I quit my well-paid, secure bank job to make data pretty and do stuff. Hello Steemit!

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Hello wonderful people of Steemit!

I hope that title wasn’t too clickbaity! But I felt it kind of sums up who I am right now.

That's me, smiling :)

My recent life story: I had pretty much all that my parents/grandparents expected of me by age 25: a decent university degree, a safe and relatively interesting job at a major commercial bank, decent salary, nice new apartment with affordable rent, pension fund investment.

My old life: meetings, presentations and toasts...
(lots of form and not much humanity)

But I decided to leave all that behind after my father unexpectedly passed away a few years ago from cancer at a much too young age. I was close to him, but we had a difficult relationship. The lesson his death taught me was a super cliché one, but I felt no way out. I just turned 30, and I was on a single-track railroad slowly but steadily moving forward in my career since I decided to study economics and finance as a teenager in order to maximise my chances to make money.

However, I had never taken a step back to understand who it really was that I wanted to be and what I enjoyed doing – the social pressures of family and peers to become “successful” overtook all my decision-making.

I had lived by the plan that was gently (perhaps even inadvertently) pushed on me like on many kids through middle school, high school and university. I was getting seriously miserable. Time to change everything.

I needed a new philosophy to live by. I decided it would be more or less: “try stuff + let new people and things happen to you + put yourself out there”. That might sound a bit vague, stupid and irresponsible - but it was kind of the opposite of what I had been doing.

I'm pretty tall, Japan is not made for me

One year after quitting, I think I’ve found the vocation I’ve been looking for: Data Visualisation!
I love making interesting but difficult to understand data accessible to people, and I love it when I can help people learn something that they found boring or difficult to understand before.

I’m trying to produce data visualisations every couple of weeks (it’s a lot of work!) and post them here, so follow me if you’re interested. I will always tag them with [OC] in front of the title. Otherwise I like to repost some good data visualisations that I come across and discuss them here on Steemit as well.

I would love to hear if any of you had similar life experiences, and how you worked through them.
Also, if you’re interested in seeing some of my work, please check out my profile and if you really like it I would be grateful about a follow! @remuslord

As an example, I wrote one quick lesson about data journalism by looking at historical terrorism data: https://steemit.com/politics/@remuslord/let-s-discuss-terrorism-data-a-lesson-in-data-journalism

Oh, and a bit about my personal life: I love travelling, particularly to Japan and Korea. I like gaming, sci fi, metal, cryptocurrencies and dogs. I also love fiddling with PCs and Hackintoshes, and I love talking about it too :).

Story time on the doggie beach
And finally here is my proof of existence today! Happy steeming!


Haha, that picture from Japan is insane - how tall are you?
I already told you I am gladly waiting for your introduction weeks ago, finally it's here! Gladly resteeming via @welcoming now!
Liebe Grüße, theaustrianguy

Thank you very much!! :D

Gerne doch ;)

haha I am 202cm tall :). Too fat and unfit to dunk a basketball though!

Was? Bin 180cm und konnte das mit dem richtigen Training^^

LOL danke, als ob ich nicht eh schon genug gedemütigt wurde - jedes mal wenn am Streetball Court die Kinder fragen ob ich dunken kann!

Spaß natürlich. Nehme das alles in meinen alten Jahren nicht mehr ernst ;)

Servus @remuslord, willkommen auf Steemit. Wenn Du Fragen zu Steemit hast, oder Dich mit anderen deutschen „Steemians“ austauschen magst, schaue einfach mal in unserem Chat vorbei: https://steemit.chat/channel/deutsch

Welcome @remuslord! So glad came across this post. Thanks to @welcoming. I took and a year later, taught a class on Information Visualization a year ago and it was using Tableau to read in large datasets and find trends, correlations, etc. Learned so many DOs and DONTs of Info Viz and it's been one of my favorite classes I ever took during my undergrad.

I'm also a big fan of r/dataisbeautiful on reddit so I'm looking forward to see what all you have to share with us! :)

Thanks for the warm welcome! That’s great to find fellow data viz enthusiasts here! :) I haven’t come across many!
I’ve worked with tableau a lot as well and really enjoy it as a tool. Otherwise I work a lot with gephi as well, but I’m trying to learn d3.js. Just don’t have much of a programming background so it’s an uphill struggle.
That’s so cool that you also got to teach data visualisation! :) What are you working on at the moment?

