Hey, Hey, Steemit! I'm treepi and here's a bit about me!

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Who is treepi?

Hello fellow Steemians, the name is treepi! I know the name probably doesn't make much sense to you, but it's an inside joke between myself and some old friends that happened over a decade ago. Wow, crazy how time flies, right?

Anyways, I just turned 28 years young this past summer and I live in the Hoosier state of Indiana, right by the southern tip of Lake Michigan.

I am currently in college studying computer science. I've always had a love for computers and technology. But, I spent about 8 years working at different railroads across the country. I had fun doing that, sometimes :P, but I've always loved computers and programming so I taught myself and did it as a sort of side business when I had the time. I received a grant to go to school for free so I figured why not go and get the degree,

That's me in the picture above and my pupper Herb. He was about 3 months old in that picture and is now 8 months. This pic was taken right before he was hit with parvo virus and nearly died. :( He's my tough little fighter and a great pup.

Nerd Stuff

So, I have had an account on Steem previously. I ended up losing the keys after amassing around 1,000 followers. Stupid on my part. I took a few months off of Steemit and stayed off the computer as much as possible just to give myself a break.

I've now reinvested in Steem. The prices are amazing right now so I had to. It's only a small amount, but I plan on putting more in as often as I can, plus I'm going to power up most of my posts 100% like this one.

I've always considered building a sort of bid-bot kind of bot for Steem. Something similar to what SmartSteem is doing. I'd also be interested in working on other projects if anyone is interested in working on something together. I'm always available to work on some new projects with others to build something nice.

I don't really have too much going on right now, so like I said, I'm available to collaborate. However, I am currently putting together some ideas for a podcast/video channel and I'm also looking into building an MMORPG style game that has blockchain based assets in-game.

Well, I think I've done enough rambling for now. If you've read this far, thanks I appreciate you. You should also follow me, upvote this post, and resteem it. :)

See ya'll around!

Support My Endeavors

I am currently building a DApp, web tools, and other blockchain utilities. Any donations help me pay for resources I need like web hosting, domains, advertising, etc. Right now I'm working alone and I am funding everything myself. So, any little bit helps!

I am looking into building something for the Steem ecosystem as well. ;)

BTC: 1C3bEvdeZypPyJKn4MUyS5ZLuVcu1kNmz7
BCH: qpejs2fx9m4ma50xnzp49l7awd464tyf5sna0cv7wd
ETH: 0x3Ea24824FdBEc34fD8728Cd4adFD4b3184ab357b
ETC: 0xa2be0c2a134F73BbE78805a90c214ab43F0F7174
NANO: xrb_1xp5p76asyjd719koaidpbskbigzszd9wif15584t557pqpawysb4hwke6xx
ZEC: t1e7fNqoBtTJA5Cmpr32UF4KqqGXcXWEqJB
ZEN: zni9FKZhyVTnBc73mzgeNYB6yssQftwi2xG

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Welcome to Steem! It is always nice to find someone from the US making their way here to the Steemiverse. I hope you do well in your time at school and you learn well.

I am so sorry about your pup having had parvo, it is an ugly thing to happen and to deal with. However, he is still with you and that is a very good thing.

Thanks so much for telling us about yourself.
Scott and Ren

Thank you for the kind message. Gave ya a follow! :)

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The follow isn't necessary, but greatly appreciated. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

This is brilliant, I am also a little nerdy studied computers from 16 on and off as life gets in the way. I have a lot of professional qualifications and educational, but I branched of more to the business and consultin,g chance before I got to anything too smart like you. I also have so much free time but I am excellent at comming up with wacky ideas what seem to work and how to implement them. Maybe not the best at actually doing the making the product its self. I would love to be a part of whatever your doing in anyway shape or form. Maybe not investing money as now, as im on a lil patch at the moment. But I want to help get steemit and the creations it brings to the table out in the open too! So I will follow and support anything you are doing... not sure how yet but things like this fall in to place when you do it for the right reasons so all will show soon! Good luck! Not that you will need it.. I can feel that already!

Thank you for the kind words. Ill be sure to keep you posted!

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hi @treepi

Friend of mine (@devann) pointed out that your account is worth attention.

I ended up losing the keys after amassing around 1,000 followers

That's very sad :( I wonder how often does it happen to people.

I've scrolled through your old post just to realize that we seem to share a number of interests :)

In particular that we both share a similar passion towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

I will follow you closely :)
Take care, Piotr

You even look like a little bitch boy.

Funny thats coming from someone afraid to show their face.

Grow up loser.

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You're infatuated with me. Lol im reay flattered by all this attention.

Youre more interested in me than my girlfriend you creep.

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Now go on. Make a joke about my girl. I know all your moves.

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Just a thought... Imagine computer science + railway road experience... A new logics systems can birth anytime.

I personally believe whatever we learn along the way definitely has its usefulness in the future. Otherwise we won't ever get the chance to come across it even.

Maybe keep that thought for the future. 😉

Welcome to Steemit again by the way and make sure you secure your keys in multiple storages! 🌈

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I'm pretty sure Maesk Shipping, one of the biggest in the world, uses an IBM blockchain if I'm not mistaken. It's not public though.

And thanks!

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"Wishing you the best..."


Welcome to Steem @treepi.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchain works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Thank you!

Welcome to Steem

Remember that Jesus loves you and welcomes you with open arms.


