My Introduction

Hello Steemians,

It's been a while I have been here and before I forget I want to correctly introduce myself to the Steem platform, please forgive me for my first low effort post ;)

My name is Chance, I am 32 years old and I have been living in Switzerland for 25 years. I am a commercial employee and studying economy. I have passed my diploma to enter the FHNW University for achieving an IBM bachelor, starting in October 2020.

I was born in Republic Democratic of Congo which was before called Zaïre as a sovereign State between 1971 and 1997. My native language is French. I also speak a little German and of cousre English that I learned at school.

So let's come to real things; I grew up in Switzerland with my Dad, my mother-in-law and my brother. Unfortunately, my mother stayed in Africa. I am the eldest, my brother is 29 years old.

After us my Dad and his new wife welcomed a little sister. She is 13 now and she looks a lot like me.

In my free time I do a little modelling and I will share some pictures with you in the future. I love dancing and I also sing... But I always sing for myself. I will maybe share some songs if I'm not too shy. I am not Whitney Houston either ;)

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Fashion! I am fond of fashion and clothes. I love to make my own style and to play with it sometimes ;) About makeup, I do not put a lot. I prefer to stay natural as possible. I don't support a lot of makeup but I prefer to see it on others girls ;)

I love puzzles. I also love the nature, to take a walk and get some fresh air. For me the Nature is the heart of the earth.

In my childhood I wondered to be a tenniswoman as serena Wiliams or a boxing girl like Mohamed Ali. Finally I did football... I was called La Gazelle.

Later, I changed for Athletism and started doing competitions. I am a small Swiss athlete. Since my young age, I run fast. My speciality is the 100 metres. I'd like to confess you my dream: to become a 100 m swiss champion. It would be wonderful! Who knows, maybe dreams can come true...

I explained in my previous post how much I love our platform. Since I found myself on Steemit, I don't post much on other social networks anymore.

Moreover, I like to write since my young age. I was forced to shut up and that's why I better write than speak. I would love to write a book. I am a dreamer.

Thank you so much for your attention. I hope to connect with you soon :)


Wow I didn’t see this till now!
You’re multifaceted @misschance and that’s cool it means you’re a proactive and talented person. I was sure when I first met you 😉
Not only talented but beautiful and kind... keep fighting to make your dreams come true!
Big hugs and best wishes to you 🤗

Thanks @drakernoise for your kind words :)
I will keep fighting of course and you too; your dreams will also come true, I am sure.
Big Hugs

howdy switzerland :))


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Howdy Austria! Thanks :) :)

Nice to know more about you! Welcome to Steem! ^_^

Thank you :)

Lol ooooh the long-awaited introduction post, you say you're going to make us wait before doing a formal introduction. Have you been back to Africa since your move?

Ah, a fellow footballer I love it, my dream as always to play football in one of the big European leagues.

Wish you all the best with your studies

Ahaah, that's a bit ;)
I only been once in DR Congo, third in Cameroon, one time in Kenya and once in Jo-Burg. Do you live there ? And you did you have visited others country ?
Oh really? Do you play it good or with a team ?
Thank you my friend :)

Oooh nice I see you can’t leave africa alone! No I’m from Cape Town! I’ve been to Switzerland, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Dubai, Egypt and Thailand

I still play yes I play 5 a side, 7 a side and 11 a side

Aha, yes I can't leave Africa, I come back as soon as possible.
Yes you told me once you came here, is Great, I hope to go to Egypt a day.
Coool, a side player, I always played forward. I wish you my best wishes too for your play, next match = your Team Win :)

Great to see an Introductory post from you @misschance , I remember my introductory post was a bit long winded.
I do enjoy watching World cup football myself much more than the Canadian hockey.
Wishing you success here on!

Thanks too much my sister friend @kerrislravenhill,
It's the same for me, I liked to play and watch also the World cup, I am a fan :)

Hello Model Athlete Chance, you probably can run faster than me hehe. I'm impressed with your life and photos and everything. Nice to meet you. I know a girl who moved to Switzerland. I hear that it is an amazing place. Aww, you are not Whitney Houston, whattttt? Haha, I love Whitney Houston. And I will always love yooooooooooooou. I sang that song for karaoke in 2012 on my birthday, which is today, around the time that she died, RIP. Now, I'm 35 today.

Hello @joeyarnoldvn,
I am glad and nice to meet you too :)
Yes, Switzerland is amazing and a quiet place to live, you can maybe one day come to visit and see it. You will not regret.
Hihihi, no I am not, yes it was very sad because she had a big talent. It would be fun to hear you in karaoke, I hope you sang good ;)

Very nice. Quiet places are the best.

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