Heidi Travels to Peru Only with Steem Dollars

in travel •  2 years ago

I just spent the past 4 hours searching for flights and hostels. I’m leaving in one week and I’m paying for it all with Steem Dollars.

I was broke as a joke when I joined Steemit, and I made more money in this short span of time then I had in the past 10 years combined. My state of mind in that time period was shocked, excited, and suspicious. After realizing that this platform was for real I started brainstorming for my next trip. I want to provide fresh new material for this amazing community and to take you all with me on the journey ahead.

I'm headed to Peru

I fly out on my birthday and I couldn't think of a better present!

When others learn that I’ve been to other countries for long periods of time they first ask me if it was for a study abroad program in college. I have to first thank them for the compliment, since I’m well past the college age by now. I always will kick myself for not looking into that while I was at Purdue. Nonetheless, I made it out there albeit only slightly later in life. They ask next if it was for work, again I tell them no while I begin daydreaming about what sorts of jobs would send a person to live abroad… So I finally just give in and say that I travel because I enjoy it, because I want to see what the world and those living in it have to offer.

People can react in a number of ways:

They might view you as someone who’s never satisfied, who’s doomed to a life of constant searching for something and you’re not even sure what it is. They might view you as a homeless person who floats from one spot to the next- which isn’t far off if we’re being honest.

Maybe they’ll view you as a rockstar, someone who dreams big and goes out and does it, someone who isn’t scared of the unknown. Maybe they’ll be surprised to have met one of those elusive travelers who is never in one spot too long, so to have met one is almost like spotting a rare endangered animal. Some people won’t get it. Maybe they'll express worry for your future, when this phase of reckless, haphazard travel is over and you’ll find yourself years behind others who chose to get a degree and line up that desk job just after graduation (if they were lucky) and who are now happy with their 401k and new mortgage.

For me, to travel is to discover. I get the urge to travel because I want to be an active participant in the world. We live in a time where you can board an aircraft that in a few hours can take you thousands of miles and drop you off in a completely different part of the world. Who wouldn't want to take advantage of that at least once in their life?!

It is without a doubt the best way to get inspired. Whether it’s a positive revelation or negative experience, traveling will reveal to yourself something you haven’t seen before, haven’t experienced before, haven’t interacted with before, haven’t eaten before, haven’t smelled before. Traveling means indefinite chances to learn, not from a book, but with real experiences.

It’s been 2 months since my last trip and I’m ready for more. I’m heading to South America, to Peru, to Machu Picchu, and maybe the Amazon. I’m bringing Steemit and whoever wants to follow the journey with me. I’ve upped my camera game so the footage is going to be epic. I plan on helping those I meet to set up their very own Steemit accounts. I’ll give you their usernames so that you can learn about them and they can share they’re world with us. I’m traveling the world, paving my way with SBDs and leaving a path of new Steemit users and I'm awfully excited about it!

Follow me on Twitter: steemitgirl SnapChat: heidi_travels Instagram: happy.hungry.traveler

The countdown has begun

T-minus 8 days

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This is a truly amazing case-study of the power of Steem! Someone who has found success on the platform is utilizing that support to follow her dreams and continue to create fresh content that the community has clearly embraced.

Way to go @heiditravels :)


I agree, she is a solid writer who writes authentic and genuine posts. I think it would be really cool if she teamed up with another Steemian and somehow did a joint post. Think if the woman who wrote this article: https://steemit.com/blockchain/@blockchainblonde/tokenization-of-commercial-real-estate collaborated with @heiditravels on a travel/blockchain post! That would be a fun read!


I kindda suggested that I was also doing the same thing over the summer and write the same kind of travelog on https://steemit.com/@eric-boucher Maybe, you'd like to partake and share. Thanks a bunch, thrive on and namaste :)


@heiditravels I finally get yourself again, I enjoyed reading the post about you, for your success in steemit

Read my post : Steemit 3D Text and Logo Makers

I love your writing Heidi! It's direct, simple, and inspirational—easy to read and understand. It makes me want to travel more (I haven't traveled alone yet, but intend to)!

