Hello Steemit, I'm The Galavant Girl: Blogger of Food, Travel, Art, and Well ... Life!

Galavanting with Steemit!

Hi Steemians!

Here’s my first-ever “introducing myself” post to live in the compendiums of the Internet. Maybe it’s because after 40 you just become a type of fearless, but for the first time ever, I’m willing to get out there for-reals. I’ve had some “for-reals” online before. Like when I launched my blog TheGalavantGirl.com in 2009. I put myself on camera and actually talked about something. It’s no big thing in today’s Youtube universe, but for a writer and photographer who was usually behind some kind of keyboard or camera, it was super new and terrifying. But heck, I did it, and it was a blast.


I relaunched my blog again in 2012. I had just been through hurricane Sandy and my husband and I were displaced and out of my apartment for a while. But I kept trucking. I wanted the site to be a spot for others to write, too, if they wished. My webby friend invented some new code for me so that on mobile devices, tapping once allowed you to read the title of a piece. This 2.0 version was a great little ride.


But then in 2015, I slipped through the Internet cracks, falling underneath the online sidewalk, listening to the noise and traffic above me. I’ve been down here a while now. Sometimes I poke my head out on social media. But mostly, I’ve been soaking in the world, thinking.

I didn’t take anything down. You can still see the gelled, once-upon-a-time-two-years-ago blog here. But I’ve been Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I’ve been home underground. I’ve also been Daredevil, listening up on the heights. But unlike the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, I’ve been watching, too, people mostly, but nature as well. (You’d be surprised how glorious nature can be in NYC.) I even peeped out and flew from town quite a few times, galavanting as I do. Listening to other languages. Eating other things.


A Fresh Reboot

Now, it’s time to dig in. I hereby announce to the newly minted Steemian Universe: TheGalavantGirl.com will soon be resurrected anew! I have a new webby guy. He’s on the beautiful island of Sicily coding away. In between his shots of espresso, he’s building me a new site, and I can’t help but be excited about what is soon to live there.

There will be a section called “Elise’s Table” where I write about the passionate, messy, brilliant, tasty, war-torn, squirting-tears-of-laughter, deep-in-the-heart relationship between food and humanity.


There will be “Eating Art” where I’ll dive into something artsy like a book, or play, or museum, or gallery and then review it. But it won’t be just a review. I plan to create a recipe for each adventure. Hopefully others will read, explore, cook, and “art-eat” their way into the comments.


And for a last little bit of blogging pie, I’ll share some photography. My photographic work has been about “bearing witness” to places and people. I have been documenting in a very small way on this pale blue dot the beauty of this place. It’s truly a passion.


My mother asked me (angry and upset her daughter was moving to Manhattan far away from her and family) if I was just going to “galavant around the world the rest of my life.” I answered her with a very honest and straightforward, “yes.” Hence the chosen name: TheGalavantGirl. Thankfully, she’s now wind in my sails.

A New Journey

I don’t know why I write. I don’t know why food matters so much to me. I don’t know why I feel “soul connected” when I pick up a camera, but I do. It’s just me. I am “TheGalavantGirl,” and I hope to make some friends along this new journey. I don’t know if anything I ever create will matter to anyone. But the artist is just called to create. The rest is left to the “soup.” That big soupy universe out there. Wondrous and mysterious that it is.

So that’s me. Nice to meet you.

Elise McMullen-Ciotti, The Galavant Girl




Hello Welcome to Steemit wish you best of luck ! Glad to see more people like you


Thanks @welcomedubai! Someday I hope to visit there. :)

you one steemian that got me with her intro post.. nice photos..cute smile and beautiful lady... wonderful bloger and coo... steemit is a true place for you to enjoy your blogging experience and making something out of it... nice intro dear... keep it coming and hey, ensure you follow successful people... like @kendoy who can keep guiding you... always engage with other steemians through steem.chat and commenting on their posts.. join steem competitions like the ironchef from @progressivechef my buddy... and best chef in steemit... and enjoy yourself... power up as much steem power as possible...
have fun and welcome

Hello, welcome to the Steemit community, it's really great to have you here with us, i hope you have a great time here and achieve great success.
I would be looking forward to reading your post. Interesting introduction you got there and great pictures. I must admit looking at your write up makes me hungry lol
I'm @Janrotas, would be great If you could check out my page and follow back. I have some interesting write ups I'm sure you would or can relate to. Welcome again talk more later.

