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Hey all!
I'm brand new to this, and have never been good at speaking about myself.
I don't even think anyone will be able to read this, seeing as I currently have precisely 0 followers, ha!.
But anyways, i'm Matthew, 26 years old from Sydney, Australia (yes, I ride around in a kangaroo).
I'm a school teacher and avid traveller. Most of my posts will be photos I take along my journeys, a bit of humor, and possibly the occasional crypto post.
I am also an advocate for OMAD (one meal a day) in which you eat.... well, one meal a day!.
I have so far lost 15kgs from doing this and am more than happy to help people start there own weight loss journey! Because I know it can be hard to do alone.
I havn't much idea how to use this platform yet, but will slowly work it out and hopefully improve as time goes on.
If no one reads this, then I guess it was fun to talk a bit about myself, but if you do read it, then thank you and I wish you nothing but the best! 😁
Untill next time!.... or post


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Hello Mathew,
Welcome to steemit
First of all, I admire your humor """i dont even think anyone will be able to read this"" this made me laugh.
welcome to steemit once more, we are glad you joined our community. steemit is not just about money, its about building relationships with other users, your attitude, dedication passion and enthusiasm should drive you into producing great contents, i can see you are good at expressing yourself and you like to travel. Well you are on the right platform, here you can express yourself adequately by posting pictures and content.
Feel free to link up with communities at your disposal
Minnow Support Project
Minnow University
Minnows Accelerator Project
Here are a few tips, i hope it helps

  1. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the faqs
  2. Always keep your password safe and secure
  3. Never steal a content from somewhere else
  4. Always be yourself, work diligently, with dedication, and passion
  5. Always use the necessary tags when posting
  6. Comment adequately and find a mentor for adequate mentoring
  7. Here is an epic list of resources at your disposal
    Absolute Beginner's Guide to Steem
    A Minnows Guide to Steemit
    Steem Web Resources: Tools, Apps, Communities, etc

hey ...welcome to the steemit....lets work together ..hope u will add more value on that community