An Albanian fool trying to shed some light one topic at a time

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Greetings to all Steemit users!

I am Stiven Llupa, born in Tirana Albania, currently working somewhere in Berlin. I started writing in 2009 in a blog of mine ( and re-vamped it in 2015. The articles are in Albanian and out of my 150 old articles I was able to republish 58 of them, it's a work in progress :)

At the same time, round last months of 2016, I joined Quora, a QA site. I noticed the lack of Albanian point of view answers on several questions specific to Albania. I have been answering since with half of my answers directly related to Albania. The feedback there has been generally positive and I am genuinely happy there are people curious enough about this unknown country and culture.

As time passed I invested more and more time, initially in my blog, then in Quora, spending up to a week of daily research on topics, solid references and sources. When a close friend of mine showed me Steemit it made perfect sense! A platform that rewards authors? Where do I sign up!

Here I am now. Waiting to try out the site, read other authors and maybe add more to the entire library here!


Welcome to steemit community. You will love it. Following links may help you to get started.
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Welcome to the platform, I wish everything work out for you. It’s not easy here but not difficult neither but just ask an extra effort, engagement is the key good luck I’m @goodaytraders Start by following people and they will do the same.

Welcome to Steemit @stivenllupa :)

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Hello !

Warm welcome to the steemians World !

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Hello, welcome to steem it, you can follow us if you like to get some daily content, we can do the same for you :)

Wish you good luck on steemit, its awesome.

Pershendetje Stiven! Te uroj shume suksese :)

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