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Steemit.com Is a platform that rewards authors for posting on their social media platform through the reward pools and blockchain.

and where the money comes from?
nobody knows, even God started it Clearly that this world was created from nothing, so is the money on steemit created from tiny air.
makes lot of sense?
lets go deeper

steemit.com works on the blockchain of steem so the authors are rewarded with steem/sbd for their post on the blockchain social media platform,
votes are shared and can change if the voters have larger steem power,
steem power is the influence token that allows users perform duties on the steemit platform,

steem power determines the amount of reward you get for authoring a post.
good contents gets up voted and gets Reward, bad contents gets you flagged
flagged make you turn invisible, invisibility make you loss Reputation, Reputation is a trust on the platform that your contents are original, you lacking it nobody get closed to you.

and now i am introducing This project to help steemit achieve,growth, elevate, promote, and also to help minnow and newbies on the platform not only them creative people, talented steemains, but to exposed to the world before steemit.com came into existence.


What is #Project-Atlas

Project Atlas in short means Freelancing activities on the steemit platform,
launching of this project is a great deal for me as i am new to the community of steemit and knows that the whales has alot of powers to determine how an author can earn payouts,all my short time on steemit i have been trying to fathom an idea out that i can use to promote steem/sbd and the platform in general.

i am not here for the reward and those flag of wars,
i am only here trying to create something iconic, making history and promoting the platform in general and i need the supports of the Whales/dolphins/Minnows cause every one has something to offer like the famous qoute of Steemgigs
why many will say the project looks alike but i don't think so as #Project-Atlas mission is to attract alot of freelancers out there offer them a job make them have an account on steemit before they could get the sbd payment isnt that awesome

but before the project can attract alot of folks freelancers and non freelancers the steemit community had to start offering jobs to lot of Freelancers here.

I'm i making sense?

the #project Atlas however is here to promote steem/sbd/steemit to another level with a disguise but with a good intentions of making other users outside of the steem blockchain to see what they have been missing on the social media blockchain, and get attracted to it
and to draw them in to benefitting immersely like all of us.

#project atlas is here to offer and get steemit post out of the box, and not only the mindset of posting on steemit and getting rewards.
the project is set to get Steemit authors post out of steemit site and promoted on other platform with the help of the #Project-Atlas community who runs the work and let more people reads author post in and outside steemit.

many authors on the steemit blockchain only post for the gain of the pool Rewards and are not really doing it for the blockchain,
but with project Atlas we get your post off steemit and promote the links of your steemit post by the community and the participants who did the job also get paid for promoting post of steemit to other social networking sites to get to read and see that steemit.com can pay them for their post.
(promoting steemit post) (we also promote non steemit post)

many will not agree with me on this as they believe the followers you have and with alot of steem power is all we need, yes you are right, as
one vote can change your live on steemit

post quality content you want to. share out and not only for the reward, give to Project-Atlas that allows 30 steemian retweet/resteem/share/comment/in and out of the steem blockchain and make you post something to remember.

images (7).jpeg

#Project-Atlas also offers a Freelancing services like many Freelancing jobs out their.
the whole purpose this was set up was to promote steem/sbd on the market (and might draw attention of different kinds of people from each work campaigns and around the world to the platform steemit.com )
we are busy everyday promoting steem/sbd

either you need writers/graphics designer/website designers/followers retweets/emailing/subscribing on youtube/instagram followers /and so on

the project also promote non steemit post like facebook, Instagram or Twitter (retweeting sharing, my space and lots more by the community of project Atlas)

what this means is that you can ask for works/jobs like Upvoting on reddit pinterest pin or ask the project to solve a promotional campaign for you the client and the workers in #Project-Atlas on steemit get paid with sbd or steem.
(by this way we are promoting steem/sbd on the crypto world)


i would say the #Project-Atlas concentrate more on promoting other platform as getting that mentality of the steemit platform of making money from the reward pools inorder to attract new clients and new users to the platform but the good news is the workers involved are all from steemit even if the worker get the invites from multiple campaign and participate on the minor job he/she has to have a steemit wallet to get their Rewards.


everything new workers not on steemit need to know about steemit would be pined to our discord and Telegram community, starting clearly all payments will be paid through sbds/steem

###Services #Project-Atlas offers
the service we offer are as followed


we promote steemit and non steemit post like as the project suggested Atlas this time we are hooking out of the box *MAP and platform to get steemit across to all people who need Freelancing and offers a Freelancing Jobs (Facebook /twitter/my space/Reddit/LinkedIn/Pinterest) etc
an author, organizations, companies can ask for a promotional activities for their content, brands post, the community takes charge and do the necessary things involve,
at the end of the day the workers who participated get paid with sbd or steem (we are busy everyday promoting steem/sbd)

Commenting services/up votes

a steemit user or other social networking Users, company, organizations, running a contest or showing off their brands to the world could ask for our service either on steemit or any platforms that they wants to showcase their brands to.

with how many users comments the clients needs, the community provides the services of the client by commenting on the said platform given to us the community,users pay and fiat coverted to sbd/steem and send to the each steemit wallet (we are busy everyday promoting steem/sbd)

