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Hi fellow Steemians! Please allow me to share more about myself.


I am 26 years old, the 2nd and only girl in the family.


Yes, I have 3 brothers and if we are to look at that photo above you would maybe say that I am the youngest. Yes, I am the yougest by height.

I took up BSEd and I am currently a licensed teacher but never had the chance to practice my profession. Why?

There where several reasons. First, I came from a poor family and Filipino as we are even if we are not obliged to support our family, we still feel the need to do so. That has been part of our culture. So, this is where the story starts,

A week after graduation, I started to look for a job to help my parents. I didn't mind about pursuing my profession because all I was thinking was to make my family's life better. I endured working in a graveyard shift for a better pay until I found myself loving it. I have been working in the BPO industry for about 6 years now and even if I want to stop to start a more stable job, I just can't because I am sending my brother @renatoaying to college.

He is taking up BSECE and in his 4th year now. So the more I have to work harder to prepare for his review and board exam. I have high hopes in him so even if it is really hard, I will continue to work even harder until I see him become a licensed Engineer. No pressure dong, don't worry.

Second reason is, I have assessed myself many times but I still can't say that being a teacher is my calling. Maybe because I'm still tied with my current job or I just hate the idea of doing the lesson planning and all that other stuff. Nevertheless, I am sure I will end up being a teacher still. That has always been my long term plan, it would really be hard at first but it will be just a matter of how you'll manage it. I don't want to see myself still working in a graveyard shift by the time I would have a family of my own.

Meet my family ...



My parents ...


They are the reason why I have to get up at night and report to work. There were many times that I thought of quitting but it would be so selfish of me if I do that. I mean, my life now is not as hard as it used to be and I am grateful for it but there are still things that I want to do but I can't because I have to think about them first. Yes, setting priorities and I don't regret it.

Let me also introduce to you the apple of my eye, my nephew.


I never thought that I would love him this much.


He grew up to be very charming, sweet and smart, thus making us love him more. He has been my selfie buddy, my stress reliever and tutee.

I don't really have much friends because I'm an introvert kind of person. I spend most of my time sleeping or doing things myself. Which is not good and it even became one of the reasons why I got rejected from the higher position I recently applied for. If I could have been more sociable, exposed myself in activities that could have improved my confidence and my way of dealing with others maybe I could have gotten that position but everything happens for a reason. Amongst the 21 applicants, there were only 2 of us who got endorsed to the final interview but unfortunately I didn't make it. Somehow I felt bad but there are still a lot to be thankful for. Making it to the final interview is already an achievement for me and it was indeed a great experience worth keeping.

Yes, in life you may fail a hundred times but life can offer you thousand chances more. Through failure we get to learn more and discover things more about ourselves that we are unaware of. Through experience, we become someone better, someone tougher and someone bravier to face the challenges life can give us.

Life is still great though despite everything. Let's continue to dream and work on improving ourselves. We have a great God so there no reason for us to give up.

I joined Steemit because I heard a lot of good things about it and thought that if I try it maybe it can help me financially but there are a lot more this community can do for you personally. I have not had any cashouts yet but I am enjoying it I know there is right time for everything. There are articles that can really inspire you and make you learn about life more. It makes me become more interested in photograpy, it will make you work on better expressing yourself and I find it great. It's also great how positive and nice the people are in this community and looking forward to meeting some of them one day. Thanks again @jenesa for encouraging me to join steemit.

I guess this is it for now. Again, this is Roxanne @ayingroxie saying,

Keep dreaming, don't stop believing and keep steeming 😃😄

Have a great Monday everyone!


Wow What a story! You are a really great person to help your family! Also I know how it is looking at a new job you start to look at things that you wouldn tlike about it or that are hard, but we can get use to anything and overcome things like that. I really think Steem will take off so my advice for now would be to save the steem coins for now and as the coin rises you will have more and more in it. Like 3 cents you get for a post today saved could be worth 3 dollars later. I wish you all the best of luck and hope your life goes the way you want. You really deserve to be happy after all the sacrifice you have done.

Wow! Beautiful comment. You nailed it Dear. Wow.