One of the assignments for the class involved using Gephi for network visualizations of, say, your Twitter or Facebook. And yes, Tableau is so easy and has a lot of good features. I've never used d3.js..

I'm finishing up Graduate school right now. Then on to work life haha

Cool! What's your major then? Computer science? Any plans for jobs yet?

Yes! Getting my Masters in Computer Science. Got a semester left. After graduation, I'm moving down to Texas. Got a job lined up there 😁

wow! texas, awesome. never been there. actually only been to new york and boston (that's all i know of the USA) :)
best of luck then! looking forward to seeing some of your data viz's :)!

I've never been to Texas either so it'll be a huge jump from the Midwest haha.

Looking forward to your posts as well! 😃

Toll Dich hier zu haben!!! Habe Deinen Post in unserem Discord channel gefunden. Nur weiter so!!! Tag #steemit-austria dass wir Dich finden

OK Mach ich! Danke für den Tipp, habs vergessen :))

Dann übersehe ich die posts nicht von unseren Austrians 😉

Hi & welcome to Steemit!
Oh I love Korea so much <3 <3 <3 unfortunatelly I still didn't visit Japan yet, it's on the top of my wishlist ^_^
And I'm a huge dog person too, as you can see on my profile :D
All the best of luck for you here, looking forward to reading your posts!

Thank you for the warm welcome :). I reeeeeally recommend to visit Korea, the people are wonderful and the food is incredible!

I agree! I was there twice already, it's one of my favourite places ^_^ and yes, the food is indeed incredible!

I'd love to be able to do the same right now, that is, quit a secure and well paid job to do things that I really enjoy. Going through your data visualization posts I am very impressed with your work and I am still shaking my head at how undervalued this skill of producing good data visualization is at the moment. Please visit the #blockchainbi group on Discord because we would love to see you there!

Thanks for the encouraging post! I will come by on discord. I'm always looking for new topics and data to visualise!

We'll have to chat more on Discord then! Love to collaborate since I am good with concepts but bad with execution (one day I will try to learn d3.js :p). Here's an invite to blockchainbi on Discord: https://discord.gg/tuWEeh but please feel free to DM as well. Love to chat about how to make it over there in a foreign country. I assume you have connected with the expats in Japan as well?

Yeah I really wanna learn D3.js as well :), but it's a big nugget to crack coming from a non-programming background. I'm not living in Japan actually, sorry that was a miscommunication :D. I would love to one day, I just visit every year or so. I live in Austria, where I grew up. But I'm hoping to move to either Japan or Korea soon. Where are you and where are you hoping to go? :)
PS: Collaboration would be fantastic! Let me know what kind of topics you are hoping to cover!

Congratulations @remuslord, all the best for your new life around data! I look forward to seeing your posts and hearing about where life takes you! Welcome to steemit!

Thank you for the warm welcome! :)

Ye know I'm not sure I've ever read a text you've written that was this long! Can certainly hear your voice when reading it (stole that one from Jill). Very candid and genuine, just the qualities one needs to succeed in this brand new age of digital heroes. Looking forward to many entries in #dataisbeautiful!

super candid and honest my friend, I really enjoyed reading this. Also seeing your transformation from slick banker to quirky professor in pictures is fun heehee.
[edit] I just saw that Zeroooc beat me to the punch! He showed me your post in the first place actually and we were talking about how much we liked it <3
Also I totally can hear your voice reading this. true story. XD

I can relate. I am working on leaving my corporate job very soon... After a major auto accident, I started to look at life very differently...Best of luck.

Yeah, it's these traumatic events that force us to change our outlook on life completely sometimes. Many people thought I was crazy on taking that step, but it was absolutely necessary and I have zero regrets today! Best of luck to you too! There are many ways to make a living :)

At first I thought, how did you make it, to boost your sp to 44 with your first post haha
Nevertheless I liked to read this one :)

Haha thanks for the comment! It just took me a while to build up the courage to present myself so publicly :). And I wasn't sure how deep I should get!

You are welcomed. Wish you luck and success.

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