voting bots and roi

in #investing6 years ago

Ok, so you have SBD or Steem in your wallet and you send 1 Steem to a bot that guarantees profit of 5% -15% after curation.

This means the rewards you get in Steem are likely to be more than what you put in. You will get Steem and Steem power, no rewards are paid in SBD now due to the number of SBD issued.

So on day 1 you invest 1 STEEM, when your post is 3.5 days old. The post pays out at the 7 day mark, so let's say at the 7 day mark you receive 0.55 Steem and 0.55 Steem Power.

Have you made a profit? - in Steem + steem power yes. But what has the price of Steem done in USD/BTC ( or your own local currency) in the meantime and does profit in USD matter to you

You can sell Steem for btc and then usd anytime, but Steem Power is locked up for 13 weeks, if you want to convert Steem power to steem you can do this in roughly even payments over 13 weeks. Also if your account is new you may not be able to power down until you have cleared the delegated SP in your account or covered twice the account creation fee ( something like that)

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