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To be a good Muslim, there are several steps that can be taken as follows:

1.Start learning about Islam. How to do good religion.
Realize that Islam is a religion of knowledge. Learning about Islam for believers should never stop and feel finished. This is due to the breadth of Islamic science itself and the variety of good deeds we have to do, even though every charity requires its own knowledge and faith.

2.What is the meaning of knowledge if it does not produce charity?
This means that it is necessary to practice the knowledge that has been learned so that faith in ALLAH is always increasing. Behind the increase in faith will grow a sense of wanting to be closer to the Qur'an.

3.Start from the most important good deeds, which is five daily prayers.
If you are not able to do it, re-learn Islam and pray to GOD SWT to open the door of guidance to be able to carry out the door of hidayah to be able to pray five times regularly. If you are able to, improve the quality by congregating in the mosque. After being able to, improve the quality by trying to be special. Fardh prayer five times is obligatory for Muslims in the mosque except sunnah prayers. And Muslim women are more important at home but must be at the beginning of time but if not able at the beginning of time it is better to be mosque to keep praying at the beginning of time.

4.After being able to pray in congregation in the mosque with khusyu ', try to pray two rak'ahs before and after the obligatory prayer (ie qabliyah and ba'diyah). Of course it needs to be learned, in the obligatory prayers where we cannot do the sunnah ba'diyah prayer (ie Asr and Shubuh), and which ones are muakkadah (which is highly recommended) and which are not (because it is not routinely carried out by the Messenger of Allah).

5.At this stage, build a higher faith by starting to try the sunnah prayer at night (tahajjud / qiyamullail). Read the hadiths that explain the fadhillah of the Tahajjud prayer so that we are more motivated. Never say you can't. Be selfish by starting with the smallest things, for example once a month, then twice, three times and so on.

6.The next increase in faith is to carry out the qauliyah (spoken) services. Can be in the form of istighfar one hundred times a day, reading Al-Ma'tsurat (dhikr morning and evening as exemplified by the Messenger of Allah), reading tasbih, tahmid, tahlil and others which refer to the reference of Riyadush Shalihin.

6.Faith in God can also be increased by carrying out various contributive charities, such as infaq in the way of Allah, for the poor, following and supporting the defense activities or the spread of Islam and others.

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