My Introduction, My Story, All About ME

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Reaching a milestone of 500+ followers and a reputation of 50 within 3 months on Steemit is a great feeling & a sense of achievement. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to all my Steemit followers who would be interested in knowing more about myself. I would like to share today, my 3 months experience and something about myself also.

On my family front, I am a married woman and have one Son. I am quite a family person and my two boys mean the world to me, and both of them reciprocate equally. Both of them also motivate me a lot to continue my work on Steemit. I come from a very simple family background and I believe that one needs to keep life as simple as possible. One thing that is very important for me is Discipline in life, because I believe that will describe your character and tell the opposite person of what you are. I currently live in Oman, Muscat but as such from India, Mumbai.

On my professional front I am a HR & Training Consultant. I worked with MNCs for 20 years and since last two years I have quit and started my own practice. I enjoy my work a lot, specially my Training work. It brings in lot of joy to me, when I see happy faces.

Besides all of this, I have passion for Yoga, Teaching Meditation, Counselling and doing Crystal Therapies. All of these passions gives me an opportunity to reach out to people and assist them in whatever big or small way I can. When people say that I have made some difference to them that is where I feel that my life has been meaningful. It brings me joy beyond words.
I am very fond of my Crystal work, I feel they talk to me and give me solutions to all that I seek to them. I will share a few Crystal tips in my blogs to follow which will be helpful to one and all to overcome little little obstacles of life.

My normal day routine starts with first thing in morning a minimum of half an hour to 1 hour of Yoga practice along with a short meditation, then the normal house chores follow. After that I spend some time on my HR projects, client meetings. Post that is my Crystal Therapy work and a good amount of Meditation time. Then rest of the day is all the other usual things, and yes these days Steemit has also become a part of my schedule.

I think life is very beautiful, everyday there is something new to explore and learn, one should always be open to learning, there is no end to it, irrespective of whatever stage you are in your life. One should spend a lot of time in nature because that is where you will learn to appreciate the small things of life and you will also know what real joy is.
I feel I am very blessed in life, I have all that I have wished for. I love to travel a lot, and I have had the privilege to explore quite a few countries. My belief is that Travelling makes you a more confident and an independent person. Besides all of these I love Music, Dancing and Reading.

What I can’t stand is when people try to gain sympathy with sad stories. This is what irritates me the most, I believe that there is no person who does not have challenges in life, but how you face it matters a lot. You can sit and cry and expect things will change by itself or you can confront it and find out solutions. I always respect hard working and honest people and people who value what they have in life. It’s good to be aspiring, I am also one of them I do wish for big things in life, I have big dreams and aim for very high, but at the same time I do have respect for what my life is right now and I am very grateful for all that I have. I work towards what I want, if my efforts are sufficient enough with the right attitude I am sure all my dreams will come true.

I hate to see so much of terrorism in the world, my heart goes out to all those people who are suffering from terrorism activities throughout the world. They are so helpless, I wish I can do more for these people. There are millions of people who do not have basics of life and it is really sad to see that where one part of the world is so prospering there is one dark side where so many are suffering without any choice.

So this is more or less about me, I wish that I can do more meaningful work on Steemit and have a long term relationship with Steemit.

Now I will share my 3 months experience on Steemit

The 3 months that have been here, there is no much earning that I have had even after posting quality content, but I will say that I have had lot of learnings. Yes like many others, I also initially thought that Steemit is just like any other social media platform. That’s not true, first of all one needs a lot of discipline here in terms of content if one needs to be successful.

Though my earnings have not been great, but at the same time I have had lot of genuine people appreciating my work and content, which is a very proud moment for me. Genuinely people have appreciated my content especially on Meditations and that is where I feel accomplished. If my meditation guidance can bring in a change even to one single individual then I feel that I have been meaningful on this platform. Yes I have felt bad when people have pointed out my mistakes and have been in a defensive mode also but I want to thank each one for their guidance, They have assisted me to reach to a level where I am now 100% confident of what I will write and what I will not. My special Thanx to @Ana-Maria, she has been absolutely a fantastic Steemit mentor for me. Never shy off to respond to any of my questions. A very gentle and kind soul is what I can say for her.