Sorry to find this message so late! Following you as well. Looking forward to reading. :)

Hi, Thegalavantgirl, Let me welcome you to Steemit. Hope you gonna have fun with our community. Feel free to follow me @rightuppercorner Have a great time @rightuppercorner

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when am I on holiday to this country with a friend steemit

Hey! This seems like a brand new account so I'm gonna support you. This post deserves an upvote and keep on doing you!
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Thanks so much @kromosoom, half-ninja half-princess! I will definitely check it out. :) I'm sure you've seen it, but there is a great kids book that your page made me think of. It's called The Princess in Black. (https://www.amazon.com/Princess-Black-Shannon-Hale/dp/0763678880)

Great introduction, good to see that its doing so well, love the work you put in! will keep an eye out for your posts.
Travelled for four years and blog about it now.
welcome the platform

Thanks so much @heyitshaas! Just read your Amsterdam post. Can't wait to read more. :)

Glad you awoke to the Steem Dream!

Thanks @havok777! Stay warm up there in Canada!

Welcome to Steemit @thegalavantgirl, enjoy and explore! :D

Thanks @voronoi!! Such an interesting smashing together of art, life, and tech on @steemit!

welcome to steemit!:)

Thanks @doitvoluntarily! Loved your article on the London underground garden.

Welcome Thegalavantgirl, great intro post. Good luck on your new journey here on Steemit. Followed & Upvoted :)

Thanks for the warm welcome, @stevejhuggett! Your red leaf was very cool! I love nature.

Your welcome. The Red Leaf, yeah it's that time of year again love the Autumn :)

Welcome @thegalavantgirl! Looking forward to your new blogs. It looks like you are going to be great here :) ... Followed ya and will be waiting for your next posts!

Thanks @stackin! I just had a look at your feed. Holy toledo! So much good stuff to read. Can't wait to dig in and learn more about stackin and steemin!

Hi Elise ( @thegalavantgirl ) gave ya the full Fred - Hello There - Treatment :0)

Even threw your post out there into the social world hoping to give you a boost. Unfortunately, I'm not tracking it.

Good luck on your adventures here. I'm into day eight and loving it!

Happy Steem,


Thanks @fredacker! Woot! 8 days. Just had a look at your feed. Wow! You've panned for gold. That's pretty incredible. :)

Prospected, lived on a motorcycle, hitched around the US... yeah, I got a few stories. Which is why I followed you :0)

Even when I'm not on the road traveling I'm out there!

Thanks also for the resteem!! :)

No problem!

Welcome to Steemit, Elise. This is exceptional introduction post. Well done!!

Thank you, @lykkejay! Looking forward to reading more of your travels and steeming as well!

welcome to stemit, i love to travel and write, so now following you and upvoted you

Thanks, laid-back @johnnyray. :) Following you as well!

upvoted&followed, look at my photos :)

Thanks @stachu! You've got some great nature photos!

Welcome to you! I just joined Steemit today myself!

YAY!! Congrats and thanks, @substance11. And wow, what an amazing career with film. I will always have a soft place in my heart for anything celluloid. :)

Welcome Elise! I love the way you express yourself in your post - so thoughtful and honest! Best of luck with your reboot of your website! I will certainly follow along! Sincerely, @fly.ifr

Thank you, Emma @fly.ifr. Just followed you as well. Very jealous of your ability to fly a plane! :)

Welcome Thegalavantgirl. I am positive you have landed on the best place on the internet where you will mine your earnings with your mind. Have fun.

Thanks @ejemai! Love that: "mining with the mind." :)

Welcome aboard. Upvoted & followed :)

Thanks @sharonomics! Looking forward to learning more about the sharing economy on your feed. :)

welcome . . . .you look nice for your age

Ha! Thanks, @digiticket. Not my doing... all my grandmother's genes.

Welcome Elise, we are happy to have you here on steemit :D
If you need any help or anything don't hesitate to ask!

Please check my Introduction post as well :)


Nice to meet you, @paps! And thanks for the help offer! This is a whole new world. :) I enjoyed your introduction post as well. Israel has been on my list for a while to visit. Hoping to get there next year! Btw: What does "white Russia" mean?

Thank you :)
White Russia is a place near Russia (called Belarus also).

