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RE: Introducing #steemfunds and @steemfunder

while i was reading your post i couldn't avoid getting exited about the idea of how big this platform can become, and the potencial this have to change the life of so many people aroud the world, keep up the good work and welcome to steemit!


Thank you. Steem is already changing my life and has led me to meeting incredible people. There is so much talent and heart around here when you know how to find them.


Congratulations! Your submission earned you 0.097 STEEM from this bounty. You have received 0.000 STEEM from the creator of the bounty and 0.097 STEEM from the community!

Hi @steem-bounty! It doesn't appear that the full 1 steem was rewarded. Am I missing something or maybe I misunderstood how it works?

I failed to vote on my favorite comments. I thought that in that case the community decides.

There should have been the entire bounty paid out. There is currently a bug that if the creator does not vote 80% does not get paid. This will be fixed on Monday. Sorry about that! Looks like $0.2 was paid only.

Did u upvote any comment?

I didn't upvote any. Is it too late to?

Can I get a refund of the 0.80 steem? It still doesn’t look like it was paid.

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