Thank you @adamdonmez. I will take that advice and thanks for stopping by.

I am so happy to see your introduction, it was so very good to know your story. You told it very well and with great pictures and kept it interesting. I do know that the filipino culture makes it tough to get ahead because the family comes first and its hard to save money. While I know that obviously has benefits that the families stick together, hopefully you can use this platform to be your "growth" vehicle. Since it is extra and on top of your normal job, then if you can build up your skill and do this right, then maybe one day it can really be able to change your life.

You seem like such a sweet young lady that I wish you very much the best. I will be happy to work with you too. To me you are a teammate and we want our friends to succeed here, so if I can help you just ask me.

One last thing, there are many filipinos on here and all are very supportive. I know you can also make many good friends with them too. I hope you have lots of fun here and I wish you much success... Keep up your genuine story telling and I think you will be great!

Beautiful and resourceful comment! Keep steeming dear! Cheers.

Thank you so much for your kind words. I can see stories same as mine and they are indeed inspiring and that's what makes me enjoy my stay here. I am starting to love this community and its great to have people like you here. You're great and it will be a pleasure working with you. I am very much willing to help newbies like me in my own little way.

That was a great and very inspiring story of your life. All your labors for your family will not be in vain. God will pay back all your sacrifices and hardships in life. Keep on loving your family. God Bless.

Yes @mercy11. This is the least we can do to them after all the hardwork and sacrifices they have done for us.

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Surely your parents are proud of you @ayingroxie, I had kids but not like you, I really envy your parents having a daughter like you. Just keep doing good to your family and good luck to your journey in life and here...steemit too...I resteem your post God bless you dear. #newbieresteemable spread the news.

Thank you so much @sweetcha. This is the least I can do to my parents after the sacrifices they've done for us. Thank you for stopping by and for the help.

my pleasure dear, we are helping each other to success...any little help is a part of it. There is a good future I vibes on a good girl like you. always smile and be happy.

Will do, thanks and yes happy to help others too to succeed in this platform.

You are obviously an individual who will persevere through what they must. In your story this caught my eye:

Amongst the 21 applicants, there were only 2 of us who got endorsed to the final interview but unfortunately I didn't make it.

You were 1 of 2 out of 21 people. They had to make a selection, and unfortunately you were not chosen. That does not mean you were less qualified. If you did not ask them, ask them for some feedback about what you could do or change to enhance your potential to become a valuable or more valuable employee to them.

Through your perseverance on steemit I am sure you will do well. I myself am still trying to learn a lot. One thing I want is to get to the magic number of 480SP, it is at that level, (currently), that you get a vote slider bar, thus being able to vote on more content, and help more people. So I have been powering up all my steem, and converting all my steem SBD's to steem to power up.

By powering up, you increase your personal outreach ability. I see that you want to teach, that is one of the noblest profession out there. While you are not in a position at home to run for your dream, you can use steemit as a sounding board so to speak. Learn more about steem and steemit, then pass it on. As you learn more, you will have more to pass on.

Thank you for your support of @mudcat36 and @davemccoy #newbieresteemday efforts. It is much appreciated.

Thank you for taking time to read my post and supporting it. For the feedback, yes I have asked them about it and what I've heard is that I still lack leadership skills, still has to work on becoming more confident and still needs to be more open to others for me to become an effective leader and I am honest to myself that I really have to work on those things and that my product knowledge was my only advantage. Which is good that I joined this community because I can see that somehow those things are something I can work on and learn here and by the time I am ready then I will just try again. Failure is a part of our life, without it we would never know our weaknesses and strengths.

Thanks to steemit. Accepting it was not really hard. I am just thinking of maybe spending my time here posting more and earn more 😃😄

LoL - - Not being rude at all with that laugh - - so much like I heard in my job the first time. "We are sorry we just think that you are lacking in leadership skill" - - Heard that been there, and it took awhile to get past it. After getting past it I asked what leadership classes were available from the organization I worked for that I could take. Do not get worried about this next part, it was just me, - - I took classes that they offered, and did some self improvement classes on my own time, and then 10 years later I reapplied for a supervisor job, and got it. - - - Take any classes they offer, then next year when the opening comes up again re-apply for it. - - - I waited 10 years because my life got real busy after that first turn down, and I never made the time nor effort to re-pursue it til 10 years had passed, that was a mistake, and my boss let me know it too.