Welcome to steemit dudette. I gave you an upvote and a follow because you asked so nicely. I wish you luck with your postings

Thank you @linkdead13! Keep writing and steeming :)

Welcome to the community !!


Happy steeming !

So cute!!! Thanks @akkha!

Welcome, it's great to have you here on Steemit. You really nailed your first post, nicely written, beautiful photos, and a positive message.

Looking forward to more!

:-) Roused

Thanks, @roused! Already been thinking about post #2...I think it's even harder to write! ha ha. Looking forward to reading your posts on passivity. :)

Loved the post. Looking forward to more content! Hope you have a good time here.

Thanks @firepower! So much still to learn on Steemit! Looking forward to reading your posts. :)

Welcome to steemit @thegalavantgirl , great intro post ;)

I really like the photo of you with the blueberries

Thank you, @isteemithard. Those are actually concord grapes. They arrive in mid-September and the smell of them in the market is unbelievable! The taste, too. Remember all that grape juice goodness as a kid? Yeah...in every little round globe.

wow those are some colorful grapes. yea those are the kind for juice I wonder if they would make a tasy wine anyway though

I know they grow in the Finger Lakes, and they make wine there in Upstate New York. You should totally check out that area! http://www.fulkersonwinery.com/juice-concord

I love your introduction. I am excited to read your posts. I also love the way you got your name. That is a funny story. It seems as if you have plenty of experience in blogging, and writing. You will fit right in here! Welcome to Steemit!

Thanks @simgirl. I appreciate it! I enjoyed your "why I joined steemit" quite a bit. Looking forward to reading more.

Awesome intro welcome to steem it please take a look from my blog maybe you like it!
Thank you for sharing this post waiting for the next time you post already.

Thanks @valenziia! I just had a look at your blog. I've actually been to Playa del Carmen. A very very interesting place. Can't wait to listen to more!

Nice to know you been in Playa!

Hello @thegalavantgirl, welcome the plataform Steemit, luck and sucess.

Welcome to Steemit. I feel soul-connection when I pick up the camera too. It just takes me to 'that' place. <3

Thanks @hazel.and.sage. I so know what you mean! I've tried to describe what it's like to photograph things, but it's hard! ha ha. Have you seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? I cried. ha ha

I don't think I have. I'll have to check it out :-)

This is great! I love to enjoy good food too! You have an amazing write up.

Hi @thegalavantgirl! I love your post and totally can feel you! I followed you and hope for more posts!

Thanks @twolittlebirds. I love your steemit name. Looking forward to reading you. You are indeed a traveler!

Hahah thank you! Bob Marley was the inspiration, his song three little birds :) and we are two so we made 2 of 3. I also look forward to reading you and yes I hope so, doing my best!

Welcome to Steemit @thegalavantgirl! We're so fortunate to have you in this platform and ohh, you're so beautiful! Those smiles are dazzling, eye-captivating, it I am completely stunned! :)

Steem on! :)

Hello and welcome to Steemit @thegalavantgirl - what a great introduction, I'm sure you'll do well here. I for one look forward to seeing more of your tasty adventures and checking out the new blog when it's up and running. Upvoted and followed. Happy Steeming ✨

Thanks @daisyd! Your entries are great. Following you as well!

Welcome to Steemet
follow me @lomidze

Welcome to steemit @thegalavantgirl. Amazing post.
Can we be a follower friends? I upvoted and followed you.
I collect friends so you also follow me and you will get a

valuable contents from me.

Sure @chebee! Fellow steemians we will be!

Oh that is just great. Happy to see you in Steemit !

Welcome to steemit @thegalvantgirl, you'll do great here

Thanks @gringalicious! Just saw your recent pancake post. Fantastic! Following :)!

This is a very nice introduction story.
Welcome to Steemit, I hope you'll enjoy sharing more posts! :)

Thanks @nikolina! I'm looking forward to reading you as well.

Hello and welcome to Steemit! This is a great expanding community very glad you decided to join, best of luck!! Fallow my channel if you wish @darius1993 look forward for some recipes

Thanks @darius1993! There's so much more to learn with cryptocurrency. I still need to get my wallet!

One of the best Introduction posts on Steemit !
Welcome :)

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Well...WOW! That's pretty cool. Thanks, @bitgeek. I hope I can keep it up!

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