Thanks for your positive presence on Steemit! It's a joy to read your adventures. Wishing you continued success and happiness!

Great inspiration @heidytravels, it is also said that you feel more satisfaction spending your money on traveling than buying material things; even when you get back home and you spent all your savings!

is an indescribable emotion!

Try to swing by #Colombia or at least place it on your list of countries to visit, you won't regret it!

It is very nice and kind post! I guess you are more free person than lots of us who possess with material opportunities to discover the world comfortably but those who don't possess with the courage to breakthrough the shell of own "comfort zone". I was always inspired with the girls like you. And same time there is something chilling in such kind of girls as you for such kinds of guys as me - independence. ;-) There is something that any Big Brother afraid of - when people can not be controlled and restricted to single one areal and single narrow mindset. Carry on, honey! So far you are keeping smile, you encourage others to do the same.

Love your posts. They are real and show the gritty side as well. I'm with you on the importance of travel. It's the only way to keep an open mind about humanity - these days particularly. (used to be @jlwkolb)

Hey Heidi. Since your post is in the TOP 10 trending posts on Steemit, I've added it to the Flipboard Steemit Trending Magazine for everyone to see it. Congrats.


Great! Thanks :)

You're going to be a millionaire real soon. Someone put a ring on it!

This is a very inspiring post @heiditravels. If you are a good writer, I think the sky is the limit on this one.

Hmmm... are you going to visit Machu Picchu?

EDIT: You should. It looks like they might have found where we were hiding the steem.



I will be heading to Machu Picchu :)

This is wonderful!!! Hope to be able to pay for my travels with steem as well! Truely inspiring! Love your work! Keep on inspiring! Hope you have. Wonderful time in Peru! Must try the ceviche and pisco sour! Food is amazing here!


Thanks for the tip!

Hi Heidi, If u come to Colombia, just type me... I can show u the real Magical Realism... Good luck and enjoy it!!! #Steemitcolombia


Sounds like something I'd enjoy, I'll be sure to contact you!

I saw your post. It was awesome. You really deserved it. Have fun in peru!


Thank you!

The best traveler on here award of july!!! @heiditravels!!! Thanks for the great shares cant wait for this one coming!!!

This is the kind of success that no amount of advertising could buy a social media platform. The singularity is near.

@heiditravels that's AWESOME ! 👏✈🎉 Congrats! If someday you come to Spain and want to have a challenge call @mariem.kaddouri and me ! 🌝


I'll be in Portugal in October. Would be awesome to meet you both :)

Awww can't wait for the day when we all have steem debit cards and we can throw away our mastercards.

you lucky steemert


Don't I know it.

Hey @heiditravels , I recently got back from a 9 month trip in South America if you have any questions! I spent 3 months in Peru and I absolutely loved it. I just stumbled across Steemit so will be interesting to follow your journey on here =)

If you want to do some of the best hiking in the world make sure you go to Huaraz. I spent 2 months hiking around there and it's one of my favourite places in the world! Laguna 69, the Santa Cruz trek and Huayhuash were among my favourite treks.


Hey @adrevel, I'm in the Barranco district of Lima right now, going to head to Huayacan on Tuesday morning to visit the Light and Leadership initiative, then flying into Cusco and Machu Picchu for about a week. After that it's all up in the air. Are Huaraz, Laguna 69 or Santa Cruz anywhere near Cusco? Any advice is very much appreciated!! Thank you :)


@heiditravels I was exclusively in the North of Peru. Huaraz is about 7 hours north of Lima by bus so it's like 30 hours away from Cusco. It's so far by bus which is why I never made it to Cusco.

I have a friend that did some treks around Cusco which seemed really interesting to me. You can trek to Choquequirao where there are some remote Incan ruins. There is also the Ausungate trek that looked amazing in his photos, as well as Rainbow Mountain which you can do as part of the Ausungate trek or I believe there are tours that do day trips there.

