Introduction - The old man with a gamer tag and a new kidney

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Hey there, my name is Tony and I'm a 47 year old former math teacher, married for 25 years with one daugther. I used to spend most of my evenings at the park coaching soccer. I coached my daughter's team from the age of 4 to 18 and coached the girls soccer team at the school I taught at. Boy, has my life changed I've been medically retired since December 2011, when my kidneys failed. I had a kidney transplant in October 2013. I've got a laundry list of ailments that keep me from working, driving, and limits my mobility; but this is no sob story. It is what it is and there is no reason to dwell on things beyond my control, it is not health to mope around; LIFE IS GOOD.
I keep busy refurbishing electronics, and hitting auctions, thrift stores, and yard sales looking for good deals to fix/clean up to resell on eBay. I opened an eBay store; Silver Lion Trading Company (Tonysilverlion) that has helped supplement my income; it also gives me a revenue stream for my coin collecting hobby. I recently started building gaming computers, 3 so far; one for myself and a couple for my nephews. I hadn't played computer games since my 20's, but they got me back into playing recently. I still use the same gamertag I created on the original xbox many moons ago. I have 2 beautiful grandsons, 3 & 1 yrs old. These guys make every minute I am with them golden. Like I said LIFE IS GOOD.

coach tony.jpg
seems like so long ago. Always at the park, 5 days a week.

coaching u12.jpg
they were so little.

mi familia.jpg
These two beautiful ladies have been my rocks for the last 6 years.

anna n me.jpg
I don't know what I would do without this pain in the ass in my life.

my boys.jpg
My two little guys visiting me after my last surgery.

can I have some.jpg
My companion when the wife is at work.

selfie7 12.jpg

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