In this community there are no known members to me, everyone I am interacting is for the first time. Personally I do not like harsh people, I have also come across such here who have been abusive too, where I was completely taken back and also felt that I do not wish to continue on such platform where people do not respect each other. Now I feel it’s all a part of learning and exposure. My advice to each one here is be nice and gentle to every person who is interacting with you. If you do not wish to reply its ok, but do not try to humiliate anyone

With this I would like to give a special thanx to all of these people who have been so kind and supported me in some or the other way.

@BitcoinButter @Drakos @Ahsansaeed @Amarvarane @Amit.Sharma @Anishraj03 @atsteemit2010 @Chetan.padliya @Cryptogrind @cuteve @Daniel.evergreen @Dreamgirl12 @DropAhead @Elenahornfilm @Emma @Fawadnaseem @fazil.memon @Gauss01 @Goddyvips @Himshweta @Joythewanderer @Karenmckersie @Coolbuddy @Liberty-minded @Lindahas @Mandolincarls @Marius19 @Must @Niceviewsua @Nicholas.cooper @Nicolae.pavelean @Paps @Plojslydia @Proctologic @Rituparnaghosh @Samer484 @Samiam @Sauravrungta @Sirwinchester @Smilexyz03 @Supriya.ghosh @Therichext @Yoganarchista @Yuvadeep @Veeru @Xyzashu


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Many thanks for your warm welcome. I went through your link and have followed u as well. Unfortunately i dont meet your second criteria since i have 500 followers as of date. Regards Nainaz

Grats on the milestones, looks like you have had quite a steemit journey

Indeed. The journey was exciting and enjoying every moment of it :)

Thank you very much for your kind words! 😊

I can't skip saying how much your son looks like you.

Many thanks Ana Maria for being my mentor. Indeed appreciate the same.

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Many thanks for your upvote on my post. It indeed bloosted my morale. Regards Nainaz

Many thanks for your kind support as always.

Thanks for the great post! I think you might like my work as well so feel free to take a look sometime.

Definately firepower, i am already following u and shall review your posts as well. Thanks for your support and kind words.

Checked your posts . They are truely amazing. Super stuff. Regards Nainaz

Welcome to Steem @nainaztengra I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Many thanks for your kind gesture. Indeed appreciate the same. Following u now.

you are such good person and very enthusiastic and also love your photography . god bless you and your family.

Many thanks for your beautiful word's. Means a lot to self. Glad that u enjoyed my post.

Congratulations on your introduceyourself @nainaztengra it is refreshing to see where people live and what they do to find happiness in life.

Learning about the platform before posting and finding your feet first was a wonderful way to become involved.

Thanks dear for caring to read my post and appreciating the efforts. Following u.

Hi, I'm George. Welcome to Steemit. Feel free to interact with people, ask questions where you are confused and make friends. Here in Steemit, we love each other as family.

Many thanks George for your kind and supportive words . Indeed appreciated. We shall be in touch on PM.

Okay, hope to hear from you. You can find me on discord also.

Invite expired it says :)

Okay. If you are already on discord you can still interact

Welcome @nainaztengra to Steemit!

I hope you like steemit. Much success!

I wrote a post about how to earn more money on steemit with and without investment, maybe this is something for you!

Many thanks for your suggestions. Shall surely review your post. Following u now.

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That's a great intro post, Nainaz! You are doing a lot in your life with so diverse interests and hobbies. Looking forward to learn many new things from you. Waiting for your crystal post soon.

I feel sorry for some unpleasant experiences you had on this platform in such a short journey. But you know, that's how this world is. Your traveling experiences and a love to interact with new people has already made you a very humble and kind soul. I'm sure you will spread your love, kindness and positive vibes all over this platform to make it a wonderful place for all of us.

Keep Steeming on! My best wishes for fulfillment of all your dreams!


Thanks a lot for remembering & mentioning me here! 💓

Thank you very much dear for your kindness, at the end of this life journey what matters most is how you want people to think of you. I wish you a very happy and successful life

Hola! You have been signed up for some time now so thanks for the intro, it's been an intresting read. This post was nice so I upvoted it and maybe upvote some of my stuff too!
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Many thanks for your kind words and your suggestions. Indeed appreciate the same. Following u now and shall surely review your posts. Regards Nainaz

You have a great positive attitude and grasp on the better things in life! Loved your post!

Thank you dear for your support as always. You have been a dear friend and a well wisher and i indeed appreciate your support. Many thanks for being there:)

Thanka vinnu for your support and a unique way of expressing it. Loved it. Following u as well.