If you are interested in exploring some plant medicines like Ayahuasca or San Pedro I heard the small town of Pisac outside of Cusco is a popular spot for people who don't want to go to the jungle.

Since I didn't travel in the south I can't speak from experience but friends of mine recommended Arequipa and the desert oasis of Huacachina in Ica.

Great to see and such an inspiring post. I'm kindda doing the same thing out here right now, in British Columbia, and shall post the results of this trip to, soon enough! Maybe you'd like to check out the travelog of my trip to the Canadian Rockies last summer on my Steemit account: https://steemit.com/@eric-boucher

Keep on thriving, thanks for the very beautiful post and namaste :)

I'm really happy for you Heidi. This is my happy face.


Aw, I think you can do better ;) that's barely a smirk!

Another great post! @heiditravels

I dare you to make a post without cleavage.

it looks fun, nice to see you again here, cheers
upvote done

Good luck - that's absolutely amazing.

You should take some of my free stickers with you on your travels! I would also send you a bunch if you request them :)) it seems like it could come in handy for you if you are traveling the world...
Check my post on how to get them, its very easy: https://steemit.com/steemit/@dunja/free-steemit-stickers


How soon can they get to Florida? I'd love to put them everywhere.


huwm... i think to the states it will take up to 10 days... this isn't enough right? maybe we can do something on your next travels then :)


I'll get them for next time, but what a great idea. I'll take a BUNCH.

travelling with steem, good luck :)

Nice, a positive turn in your life be cause of Steemit



Congratulations! Have fun! I'm sure we'll read all about it ;)

Oh, and happy birthday!


Nice picture
I like it

Good luck with your travels.

This is great!! Go Steem Power Go!!!

This post was very inspiring for me.
Many thanks!!!
Have a nice day :)

I believe you have the potential to be a star on steemit, so please read this post for the next:

Love your post you are a beautiful girl, you are lucky to visit péru

I'm not sure if SteemIt can pay holidays for everyone. Instead of paying for holidays steemit money should be used for the greater good.

Don't forget to travel with a Steemit shirt from now on Heidi - and encourage everybody you meet to get their steemit account so they can also keep upvoting on your future posts ;-)


The shirts I designed are in the mail and on the way to me! They're pretty badass ;)


Awesomeness - looking forward to the pics ;-)

I think Heidi should start her own travel show with tips and tricks. I would watch it! I'm awful at travelling it always seems like such a chore to me getting ready and preparing. Although I love it when I get there sometimes I need a holiday when I get back after the travel stress!


I'll be mixing in videos soon, just need to refine my on-camera skills ;) I can definitely relate to needing a holiday after traveling, it can be stressful- But always worth it.

Enjoy a cup of coca tea for me!
Might I suggest you review this article I wrote about Auto Upvoting you own posts: http://steem.link/O4oPj

Your posts always makes me want to travel! You write really well, and I look forward to reading more :)

Do you use Couchsurfing during your travels? I'm hosting quite a lot of people since last year, at least 1 person a month and I have had quite a lot of people (usually girls) who have had the courage to leave an unsatisfying job (usually) behind in order to travel and discover the world. It's really eye-opening and you are another proof that this is the way to go. I'm gonna find you on Instagram asap! I hope that you are as active on it as you are on Steemit :) Keep it up! Go Peru!


I'll try to be more active on Instagram, ;)

I love your style of writing. You really bring the reader into your experience. Keep travelling and keep posting.


Thank you, I will!

"I was broke as a joke when I joined Steemit, and I made more money in this short span of time then I had in the past 10 years combined."

Haha, that's so me as well. Steemit<3

"I get the urge to travel because I want to be an active participant in the world."

Keep up what you are doing, Heidi. Everyone is unique in their own way and thinking about what others think of you is the last thing anyone should be doing. That's my philosophy!
We should really plan that steemit group trip some time. :D


Thank you @acidyo always appreciate all of your support :)


Hey! How's it going? Been some time since we've heard anything from you.

