My first items on peerhub!

Well, I did it! As I wrote in one of my previous posts I'm selling my art/craft works for cryptocurrencies

I trust in the increase of value of Steem and so I'm using to sell my items. 


I'm an Etsy seller from 2009, so I perfectly know how the world of selling handmade goodies and little pieces of art on line and internationally works, in fact my customers are for the 90 % from Us and other countries, even if I live and work in Italy ^_^

The first time that I opened Peerhub, honestly,  I thought "Oh my God, it's so poor! I can't spent my time to try to use it for sell!". I'm not a person who stops her at the first impression and so, I thought:

1. maybe it's an excellent opportunity to buy and sell using Steem, because I don't found other "bazars" where they can be used (I asked if it's possible add Steem payments on, but I'm still waiting their answer)

2. maybe Peerhub can grow up if some different sellers are "handling" the site and it can add some useful tools for buyers and sellers

So, I decided to start and I "used" my hubby like a lab rat to try to buy and sell ^_^

At first, I'm totally agree with the suggestions by @steevc in his post,  and these are some of my thoughts/tips to help @peerhub to grow up:

- I start talking about fees: Now we can post our items for free and,  if the payment is through paypal, there is 2% fee, but if the payment is in Steem, the transaction is free (the payments are manual processing, when you're buying something using Steem you have to transfer the amount through Steemit to the seller's account, so it's totally free). In my own opinion is not appropriated and I'm explaining why: the fees could be useful to work on add some tools for sellers and buyers and for the maintenance of the site. If Peerhub wants to grow up, it have to give more tools/services and sellers would be glad to pay a small fee for them, believe me! The proof? I'm now selling my artworks using and the fees are very high (30%!), but I'm glad to pay them because they made an excellent work for me! ^_^

-   sellers need to add more than 1 only pictures, because some items can't well be represented using one only pic.

-  about the shipping costs: I'm selling from Italy and there are many different costs to send my items all over the world. I need to set up this cost country by country to ensure a correct delivery cost to my buyers.

- when someone buy from you, you receive a message from the system in your mail where you're invited to accept or not the offer, if you accept it, the system say you " It is now up to you and the buyer to complete the transaction." that means that you have to sent a message to the buyer and proceed manually on Steemit ;) It's not easy. I think it's really the main point to work on, is it possible to better integrate the payment in steem in the Peerhub's site or viceversa better integrate Peerhub in Steemit?

- at last, if the site would "catch" some sellers that usually sell on platform as Etsy, Amazon, Artfinder and others, it's really important to have a catching design and the opportunity to personalized the own profile ^_^

After this long (but I hope useful) premise, I'm going to show my first items on Peerhub!

I've started posting some of my pocket journals, totally handmade by me using my own illustrations.

You can buy it here.

You can buy it here.

You can buy it here

What you have to do it to buy them on Peerhub: 

1. click on the "buy" button and proceed with the purchase

2. the system will send you a message when I accepted your offer to buy

3. you'll receive a message from me on Peerhub where I ask you to transfer the amout in Steem Dollars to my account on Steemit

3. after the payment, I'll proceed to ship your purchase. The items will be ready to ship in 1-3 business days.

Alert: the time delivery from Italy are about

Italy: 3-7 business days

North America: 2-3 weeks

Europe: 1-2 weeks

Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 3-5 weeks

Ps: I'm using the tag #itemforsale ^_^

Well, it's all for now ^_^

see ya soon!


silvia beneforti


Congratulations @silviabeneforti!

Thanks so much, @kus-knee ! I hope that more Steemians start to selling/buying using Peerhub ^_^

Ola Silvia :)

Thanks for sharing, great work, well done! We (me and my hubby) are newcomers to the stemit fantastic world, we love the concept and want to be apart of this great social revolution :) We also sell on Etsy ( we are still learning how to introduce our work in this new selling peer to peer platform, but soon we'll join you :)

Greetings from Portugal

Ola @unusualconcept !!! I just followed/favorite you shop on Etsy! You have some beautiful items, congrats! At first, welcome on Steemit, as you can see this is a very cozy community and it's full of artist and creative people ^^ It's a young community, but I think we have a great opportunity to grow up!! ^^ I'm very happy to meet here other Etsy's seller ^_^

Thank you very much for this post. When I tried to put my poems in for sale it did not work. I will try again tomorrow.

You have to tried again, the first time that I tried it seems that it doesn't work , the system said me that the category's field was empty, but I think it was a bug because the field was not empty ^_^

Do not give up. Also, please share a link when you succeed in getting them on there ;-)

I put my first offer up. I still am not sure how to advertise it. I will make a post in the futur, but here is the link:

Good luck, I hope you do very well on there ;-)

Thank you for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki page about Peerhub. Thanks and good luck again!

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