Introducing #steemfunds and @steemfunder

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** Edit! The SBI shares have been awarded **

Shares went to: @dylen, @creyestxsa94, @sarez, @baa.steemit, @preshey, @futuremind, and @sonime

Edit #2: There's now a 1 STEEM #steembounty on this post.

What is #steemfunds?

This account, @steemfunder, is the steem account for the #steemfunds app. We are in early beta with big ideas for taking funding with steem mainstream. We will actively campaign outside of the existing steem community to bring in more users and help them fund their projects.

There is a website in development at

Why does it need to exist?

Right now, anyone who is reading this has the opportunity for steem to change their lives. In steem, we have the incredible potential to help each other out. With the click of a button we are able to exchange and distribute currency.

I've heard stories of Steemians who are making their living with steem. During the #steemcreators conference, we heard that 1 steem could buy four meals in Ghana. This was a fact that blew my mind as I sat with over 10 steem banked in my account and in a room with millions of steempower combined.

Steemfunds needs to exist because there's so much good we can do here with steem. This is about freedom. It is also my (@nikema), personal mission to see good people with the money in their hands needed to do their good work.

Everything that Steem Basic Income stands for, (read the overview) I second. I have a personal interest in creative arts, education, and startups. Those are the areas we will focus on in addition to basic income. We have beautiful groups already in existence, but there's still room in this community for highlighting artists, creators, and entrepreneurs who don't specialize in cryptocurrency.

How we will grow

We are not looking to reinvent the wheel, so we are piggy-backing on the awesome work of steembasicincome and #upfundme.

In this first phase of the project, we will just be sponsoring steembasicincome shares and upvoting non-spam posts in the #steemfunds tag. A post template is coming soon.

In the future, we may have a membership subscription with an exclusive curation trail.

I'm super excited to get started, and I already have some SBI shares so it's time. We'll see how it goes from here.

The contest (this one's over)

I'm giving out a share of Steem Basic Income to the first three commenters on this post who answer the question:

What could you use some extra money for today? Optional: How much would that cost?

Bonus: Join the #dynamicsteemians on Discord

Sign up for our discord server and say, "hi" in # nikema's-tea-shop and I'll sponsor you for an additional share. I will award up to 6 shares to 3 commenters.


while i was reading your post i couldn't avoid getting exited about the idea of how big this platform can become, and the potencial this have to change the life of so many people aroud the world, keep up the good work and welcome to steemit!

Thank you. Steem is already changing my life and has led me to meeting incredible people. There is so much talent and heart around here when you know how to find them.


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Hi @steem-bounty! It doesn't appear that the full 1 steem was rewarded. Am I missing something or maybe I misunderstood how it works?

I failed to vote on my favorite comments. I thought that in that case the community decides.

There should have been the entire bounty paid out. There is currently a bug that if the creator does not vote 80% does not get paid. This will be fixed on Monday. Sorry about that! Looks like $0.2 was paid only.

Did u upvote any comment?

I didn't upvote any. Is it too late to?

Can I get a refund of the 0.80 steem? It still doesn’t look like it was paid.

"Using the Steem blockchain with the goal of financial freedom for all members" it's a wonderful initiative: congratulations, I follow you with great joy!

Thank you. I think we can achieve this!

Yes, I hope so! 🙏🏻

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Buy a gift for my brother because it is his birthday tomorrow. :) And since the steem exchange is very high today, 2 steem is actually already enough to buy a special gift :)

Happy birthday to your brother. We're chatting in Discord right now. Thanks for your comment

He'll turn 8 tomorrow. :) And even at his very young age, he was telling me he wants to join Steemit. HAHA :D And I told him, "Dude, you are still too young to join." HAHAHA :D

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Wow! thank you sooo muuuch :)

Thank you for the welcome @sryashbd666 :)

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I would invest in Steem power.

Hi preshey! That's the popular answer so far. You're my third and last dynamic steemian to sponsor.

The money can make me a more active steemian.

Money is a great motivator, right? You are my second winner.

I'm an ex teacher but I still want to help those special children by giving them some hope at least a little support of what they need for the less abilities and I want to support some of the steemers who might need some helps...

Nice! You're my number three and the first to get the bonus :)

It was just like my prayer had been granted. Thanks

Welcome to Steemit @steemfunder!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

Here are some links you might find useful.
Your stats on SteemNow
Your stats on SteemWorld
Your stats on SteemD
How to use Minnow Booster
How does Steemit actually work?

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to check it out. Maybe I can help in some way.

You are welcome... and hoping for the best out of it ... to build the pc and give them straight away

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I could use it to buy more SP, and in time, pay it forward and help others.

Thanks for commenting @solcross. Do you mind saying how you would help others? You don't have to. I'm just curious.

I've been helped by people here upvoting my content, hosting contests for writers with original/great content. I hope to do that, soon enough as well :)

Yes! I like that and I feel the same. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you too :)

I would invest- re-invest in Steem. This is a great way to add value- fast. Maybe some promotion to increase the pace.

First comment! Ding, ding, ding!

Me too actually. I'm all in with Steem.

I know the contest is closed, but I thought I would still comment because I always find it helpful to put my dreams out into the world.

For a while now I have wanted to engage youth and adults who struggle with self-harm, or non-suicidal self injury (NSSI). I am not a therapist, but I feel there is a huge gap in services for things like community engagement, support groups, art, messaging, curation, etc. I have some plans that I am slowly working on, but they always have to take the back-burner because I have a full time job. My dream is to be able to have the funds to sustain that initiative and either quit, or go down to part-time. In the short term, that looks like building up both SP and my following.

Being realistic, at current Steem-to-USD valuation, I would probably need around 10k SP--delegations included--to make some movement. At 300 SP, I'm quite a ways off from that. Haha.

Thank you for commenting even after the shares had been given out. This is an example of what I'm envisioning. There's so much capital on this platform. I believe that your dreams and all of ours are within reach.

I think it will take some out of the box thinking and intentional community building. In a way, I have time to facilitate that. I don't have a full-time job besides raising and unschooling my kids.

For me, i would invest to my steem power to get more influence over steemit. This way i could also help others.

I'm with you, brother :) You get automatic 2 shares because you're already in the cool kids clique :)

Thanks sis, beautiful introduction, nice initiative, i wish you the best in this.

I could use the extra money to grow my Steem Power to help further support the dynamicsteemians trail!

Awesome. Another double share :)

Awesome! Thank you!!

I think, investing is the perfect way, if it possible... otherwise find different way..

Investing is great. Thanks for sharing :)

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Holaaaaa, esperamos por tus artículos.

Gracias por la bienvenida. I translated "Thanks for the welcome" I hope I got it right :)

I hope you will grow fast. We need you!

Thank you. I'm excited to get this started!

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i could utilize funds at my local farmers market - for produce - I think it would cost 2 or 2.50 a day-

Farmers market sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing. I'm planning more contests and challenges for the near future :)

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