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Hello my name is proctologic and i have been really sick for the last few years.

I got diagnosed as servere ADHD so i have defintetly been struggeling to be active on Steemit.

I still have manged to put all my energy to help out new users in the background in Steemit.Chat Discord and Telegram the last year but my own work is falling behind.

Im getting treatment for ADHD within a few weeks and hope to be able to focus to work with my own projects and start trading again as i was very successful after learned by my great mentor @fyrstikken

I hope you still bare with me after not beeing myself for the last two years and keep supporting me and my work here.

If you missed to read my last post its here.


2017-10-31 06.11.38.jpg

Here is some old pictures from a photoshoot when i young and innocent.


collage-2017-10-31 (1).png

And now for the best part. Bunnys for the beutiful @patelicho that always supported me through my hardest times in life.

collage-2017-10-31 (2).png

This is my new setup for trading when i hopefully come back to life again.

Pink Panther is alway whatching my work.

2017-10-31 06.11.38.jpg

This is my new setup for trading when i hopefully come back to life again.

Peace out


first concentrate on your health now ! step by step. Youll be back again.

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Welcome to Steemit, @proctologic. You are fully supported, take your time. That's a sweet setup there. Have fun, Keep Steeming On!

congratulations on the return

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Hello proctologic!
Thank you for your message. I went to the page where you give a lot of detail about ADHD, and I found it highly educational.

  Please clarify what you have in mind when you say “supporting me and my work here”.  I ask you this question because I want to think about the prospects of collaborating with you in some way and by that means provide a response that would be helpful.

 Thanks in advance.

P.S. When you search my profile you will see it empty, and that is by design. I am a university professor, a book author, and I have a substantial history at senior levels in a large corporate enterprise.

Well i an a witness and a blogger and all this i have put aside just to help new users fulltime just to dont let anyone down

Since supporting new users is preventing you from doing the things that you would normally do as a witness and a blogger, it means that you are more or less fully tied up providing community service.

This says to me that the community, and particularly the leaders who rely upon the viability of the community, should respond by at least discussing what we could do to provide support and that is not limited to up-votes (I did provide up-votes, by the way). Support that is limited to the allocation of SBD and SP is not a particularly meaningful, in my opinion.

Some group within the community needs to be organized to discuss and deliver support that is far more meaningful than that. Have you seen discussion of this proposition elsewhere?

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