Also sometimes things happen for a reason and something nice will happen or come about from a slight downturn.

I'll take that advice. Yes, they offer trainings and leadership programs but I didn't mind taking those. This time I'll really do. Thanks!

What a great post, and I think it is so awesome that you are helping your family, all of your blessings will rain down on you in time @ayingroxie

Wow! Thanks for your kind words @charisma777. Thanks for dropping by too.

You deserve every bits of my upvote dearest sugar girl.

Beautiful story, love the humour in your story. Great!!! Great!! And Great! Writeup dearie. Keep steeming. Beautiful work.


Thank you @efelexy. Much appreciated.

My pleasure Dear. You are a good writer and keep steeming dearly beloved. Smiles.

Nice to have you here on Steemit!

Thank you @mikej. Nice meeting you here too.

Let me know if you have nay questions about Steemit and I will try to help. Have fun! ✌️

Will do. Thanks again!

Welcome to steemit. Hope you enjoy it here.

Thank you same goes to you.

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Thank you so much @davemccoy.

Wow, you have a great family @ayingroxie! Your heart is also bigger! Pray very hard, I believe God is preparing something bigger for you. Keep Steeming!

More like it dear! Beautiful comment and also with God, all things are possible. Cheers.

Thanks dearie @raquelita! Have a beautiful day ahead too with lots of smiles and warm laughters! Cheers Dear.

Thanks @efelexy for the good vibes 😊

Thank you @raquelita. Thanks for stopping by.

Ow so you are an introvert and I am that extrovert... Hahaha extremes.... That was why we had lots of clashing in the past. Hahaha. Nice reading all of this although I have heard of these stories a couple of times. You are one of my besr enemies in the circle, so pls keep that because our friendship became more fun. Hahaha.

Now I am happy I am seeing pictures of your family. Grear photos. great introduction... Libre sad diay sa unang cashout. :)

I hate you Xian, lingaw jud kay kas mga clashings nato ha but yeah, at the end we are still good friends. Hahaha! Libre first and I'll libre you. 😛😜

Welcome to steemit. Really nice to see fellow filipinos here. Hope you enjoy here. Keep the faith. Never give up because the only time we fail is when we give up.

Thank you @janicehung for stopping by. Bisaya ka po?

Nope. But I’m Filipino 😊

😊 nice to meet you here @janicehung

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I'm happy to resteem. good post.

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Thank you so much. Happy to do the same for others too.

one last thing... go to the hashtag #newbiersteemday and there are 5 to 10 others that will also resteem you. If you take the time to do so, you will see that you have even more friends before you know it ;)

It feels great reading messages like this. That's why this community inspires a lot of people because of the people like you.

I will try to undestand how it works and will make my own post. Thanks again @davemccoy

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Thank you for the tips. I have changed the tags but I cannot anymore change the first one.

Hi @ayingroxie, first of all, welcome to Steemit. Being a teacher is a noble profession and I will always admire and remember my teachers who had shaped my character since young. It is not easy to have to support your family. However, I think your lovely family is also a strong support for you.

I truly like this genuine and sincere self-intro and have resteemed it as part of the #newbieresteemday initiative! I hope you find success and joy in both your life and on Steemit. Cheers and Steem on!

Much appreciated @culgin.

Hi Roxanne, ni resteem ko na po ito as part of the #newbieresteemday

Nice to meet another hardworking kababayan here. I wish that soon you'll be able to pursue what you really love to do. And I know that you will be blessed for all the sacrifice that you've done for your family :)

Thank you so much @wanderlass.

Hello! nice to meet you

Hi, nice to meet you here too.

I wish you awesomeness here.

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@ayingroxie, if you want to vote for 30witness, vote for stemgigs 1st.
Because they are well talented and still helping untalented to be talented.

How to please!

Wow.. Colorful A

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Keep Sharing your wonderful story in steemit!

Thank you for the help.