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RE: I quit my well-paid, secure bank job to make data pretty and do stuff. Hello Steemit!

Welcome @remuslord! So glad came across this post. Thanks to @welcoming. I took and a year later, taught a class on Information Visualization a year ago and it was using Tableau to read in large datasets and find trends, correlations, etc. Learned so many DOs and DONTs of Info Viz and it's been one of my favorite classes I ever took during my undergrad.

I'm also a big fan of r/dataisbeautiful on reddit so I'm looking forward to see what all you have to share with us! :)


Thanks for the warm welcome! That’s great to find fellow data viz enthusiasts here! :) I haven’t come across many!
I’ve worked with tableau a lot as well and really enjoy it as a tool. Otherwise I work a lot with gephi as well, but I’m trying to learn d3.js. Just don’t have much of a programming background so it’s an uphill struggle.
That’s so cool that you also got to teach data visualisation! :) What are you working on at the moment?

One of the assignments for the class involved using Gephi for network visualizations of, say, your Twitter or Facebook. And yes, Tableau is so easy and has a lot of good features. I've never used d3.js..

I'm finishing up Graduate school right now. Then on to work life haha

Cool! What's your major then? Computer science? Any plans for jobs yet?

Yes! Getting my Masters in Computer Science. Got a semester left. After graduation, I'm moving down to Texas. Got a job lined up there 😁

wow! texas, awesome. never been there. actually only been to new york and boston (that's all i know of the USA) :)
best of luck then! looking forward to seeing some of your data viz's :)!

I've never been to Texas either so it'll be a huge jump from the Midwest haha.

Looking forward to your posts as well! 😃

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