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RE: I quit my well-paid, secure bank job to make data pretty and do stuff. Hello Steemit!

I'd love to be able to do the same right now, that is, quit a secure and well paid job to do things that I really enjoy. Going through your data visualization posts I am very impressed with your work and I am still shaking my head at how undervalued this skill of producing good data visualization is at the moment. Please visit the #blockchainbi group on Discord because we would love to see you there!


Thanks for the encouraging post! I will come by on discord. I'm always looking for new topics and data to visualise!

We'll have to chat more on Discord then! Love to collaborate since I am good with concepts but bad with execution (one day I will try to learn d3.js :p). Here's an invite to blockchainbi on Discord: but please feel free to DM as well. Love to chat about how to make it over there in a foreign country. I assume you have connected with the expats in Japan as well?

Yeah I really wanna learn D3.js as well :), but it's a big nugget to crack coming from a non-programming background. I'm not living in Japan actually, sorry that was a miscommunication :D. I would love to one day, I just visit every year or so. I live in Austria, where I grew up. But I'm hoping to move to either Japan or Korea soon. Where are you and where are you hoping to go? :)
PS: Collaboration would be fantastic! Let me know what kind of topics you are hoping to cover!

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