How to invest into steem power and how to buy steem

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Hey my friends and minnows!

Steemit is a wonderful place where you can share your thoughts and ideas through blogs. You can build your personality and internet fame through gathering followers and building communities. Or you can post random stuff you stumble upon on the internet thats worth sharing. ;)

But it is also a place where you can invest your money to make it grow. Through the power of cryptocurrencies and trading, its possible to get actual money out of the system (although it is much more profitable to just keep everything as steem power because of the interest they are paying).

So talking about investing, you might have noticed that in the last couple of days, some of my posts have gotten a lot more upvotes. Thats because three days ago I got involved with a new service called @minnowPowerUp. It is an upvote bot that draws its power from delegated steem. They call it Powering Up Smart.

The idea is quite good, by leasing steem power, you can earn more from upvotes than the money you put in (its calculated to be 30% more by the end of 29 days). And they do everything for you. You just send in some steem (minimum 4 per share) and the bot will start to give you daily upvotes. They also have some free steem power for the first 28 days and promise to only do 100% power up posts with all the proceedings going straight into the total pool (thus increasing your payouts).

In two days I have received daily upvotes in total for over $1 per day. That is quite an improvement for a minnow like me (it used to be around 10 cents per day before that). I'm really happy with the results as due to the increase in my posts payout worth, I have also gotten more visibility for them - the more your post is worth, the higher it is in various lists on steemit.

So check out their introductory post that explains all the inner workings of @MinnowPowerUp in much more detail than I ever could:

So as @minnowpowerup only takes STEEM for their subscription, I have seen people asking on how to buy STEEM. Right now the buy button that takes you to blocktrades page is not trading steem for steem dollars. But usually you have leftover SBD from your post rewards and want to trade them for steem to get that sweet steem power.

So right now, there are two options for trading STEEM for SBD:

  • Use an outside exchange to get steem
  • Use the steemit marketplace for trading between steem and SBD

To use an outside exchange you can check out this great guide on how to transfer steem from bittrex (or other exchanges).

But today I wanted to show you how to use the steemit own marketplace to quickly buy steem for yourself. First of all, just go to your wallet and click on the STEEM number. A dropdown menu opens and from there you can go to the marketplace like shown here:


The marketplace window shows you the current buy and sell orders on the market. This price is constantly shifting, so if you wait for the right moment, you might even get some cheaper steem. But if you are inpatient like me, you want to just click on the highest sell order. This will atomatically put that steem price on the upper-left price slot. Now all you have to do is fill in the amount of steem you need and press "BUY STEEM".


If your price was the same as the higest sell order, then you will get the steem instantly into your wallet. And there you have it. Easy as pie. You can then use this steem instantly to power up and get an equal amount of steem power to give more weight to your upvotes. Or you can use the abovementioned @MinnowPowerUp and receive even more steem power in upvotes.

Hope this post helps some of you to get your posts more seen and receive higher upvotes from the delegated steem power service. Or at least you learned how to quickly buy steem from the marketplace. Peace out!


Nice one...does this work like auto upvoting...some bots do offer auto upvoting steem power at a you need to have upto ,500sp to be able to use this service? Thanls dear...

it is like auto upvoting but not through your own account. You invest into the bot and it upvotes for your stuff every day by buying steem power for you.

Ok....what rate or amount can one see reasonable returns... 4steem @ 150 so looks little...

Well 150 SP upvotes will be worth $0.23 per day for 10 votes (which thanks to a pool will be in one vote from @minnowpowerup). For 28 days of delegation leasing, it will be $6.44 in total. It scales up linearly so the more you put in, the more you get back.

You have been very helpful dear...sorry for my too many what's the minimum investment one can do for a month...say 20steem ok? FFor a month and what's the roi...and does it count for upvoting comments or only post

It's 4 STEEM minimum but can go as high as you want. Over 20 is probably too much as they still need to receive the delegation from minnowbooster and this depends on the marketplace.
ROI is around 20 days and then the other ones are just extra. And it upvotes both comments and posts (but posts are preferred).

wow... you did very well... so will try out 4 x 4 steem or 4 x 5 steem making it either 16 or 20 steem for a month nd see how it works
do you use delegated steem power for upvotes? where you list users to be upvoted,,,

Interesting. Is it similar with minnow booster right? I'm using minnow booster. Would love to see their comparison.

Hi, this sounds great, how many days you start with the system?

