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First, Hello to you all.
My name is Ragaz Saeed, my tag Bad-Ragaz is mostly partly being my first name included in the word of a small town in Switzerland.

"Bad Ragaz is a municipality in the Wahlkreis of Sarganserland in the canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland. It is the home of a famous natural spring and is a popular spa and health resort destination" Quoted from Wikipedia

I know, that's crazy and the first part being Bad, why not use it as a Bad Ass tag. I think it gives me a dark intro to whom I might be, which will entice the curious to follow and seSteem pic.JPGe what I'm about, to see how Bad I may be or may not be, or just why. Well that's your answer there. IF you wre asking!

I'm not a 'Bad' person in any way it may portray, I'm actually a kind of a very nice person. Empathetic, considerate and trust-worthy I like to think.
Yes, there are bad points to me, but none I'd like to share with anyone, yes, even you Steemer.
I'm 39 years old at the time of this Intro.
Might be older now if you reading this a few years from 29/08/17.
I was born in Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan. Located in the Kurdish region of north Iraq. Which makes me Kurdish 100% and zero% Arabic. The two are completely different races. When people ask where I'm from, I reply I'm from Kurdistan.

Why I'm not there fighting ISIS? I contracted Polio at the age of 1 and has left me with a deformed left leg. Now to say deformed strikes up images of twisted limbs, yet I believe I was extremely lucky to the length the Polio affected me. I've ended up with a weaker left leg from hip to foot, yet feel lucky compared to most of the other polio sufferers. So, in some aspects, I truly believe I was one of the lucky ones. Mobitity is my real only problem, litterally in every aspect. Standing up is the most fuastrating part of it all, trying to stand and Keep my balance is so so fustrating.. I don't drink, just because I don't like the taste and the depression that comes after the dutch-courage stage. plus, it'll only take a slight buzz from the alcohol to make me look legless. But it's just my eqalibrium is off balalance, or whatever the scientifical prognosis my be.
Of course there are a lot of things to get me down and depressed and any depression inducers are a no no for me. I smoke Cannabis. the problem with that now is that it's getting harder and harder to find the oldskool hash and skunk we all grew up on. The strains and breeds they have now are messing up the youth, Mentally. I can't stand being around someone off their face on a vice. where they can't keep their eyes open and slur their speech. F@~£!n& drives me crazy. Where is your pride mate?????? and that goes for any vice or substance.
I love being clear headed during the day and smoke a nice dooby/zoot/spliff at the end of the day.
NOTE: Cannabis helps me with all my pain and depression issues without causing greater problem or hurting the little confidence I barely have already.I do not condone the use of any illicit substances.

Plus, I don't trust any Dark Markets. you never know who is watching. That's another point I'd like to make. As soon as I tell anyone that I mess with BTCs, they automatically assume that it's to buy weed off the net or for illicit gains/ventures. Why would I want to do that? you'll never get what you expect, no way to test, just a smell is good enough. Or you have to wait lord knows how long to get it.
In fact, I read somewhere that 95% of BTC transaction are done outside the Dark Market Places, which really was a surprise to me, but if you think about it, there are more coins than BTC, just under a thousand on, but I'm sure there's many more.

My goals and Ambitions:

first thing I'll do when I make my fisrt £100,000 is give it to my mum to let her buy the home she deserves and wants. If not enough, I'll get here more.
After that accomplishment, I'll start saving for me and my siblings. If I don't start a family of my own (which would be very sad) I'll give my money away to those who need it, of course after I've put enough away for the rest of my life and to be comfortable too. AT round the same time, try to get to a point where I don't need any type of Vice.
I'm happy to use CBD and vape it. That would make me content and pain free. But the CBD isolate is d=so expensive and I've had so many problems, housing, over the past few years, I've not had a chance to save anything.
I've only got about $2000 in the exchanges and that could turn sour any day/hour/min/second. But I can't sit at home and do nothing but play with meself. been there, done that (maybe a few times too much)...and got the t-shirt, well used plenty of t-shirts in the process, I mean at the end of the process. So I've had plenty. hahahahahaahha hhhhhhhhhhah.

My dream job is to be a philanthropist, with my OWN money. I only need to make the money first and it's all 'steem' ahead.

ALso, I ever liked facebook or any of the social media sites and apps. I've nothing for them to goggle at, plus I'm very modest and can't bring myself to explain my daily thoughts and meals and things I do, UNLESS your going to pay me for it!!! Hence my presence.
If you want to pay for wa=hants on my mind and what I think about any topic or development, I'll be more than happy to write a blog and get paid. I'm not expecting hundreds or much really. But little amount all add to a larger amount. So I thank you all from now for your contributions and compliments (if I deserve any).

I'm currently trying to be a Trader. Self teaching is hard. free lessons only do so much, I want the secrets from the trading guru's, but that's gonna cost.
Till the, the only mistake I've made was just last week. I purchased a token called EDIT. within 24hrs, it went from 0.0000124 a token to 0.00000001......I know...WTF. But I've realized that it was a fake coin which was made accessible to us via YoBit crypto exchange. There are a few fake coins and they try to lure you in with fake prediction. I didn't lose much, but what if I did that on a larger scale? I only brought 2,300 odd so not bankrupt.
everyday you learn a lesson or five, hahahaha

anyway, thats me.

oh yeah, Love Music All types,as long as it sounds good. I've an ear for good music, was a DJ in the past, when I was able to stand longer than 5 mins. nope, correction, 4 mins.
Now I'm fully into CryptoCurrencies. Or I'll miss this train and end up alone and poor. poorer!

Please and thankyou for all the advice and help that you WILL GIVE me. Works better when we're looking into eachothers eyes. Oh well. till then, I'll be seeing you around.

ps, Ive only read a few Introduction and forgot everything they wrote , so this my not be the like usual intro's others have done , or it might be spot on, dare I say.... BETTER? I don't know, your the one who said it was.

SO, that me.

will update what I can When I can. I hope to post a blog once a day at least.
All topics, not just Crypto's

Watch this space and I'll make you see things in a different light.

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