500 followers milestone, thank you!

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Thanks for following me and supporting my artwork with your votes, resteems and encouraging comments. I am here for more than 2 months and it was quite a ride. I went through ups and downs in my fascination with Steem and Steemit platform. I have mixed feeling if it will work, but planning to stay for a while. I have few more things I want to show you, few posts I am writing, less related to my modelmaking but some of you may find them useful.

If you missed my previous posts, here is sample of my work I showed on steemit so far. Enjoy reading and come for more.

Here is what I make: Custom toys:

Ironman MunnyRocky MunnyHellboy bust
Leprechaun StatueMecha StatueBatman bear

Custom engagement ring boxes:

Wall-E ring boxBB-8 ring boxHank octopus ring box

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Thanks, I am here for 2 months already but thanks. If you weren't comment selfvoting bot, you would notice.

Those are some awesome creations.

Thanks. Nice to hear that. It is hard to believe how much time went to this.

Hi @mitchhunter, it's good to see how much progress you can make on Steemit in just two months (I am in my third week at the moment). I think the community relies heavily on the contribution of people like you who create original content and share it with us, and I always look forward to seeing your posts. Please keep up the great work because we need it!

Thank you @plushzilla I am happy to hear you like what I create, thanks for your upvote and resteem. Yes, the contribution of minnows is huge, I wish decent rewards start flowing. Good luck with your progress.

Great job :)

Hey, congratulation on reaching 500 followers. The toys look amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for dropping by. There will be more here soon so check out often.

You are welcome. I will look out for more posts. :)

Weldone. I am a big fan

Nice one. Totally deserved. Next stop 1000

Wow! You sure received a lot of votes from upvote machines. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Is it ripping off from the system? Is it required because the system is pay to play? Is it just the way it is and you have figured it out? I guess that after 500 followers you must be onto something.

You think so? I am paying for votes from bots, financed by whales who make money off me, so my hard work can be seen by few extra eyes, but you give a comment and upvote yourself straight away. Who is ripping off the system again? I could learn from you how to play the system... ;)

Maybe I don't understand, completely, how Steemit works. A couple of questions then;

  1. How do whales make money off of you?

  2. What is wrong with upvoting yourself?

First question.Whales put their steem power into bot and get daily dividents from that. I put 350euro into system and converted to steem dollars. I pay steem dollars for upvote which is slightly bigger than I pay, but it is taken by curation reward. whales get passive income from bot, I break even with hope that will attract other votes.
Second question. If everybody only upvote itself, there is no upvoting others and this all platform have no sense. No content, no matter how brilliant will not get upvoted more than your own vote. Of course, you and everybody will drop few votes on others but that is leftover of selfvotes. I saw few people who left comment, self-voted by 100% and for post just give 10% One comment before you, had even a bot who left same text to all newcomers with 30cents upvote from his other account. Do you think that he would waste his time curating good content when he has a money producing machine?... I see you are not the case who only selvotes, but if you feel unsure about voting bots, I was unsure about selfvoting ;)

I see what you are describing as an unfair system with the whales, but I don't see how that is whales taking anything from you. They receive a dividend, but how does that take anything out of your pocket?

As far as self-voting goes if it is so wrong, why does the platform itself encourage it? When you create a new post it has a checkbox encouraging you to upvote your own blog. I can't see how this is wrong if the developers, themselves, set it up that way.

I dont say it is wrong but imagine this. You find this platform when it starts, when 1 steem costs few cents and each post earns big reward. You acumulate tokens worth nothing outside of this platform. If you want to cash them out, you need new commers who buy them from you for real money. I added some euro so somebody could cash their tokens. They have so many but create even more for themself with each selfvote or bots they control. I need to buy all possible bot votes to get my post at the same place in trending as some whale with single selfvote. That is why self voting will not change. you give yourself 4 cents with 100% while sweetsssj will put a post, selfvote with 71usd, than another whale friend give her another 60usd. They are witnesses who decide about it and why would they change if it works. How can we compete? You could be best writer, your post will not be seen anyways. Just dream and invest real money to reach their level, while they know it is not possible at this stage...

From what I just read, it appears that you chose, freely, to invest in Steem and play the game. Again, how is that an example of Whales taking advantage of you? If you don't like it, why did you do it?

Because all whales who make videos on youtube, say come and play with us and show how much they make and create illusion that you can be succesful. You are needed to push this message on your social media and bring more users. After a while you will realize that you are only needed as a number so more content is created, then as a new investor so they can cash some steem. If they all try to sell it at once, the price will drop to close to zero. The game is rigged, like real economy, but you will realize that soon. Untill then, have fun! I wish you all the best!

You just gained another new follower these are amazing.

Thanks. I put a lot of time and attention to each build. I am glad you like it!

Congrats for reaching 500 followers...

Congratulations and welcome to steemit! Right now just have fun with it and keep on steeming. You won't regret it.

I am doing this for 2 months already, you would know if you read 2 lines from the post you just commented.

Actually I did read it..Just trying to give you a bit of encouragement. Sorry if I offended you.

Oh no. You didn't offend me. Sorry if i sounded like that. I just thought it was one of this automatic bot messages welcoming newbies ;) thank you for your welcome and encouragement.

No problem..nothing automatic with me..lol

BTW, amazing work you are doing! You are extremely gifted!

Thanks. I see you passed this milestone a while ago.

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This quite an achievement. The toys that you make are fantastic.
Here are some tips for success.

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Great job. Cograts

and 100 th upvoted by me ) hope any reward lol

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I like glass munny water pipes they are cool

Yes, I saw them, never used, but they are cool

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Congratulations on your achievement! Keep it on!

You have my upvote and follow!

Follow me @jlopezamor

Congrats! All the best for you!

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Congratulations for getting 500 followers in such a short span of time!

Short span? It feels like year or more :) so many times per day loging to the website...

Haha, O.K. I just meant most would not have that many followers for the time you're here.

I would like to think because they like my stuff, but I am on different social medias long enough to know it is not how it works :) good luck with your adventure on steemit.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You too!

Upvoted @mitchhunter awesome what You are doing in Your life and sharing goodness at steemit.com

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