When you try to act like you know somebody to make a friend

My first day on steemit seems like a party where I don't know any one, people are either looking at their phones or in a close knit circle, and I just kinda act like I know someone and start commenting on their take on cryptocurrency.
First glance it seems like a place full of original content, a double take it seems like everyone is oddly enjoyable towards each other.
Possibly too nice, but like I said, it's my first day.
I love to travel and experience different types of life, have deep conversation that makes me question consciousness, and a good laugh.
I write and take photographs, so stay tuned.
I preform standup comedy at shit open mics anywhere in the world I am.
I also frequently take photos of people eating..
Currently in SE Asia but going to Europe soon, send me your coffee shops and coin forums!
I love the collective calling it a community, and I look forward to meeting all of you.



Nice, a new Steemian, more or less ^^ Hello Pattymayonnaise I hope you have fun on Steemit. feel free to contact or follow me at any time :-) See you around @chrisx

Welcome to steemit community. At Steemit we are all together like a Family. We help each other in information sharing and grow together along with steem community. Feel free to contact or follow me any time :) @hafizulislam

Hello! Glad to see more people like you - here joining steemit !! @pattymayonnaise

Love the username! Welcome!

Haha! Cool intro. Welcome to steemit! I've always wanted to publish a book of photography featuring unsuspecting restaurant patrons as they are "mid-bite"...but, of course this would take time, money, a camera, talent, etc...I have none of these, so I guess that's that. Upvoted and following btw.

Welcome to steemit, happy to have you here

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