Hope everything is well, looking forward to your next blogpost! :)


I know I've been away for a couple days and it feels like ages... I arrive in Peru tomorrow night and I'll have a new post up by Monday the latest ;)

I'm a stay at home mom with 3 kids, and I wouldn't change it for the world, BUT I will always regret not traveling while I was young! Good luck!!

can't wait to see your new picture
all the places you visit are really amazing

This post just shows how much Steemit influences people, the things it will do for people are truly extraordinary! Have fun in Peru!

Hola amiga, estaría bien poder leer más publicaciones en español en Steemit.
Muchas Gracias!!!

That is just awesome! I would love to get that kind of support that I could afford going to a trip with Steem dollars! That is impressive!

Ill be in Argentina in September. You really have inspired me to start blogging. Im not sure if I should make an account just for that or start blogging on this one. Any advice for me Heidi? Good luck stay safe and keep up the wicked blogs I love reading them.


Well, if you're very familiar and skilled with SEO and you want to build your own website then I don't see why not try it out, just know that it takes patience to accumulate a solid audience, and there is quite a bit of competition with the already well established travel blogs. (unfortunately we aren't the first ones to travel and want to write about it lol). I really think that steemit is the best way to get exposure, and you're able to be really interactive with your readers.. like I am right now! ;) It's really your call.

Congratulations Heidi! Your history makes us dream!

I wrote a post on steemit about my recent trip to Peru. It was a once in a lifetime experience. Hope you love it and you can read my post if you are interested. https://steemit.com/travel/@thehousewife/how-to-lose-15-pounds-in-a-week-hike-the-inca-trail

It's crazy to think that steem has exploded so quickly, to where people can fucking travel to places with only steem. There must be a God xD

I want to visit Peru, I'm from Brazil but I live in the US. I love traveling too. Next year we are planning to visit Brazil. Love your channel. Resteemed

Heidi making so much money next year it's gonna be Heidi travels to the moon :)


I'm not quite on that level yet ;)

Enjoy your trip @heiditravels :) one day (maybe) I will travel as well using steem

that good experience, this platform is unique, we must take care, is an opportunity for many, Greetings @heiditravels

that was amazing! i love it, and im kind of jealous :D it's inspirational to me, hope that i would travel there, GL for ur next travel

Очень люблю Перу! Недавно оттуда вернулся и очень жду следующего путешествия! ))

Looks like your steempower is huge.

I am so happy for your success. This actually made my day. Just to see someone who is doing so well and STEEMIT is transforming your life in the areas which you needed the most. So proud of you and so Happy with you as well :)


Thank you so much @margot, you're making me smile so big right now!

Best of luck on your travels, it is nice to see some success stories on steemit.

How wonderful, you do great trips with Streamit ... I don't make money for a sandwich

Wow Heidi, just wow ! I'm glad you can live your dream and hope it will continue as long as possible. I hope you enjoy your time and dont make yourself too much stress !

Good luck in Peru! Be sure to photograph any potatoes you see over there for me!


Haha! @random-potato I love potatoes. You'll be glad to know that Peru is the birthplace of the potato :) Keep an eye out in my up coming posts for potato pics, they'll be for you.

Since I am stuck in the rat race for now, I will have to continue living out the dream of travelling the world through your posts. I have never been to Peru but it's going to be amazing. Best wishes for a safe, enjoyable, and successful trip. Try to get some sleep at night over the next 8 days. I am sure it will be difficult with all the excitement.


Thank you @bbrewer, always excitement peppered with a bit of stress for a trip to somewhere new. I'll do my best to provide you with a daily escape ;)


Thank you for making this great sacrifice. :)

wow this is awesome

Wow! I thought you weren't travelling South America until a year or so.. Guess my memory sucks :(

Try to visit Huacachina, beautiful little city surrounded by dunes! About 6 hours from Lima. It's really beautiful at night! :)

If you ever swing by Brazil and you need some tips, let me know!

Keep on travelling!


