. It is in the pictures.

Really thanks for reading buddy.

Thanks for the post man I got more information from comment also ❤️

Yes buddy, keep following.

keep growing

Keep supporting

Japan is one of power full country
There people is so hardworking

Amazing to be that lucky and gifted

Yes, thank you sir,, you are the one who motivates me to work hard here in this platform.

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