I second the motion!^ :D

Very nice well-written post Nainaz... Happy to know about yourself and your Steemit journey.... Thanks for sharing your experience & your regular lifestyle... Congratulations for the great achievement... Wish you all the best for future.... God bless you and your family.... @supriya1993

Many thanks dear for your kind words and appreciating my efforts.

Many thanks. Following u as well.

So much information @nainaztengra thanks for sharing.

Thanks. Thats all about me and my experiences. Hope u enjoyed reading.

Great post and very informative. @nainaztengra Have learnt a lot from it.

Many thanks. We should never be shy of learning at any stage im life. Following u as well.

One awesome post! & A Great Family!
Much Love!!!

Thanks Amit for your kind words and support as always. Regards Nainaz

Wellcome to steemit @nainaztengra ... nice to meet you

Same here . Its a pleasure indeed. Following u

Beautiful and amazing nainaz 😊😊👍👌

Many thanks my highness for your vote :)

Thank you for the mention :) you are doing great on here... keep it up!

Thanks for your support dear. U have been great too on this platform and truely appreciate your posts and your support.

Welcome to steemit, nice post

welcome sto steemit...i hope you"ll enjoyed

Indeedm every bit of it.

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Many thanks for your support as always

Congrats and admiring your effort. Do keep it up. Btw, just curious whether we can put the tag introduceyourself again , I did that when I want to reintroduce myself ( agree that after some experiments know how to introduce ourself better right, I did that too..) but somehow I was warned 😁

Thanks for your kind words and support. Following u.

congratulations Nainaztengra (not sure what is the first name haha)!
You have a great blog I always enjoy reading ^_^

Paps my first name is Nainaz and i always write it at the end. Thanks for your support as always abd appreciating my posts

Welcome nainaztengra, the more time I spend here the more I think that the overall architecture of this platform is truly amazing.

I partially agree with you. However feel that the whales having ample money and steem power dominate out here and more should be done to support majority minnows like us. Otherwise people will get frustrated due to limited earnings and leave this platform.

You're welcome :)

Heartiest Congratulations. No doubt about you are doing great on Steemit. Best of luck for infinite success on Steemit. upvote & start following you @nainaztengra !

Thank you very much for your wishes

Wish you best of luck on steemit! Thanks for mentioning me.

Thank you and wish you good luck

Congratulations on your achievements on steemit thus far! Love your picture of the crystals - they can be useful for so many things, like healing or energy work or manifestation. I just wish I could motivate myself to meditate regularly.

Thanks buddy for your appreciation. Means a lot to me. I shall be posting a few posts on crystals and their benefits in the coming days. Do look out for the posts. Following u.

It's pretty cool to think someone's mom is on steemit, posting and sharing good content. Wish my mom was on it...

Dont worry my dear, yoi should not expect your mom to be like anyone else. So what if she is not on steemit, she may be doing other things which matters more. Its all about priority my dear

Really nice to know a bit more about you :)

Wish you best of luck to make it big on Steemit! Cheers XD

Thank you and Wish you all the very best dear

i made only 300+ followers in two months. clearly people don't like me... ha ha ha

I have followed u as well so that makes it 301 :) ha ha ha. Thanks for your suppprt.

Owwwo Amazing Introduction... Love it... Welcome to our family...

Thank you very much and wish you all the very best

congratulation @ nainanztengra.. happy family and be better and better.

Thank you for your wishes

congrats ...Please follow me and check my blogs

Thanks Rahul. Following u now. Regards Nainaz

Welcome to Steemit! hoping to read more about your journey here

Definately dear. I shall try my best to post quality original content. Following u

Followed back :)

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Thank you very much

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Congratulations to you!!! Great going...its really great to see you reach so far :D

Thank you very much for your appreciation

Nice so many followers :)

Thanks dear. Trying to post quality genuine content for my followers.

Congrats on your 500 followers milestone. You looked so young even though your son is already grown up

Yes. Meditation and yoga has made me look younger :) i got married at an early age.

congrats for 500 followers and nice introduction

Many thanks buddy for your support as always.

This is actually some wonderful work! Followed

Thanks for the compliment. Followed u as well.

Congratulations 💟💟i just follow you for supported you can also follow me to supported me 🙏

Thanks and followed u as well .

@nainaztengra, Nice Introduction and nice to know about your family and hobbies. Followed, Resteemed and Upvoted.

Many thanks buddy for your positive comments. Followed u as well.

You are welcome and Thanks for following me.