Hey thanks @the-alien, yes I definitely wasn't planning to South America this soon, but since I've found myself in Florida now and it's a pretty easy flight there I think it's a good time to go. I'll try my best to go to Huacachina, I want to check out other places other than Lima and Cusco (I'm going there too but would like to see as much of the country as possible.) Any tips for traveling to the Amazon???


Actually I do. It depends if you want to do it only inside Peru in that case you take the boat from Yarimaguas to Iquitos (the main jungle city) but the boats don't come everyday, and they are slow 2-3 days.

Or what I recommend is just to fly to Iquitos, you can do jungle trips (from 1 day to 4 days) depending on your time and budget, you have some choices there, some trips include survival lessons, others include watching animals, like the pink dolphin for example... And of course if you want to do an Ayahuasca session you have plenty of options..

Plus, Iquitos is connected to both Brazil and Colombia if you want to continue your trip elsewhere by boat, in Leticia (the three borders point) they make some good Gator burgers.

But since you just came from Florida, I guess you've had enough of those already ;)

About tips: Do not, I mean do not forget insect repellent! I'm just saying, because according to what I read, you always seem to stumble upon some unique creatures :)

Hope that helped Heidi. And if you have any more questions, just let me know.

Have a great trip and watch out for those Lamas! ;)

Awesome! Have fun in Peru!

This really puts things in perspective. With effort, dreams and aspirations come true.

Better get all your transactions done in the next 5 days! It usually take 3 for a back to process the exchange from Bitcoin to USD!


Don't I know it! I've been on top of it, so no worries ;)

Congratulations, is a great post!

Do you like it?:

Great way to contribute to the community. We are looking forward for your update when you are already there.

that smile though

You have paired writing with travel, and cut out the publisher. This is the new economy, you are an early adopter, and SteemIt made it happen!

nice post!
cool photo
good gob @heiditravels

glad you are having an adventure on land and in water.


Hi Heidi, these travel posts are great and I see you are make enough money from upvotes to be able to travel just on Steem money. That's great, but what about giving it back to the community. You have a lot of Steem Power and could curate a little bit more, giving a chance to other creators. You already have a lot of fans and can get even more by doing this. BTW you won't lose any rewards by upvoting other people work.

Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your amazing trips.

Enjoy the trip to Peru, I'll be travelling vicariously through your blog!

I live in Japan.
Thank you for beutiful photo and nice report.

I wanna do this too! I hope I'll be financially secure like you but I don't know where to start.

Take me with you !! I can carry your luggage !

i like your diving photo
what a beatiful view there

Amazing @heiditravels is always on the move. It's nice to know that you are now funding your travel with steemit. Don't forget to share us all the good things that will happen in your travel.

Yeah, steem can be so nice for someone. It all depends on luck ;)

nice post...

This is so amazing and inspirational :) It's so fabulous that people like you are doing such great things and have such unbelievable experiences all because of this site! My dream is to travel the world, while writing my books. I want to write short story collections based on my travels, and to see what poetry is inspired by the beautiful sights. If you have any tips for a new blogger/aspiring author like me, I would be incredibly grateful! Can't wait to see the places you'll go, @heiditravels !

@heiditravels This is a truly amazing case-study of the power of Steem! I love your writing Heidi! It's direct, simple, and inspirational—easy to read and understand. Have fun in peru Heidi!

Peru is awesome, I lived in Cusco for 10 weeks last summer. When you go to the Sacred Valley it is like going back in time. Don't be afraid to go to ruins that are not Machu Picchu or Ollantaytambo. They are world class and are not overrun by tourists. If I had known about the Qeswachaka rope bridge when I was there I would have gone to see it and walk across it.

Enjoy Peru. I really envy you (only joking. Glad for your part)

Glad to see that Steemit has helped you live out your dreams Heidi!

What a story it is ! Inspirational travelogue in simple words.
I have been to andaman this summer and posted my journey at https://steemit.com/tribes/@girish227252/my-tour-to-andaman-and-nicobar-india-s-treasure-islands
Do visit

When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It’s very simple!