Resteem services on steemit

this time theirs no bot involved, the community gets involved
clients ask their post to get resteemed to either two thousand followers "2000"
announcement is made on the discord channel asking the community if there's any one with two thousand followers once there is, the job is given to the user who got all qualities, also if another client ask for a resteem by a user who has 700 or 8000 ,100 and so on follwers announcement is made on discord channel and given to qualify candidates once the users submits prove of work,
fiat is transferred to their wallet (we are busy everyday promoting steem)

other scenario client can ask seventy (70) users to Resteem their post and not looking either they have high followers or not as they just want the post to get some how lucky visibility.
though resteeming doesn't guarantee your post to get high payout but who knows?
you might just get lucky.

note later in the future once "The Resteem count" has been included this service would be more useful on the steemit platform and we would be getting more clients for this services.

the whole summary of this resteeming service on steemit is that the client makes the decision of how he wants his/her post to be resteemed either with groups of account with little followers or just an account with much followers all #Project-Atlas do is to make announcement on the channel to check for the availability of your wants
(we are busy everyday promoting steem/sbd)

Followers in and out of steemit

#Project-Atlas with the help of its community can offer followers to their Clients either on steemit or any other social networking platform,
clients ask for the specific amount of followers, announcement is made, workers are selected for the following job
work is done, proves are submitted on our community discord channel sbd transfered to workers who done with proves their job
(we are busy everyday promoting steem/sbd)


Up voting authors post when they pay for votes steemit and non steemit post

for the steemit, steemians paying for votes is not going to take place as soon as this project kickstart as we have no whales/dolphines supporting this project and no steem power delegation for now,
steemians paying for votes may only take place if we have investors to support this project #Project-Atlas and i am calling out for help or when blockTrades start leasing Delegation
then delegation could be bought to help the community grow as post promotion gets curated to keep the community and platform alive.


#Project-Atlas with the community can offer any type of Freelancing jobs either on steemit or outside steemit
bring your Freelancing jobs, announcements is made on the discord channel, users with the quality, ideas, and past work as prove gets the job
after job is done with necessary prove and materials sbd is sent to the workers wallet
who participate.
what are we doing?
we are busy everyday promoting steem/sbd

. 1515092812689.jpg

how is promoting other social media's post or other Freelancing services helping the steem. blockchain or steemit platform

by finishing the task given by the client either the client involve on the task given is a steemian or not, theirs no way i won't tell him about transferring sbd and trying to explain to him about the Steemit platform and how payments is being made to the workers but if he doesn't comply he sends the money with any means, the money is then converted to sbd/steem to pay the workers who participated on the minor jobs assigned to them earlier, by rewarding and paying the workers with sbd,/steem we are promoting the value of steem/sbd on the market,


work Process/Payment process

A Client ask for a service, #Project-Atlas admin/mod announced, #Project-Atlas admin/mode choose quality workers,
after work is done prove is sent to client, client is satisfied,
#Project-Atlas admin/mod deliver sbd to workers/Participate (we are busy everyday/Promoting steem/sbd

#Project-Atlas The Road Map 2018/2019

the sole purpose of this project is a test run of what the main project would be,

** A Freelancing website where workers get paid with steem/sbd for offering or doing minor jobs listed above.

and with the arrival of smt everything gets much and a lot easier,
a website that pays workers for doing minor jobs/Freelancing with the steem/sbd fiat

this project is on a beta mode, and we are calling on everyone to support and help promote this project as it is first of is kind
whales/dolphines /investors as we calculate and pay back profits
delegating Steem power is not necessary or compulsory as a method of supporting this platform,
you can support this Project #Project-Atlas
by resteeming, writing an article about it,
how you feel and your perspective,
help Tell steemians about #Project-Atlas
and join the community either to offer a job or as a worker

be part of this awesome and Rising community/ offer small jobs to workers either on steemit and out of steemit or work for services offered by clients.

lets get busy everyday Promoting sbd/steem

Calling out idealistic/Creative steemians

i am trying to build a team of #Project-Atlas who are hard working, courageous, and can sacrifice time for this project to stand at its feet.

contact me on discord if you would like to partner/give out ideas/advice/be part of the Team.

Project-Atlas gets activated as soon as community reach a milestone of 500users or more as this announcement is being made to get attention and to Grow the community to attract clients,

i already have jobs from Records labels that are not on steemit to help trend their twitter post.
i have to hold for a while for the community to be capable of that or Decline if no swift response.

lets get busy everyday Promoting Steem/sbd out of the platform out of the map and back.

support This project by joining the community here




Facebook page

Lets make this work


Am fulling in support
Good job

thanks, you can join the discord channel..

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Nice idea here @project-atlas, moon is our beginning..

amen cause the moon is our playground, #Project-Atlas

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This is a nice innovation for getting the word out. Count me in!

you are welcome, as minor works has already begun contact us on http://discord.gg/6wQR7nG to participate

Interesting will like to know more about this project-atlas

all you need to know about the project is their on this blog, but if you still don't understand say project Atlas is a Freelancing work on steemit in order to promote steem/sbd we pay our workers with sbd

The idea look so nice. I'm considering giving my 100%

thanks so much, follow. me create something iconic join our discord channel

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