Welcome back and good luck

Thank you! :D

Welcome Aboard, wow it would certainly be interesting to see an MMORPG integrating blockchain assets, have you seen the kind of thing d-market have been doing ? interesting project, similar to the steam skin store but on the blockchain, if you get a chance, follow back, always appreciate the support.

Gave ya a follow. And no I haven't heard of those. Got links?

Welcome to Steem treepi! Partiko is officially the fastest and most popular mobile app for Steem. Unlike other Steem apps, we take 0% cut of your earnings! You can also be rewarded with Partiko Points while using Partiko and exchange Partiko Points for upvotes!

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Thank you so much for your interest!

Using it now! :)

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We wanted to let you know, we have given you a 100% upvote, are now following you, and are introducing you to everyone we know. You can visit our post HERE.

Welcome to the SteemIt Community.
Scott & Ren

Welcome to steemit @treepi.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Welcome to Steemit! You have taken the first step in achieving many goals here at the crossroads of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and social media. Consistent engagement is needed to progress and grow your following and influence. I am currently working on a weekly post to curate new users and providing them an introduction to the ecosystem. I have selected your post as one I will feature in an upcoming post! I explain this initiative on one of my previous post.

There are a number of great content creators on the platform to help you on your journey. I have recently ran into a great post by @roleerob that is great to get off to a great start here on the ecosystem. As I continue to expand this initiative, I continue to find great content and guides for new users such as this post from @finnian who not only includes a great step-by-step process of registering for #Steemit but also provides great security and engagement tips as well to help you on your journey. Another great user creating content for new Steemians is @paulag who is creating community backed video series on learning to navigate STEEM.

Keep your eyes out for these tips and references to help you on your journey to becoming a minnow! It is also a great idea to follow some of the great projects being built on the #STEEM blockchain. You can see these projects here. Some of these projects provide you the ability to interact and engage within the community and have the potential to provide rewards for your engagement. For example, @actifit is a fitness app that tracks your daily activity which you can post to the blockchain and earn rewards for your participation. Another interesting project is @steemmonsters which is a digital trading card game that enables you to collect and battle with the community all within the #STEEM ecosystem.

Lastly, a new initiative has just been launched by one of our top witnesses @gtg to support new users that become very active and need additional bandwidth to remain actively engaged in an effort to build enough Steem Power to grow your influence and interaction in the ecosystem. I would highly encourage you to visit his post for further instructions. I wish you the best in your future endeavors!

Wow! Thanks for all the info and for including me in your post! I appreciate it.

Are there any programming or computer/tech related communities here?

There are a couple but the largest community that supports developers is @utopian-io. Very active community here; check them out!

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Welcome treepi!
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Welcome to steemit!

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My account wasn't free. ;)

Paid 4.6 Steem for it through a Blocktrades instant account creation. I can't wait a month. :P

Yeah, the waiting line has been pretty long, lately. The other stuff is still relevant and, well, welcome indeed!

Do post more about the blockchain MMORPG stuff. Just don't take the cassino route, please! :)

Haha, there's so many crypto casinos. Idk how most of them can even turn a profit. Definitely not going that route. :P

I'm working on something pretty similar to http://cybernations.net/ . It will be similar to that, but tokenized of course, and it will run a bit differently too. I might do it with rounds every X amount of days. Top 10 nations would get a prize.

Haven't worked out all the details yet. I'm still in the planning phase of it all right now.

I'm mainly hoping for no "lootbox" gambling.

So glad you could make it back to the Steemiverse. It is always nice to meet someone who has a passion for the concurrency, but even more so for wanting to bring more to the community. I am hoping you are able to find a place to plug into to help better our community. I look forward to hearing more about the podcasts and videos you would be wanting to make. I wanted to help you out by getting you some tips and tricks we learned over the past few months as new Steemians. You can view that post HERE

Also check out this Discord Server for new Steemians.


Hope you can came up with something like smartsteem maybe better.

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Welcome! Hope you’re enjoying the holidays and wish you success on the blockchain!

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Hi @treepi, welcome to steem community. It is good to hear that you have many plans and working on some. Please provide more details of the project(s) you are working on for the steem community. I will see how I could help you. I have upvoted and resteemed your post and followed you. Blessings.

Thanks for the welcome!

I'm still putting ideas together. I want to do something that will help onboard users on to the platform.

Truth is, we need an easier way to create accounts for people that dont take weeks. That's something I want to look into and find a solution to.

I was also considering making some kind of game or a vote/resteem bot that only upvotes certain users with good content.

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Hey treepi, welcome to Steemit 👍🏼 wish you all the best for your start here on the platform

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Welcome to Steemit my friend, remember to have fun and don't take things too seriously here, I will keep an eye out for your work, I have upvoted this post for you @cryptoguru1

Thanks! I've followed you as well!

Keep an eye out for my posts. Like I said, I have some crypto related projects in the works. I'd also like to like to get a small Steem community together. A community that helps each other out and helps to on-board the newbies.

Do you participate in any Steem sub-communities?

Sorry for the late reply- that time of year. No I am not involved in any sub communities but am very interested in your idea ,count me in

Sounds good! Here's the Discord Invite link if you'd like to join. There's only a couple members so far because I just created it yesterday. So tell all your friends to join too! :P

I'm working on a little website for the community too. Makes it easier to find everything about it in one single place.

Cute dog and glad you are here.

You got a 100.00% upvote from @botcoin courtesy of @treepi!

Welcome, I follow you and give you my upvote . Have a nice day, greetings from Germany

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