I have been using it for 10 days now

That means, you're a new user like me, but you definitely have more experience than me. Nice to meet you and best of luck!

You have collected your daily Power Ups! Your posts received total upvotes worth of 1.18$.
Learn how to power up smart here!

Wondering if you need to stick on one topic or you can make random blogs. Like on Facebook you can make different pages etc...what you think kromosoom?

it depends on your followers. But posting about stuff that interests you (however random) is always the best idea, because then you will do it with joy and don't feel the constant pressure to fill that little nieche. It's the personality that counts in the end ;)

wao! i just loved your tagline

Great thought! @kromossom, It makes sense to me. Thanks for your tips!

Excellent post!

Thanks for sharing, this is very helpful!


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Thanks for sharing. Very informative

@kromorsoom . I've looking for tips how to grow up in steemit, but now.. i found it.. thank you very much.

Hello how are you ? Sorry I wanted to ask you what happens if the option is not available to give you clik, I have to wait?

Cool service. Am in!

Hi @kromosoom.
Are you the creator of @minnowpowerup?

I like this detailed description and also your profile description :)

What happens, if the buy order was not accepted ? I mean, how long the order would be valid and if not executed, SBD returned to wallet ?

@kromosoom, thank you so much for sharing this great info and the resources too. I have so much to learn, so thanks for pointing me in the right direction. :)

Thank you for linking your informative article to me @kromosoom , I will be looking into minnow power up. Just one question, is it possible to lose steem from the bot, have you lost steem at any point or heard of anybody who lost steem from this, or is it only profits?

Interesting. What you are talking about sounds kind of like day trading just with Steem, and SteemPower. That might be something I I will look into trying as soon as I get some posts that get traffic.

Great thanks for this @kromosoom! Will be looking further into this!

Hi, that's a great explanation of how @minnowPowerUp works. Especially since you illustrated what it meant for your own posts. Well done and thanks for letting me know.

Awesome post! I have been using the Market for the last couple of days and found it to be an amazing tool!

Thanks, this was really helpful :)




Hmmmmm.... I sent my $4 STEEM and nothing happened. Does it take a few days to take effect?

Great post, thanks for your help!

Hi. Thanks for the upvote. This is Chris. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your article on minnowpower. However, when it comes to sending money from bittrex to here, I dont like doing it that much because last time I converted .01 btc to steempower bittrex charged a .001btc transaction fee, which is like 10%- ridiculous. Do you know if there is any way to convert your bitcoin to steem, sbd, or sp without paying transaction fees? Thanks.

Good thing that you reached one of my posts. I didn't know about minnow power up. Gotta giva a try! :)

Impressed with the idea , as a newbie , can I borrow the money to be wisely returned to have this service tried :) Great Post @kromosoom I wish you get 10 $ Vote at least ASAP.

Join here and have the Upvotes from an Awesome Community. Be a Part of it & meet Success!
I wish you love our community, either :)

nice one blog good work hopefully blog made you just make other blog and i will give u vote keeep it up .

Thanks for your excellent post. I learned a lot, being new here.

I already read this and thank you for this wonderful informative post. have a great day

I see, Thank you ! Now read and learn ¡!

Many thanks to you!

Thanks for this helpful information, @kromosoom! :) Will try to send from Bittrex.

Very informative thank you for this post.

Honestly I tried but this whole system is too complex for me to understand. Steem, SBD, Upvote, Downvote. I will need some time to process this all. Thanks for writing this post though. There might be people out there not as dumb as I am :/

I have a lot to learn , follow you

I have followed you and upvoted your post.
It's my heartiest to you please upvote my post.

This is a wonderful insightful post. Let me try out and see how it works.

Thanks - this helps. I have been trying all morning to figure this out and send the 4 Steem to @Minnowpowerup - had complete failure with Blocktrades today. they won't accept any of my SBD ????

hehe, I know. When writing this post, I also tried to use blocktrades for this, but it turns out they stopped accepting SBD to STEEM. The weird thing is, that I'm confident that I used it a month back and it worked.

This is all very very confusing - I sent 4 Steem to minnowpower up and nothing has happened to my Steem Power or voting power .... does it take several days to activate ?

Did you read everything through? It is said there that you will start to receive upvotes from @minnowpowerup on the next day as all the votes are preplanned at midnight. Your steem power will start to increase through post rewards after you receive those upvotes and seven days have passed.

OK that is great - I must have read to quickly. Thanks.

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