Redfish Rally Contest - Why I Love Steem

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Hello Steemians,

Adviced by @brittandjosie, I participate to the What’s Cooking Redfish Contest hosted by @sgt-dan.

First of all, I am here because of a friend who talked me a lot about Steem, @droida. I could not tell you how many times, how many nights I fell asleep listening to him talk to me about cryptocurrencies, especially about Steemit... Oh lala, he tired me a lot. By force I said to myself in advance when he would break my ears with his Steemit ahaaha ;) I considered him and saw him as a real pure Geek addicted to Steem... And here I am! And to say that I slept during all these days that he was talking about it... It's been 2 year... Wow! Thank you my friend. Here, I live again. I think I've been waiting all my life for Steem, it's crazy! As we say, better late than never.

I told myself that all of you were in the future and I still think so to this day, Seemit is innovative. I also took and of course choose this platform to be free and share with open people from worlwide my real life and anything that I want share. I see and read; I am surrounded by people working towards good. There is no negativism or demeaning of people as it happens in spite of us and sadly everywhere in most other platforms.

Why I love Steem ? This question is just simple to answer for me. Because on this platform I can enjoy myself. I can express my view and thinking on my blog without feeling being judged by someone. Even more, I can meet people from all over the world from different backgrounds, cultures, religious or not. But having one common sense: Steem. Being appart of this community make me fell like in a big family. Moreover, I can learn more about cryptocurrencies which is a new world for me.

I am here because I believe in this platform. It brings together people from around the world without having the same interests and visions. It is what I find beautiful here. I found #neoxian-city as a first family community with nice people who gladly welcome me on my first start on discord.

When I arrived here, I was not active and I lost my delegtion. I could not respond to comments and being active as I wanted. So I was very frustrated when I didn’t have enough RC. I wanted to thank @drakernoise who helped me with a delegation that allows me to enjoy. He talked me about #steemterminal and I joined the community too. It helps me a lot on my way to Steemit because I was lost ;). I also joined #steemschools and #francosteemvotes. I would thank all communities for your warm welcome :)

This place is great. You can find here every subject that you like and devote to, whether it is about art, music, medicine, science, fashion, creation, technology, computing or crypto. Steem is really complete, a community that does not forget anyone.

I love life, dance, music, nature and people. I like to discover new things and to learn. I really want to stay free here to share all that I want and to be supported with true people of this crazy steemy world. Sometimes, my posts will be nice and sometimes not so funny but it makes me feel lighter.

I will make my Steem contribution with my blog, will share my opinion and get advice from all of you. I try to bring joy in my own way and of course meet new people and have new friends. Now that I have experienced and considered as a unique platform, I will try to bring most of my friends to Steem.

For that all I love Steem.

Thank you for your attention.


well done :))




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Thank you @meins0815 for all :) I wish you a great sunny weekend.

Well that’s so great that you blogged in this contest by @sgt-dan I hope he likes it. You are a perfect example of how the terminal can help @drakernoise you rock!
See you in the terminal soon

Thank you so much, yes I hope he will like it too :)

Well done! One more step, please.

I am looking for your Twitter™ link where you shared this post. Could you place it here in your comments? I am not able to find it.

Thank you! As I will be announcing the winners on Monday, I wanted to make sure I had my list of entries correct.

Hello! Glad to have you on Steem. Welcome to Steem Terminal's Redfish Rally 100. Please visit and chat on ST in case you need help or have some questions. ^_^ We're happy to have you join us! Happy weekend! :)

Hello, I am happy. Thank you for your help I will come and chat.
In waiting have a nice weekend too :)

Thank you @misschance for the mention. I am very glad that Steem fits you. Among the people I brought here, you are the only one who is still active.

Thank you for going with me on this Steem journey and for bearing me and my crypto speeches. I love to teach you about the cryto and to discuss with you about anything. You are smart and I'm sure that soon you will surpass me and teach me about Steem and alts.

I wish you success on Steem and in the life. To the moon! See you soon my dear...

Oh thanks my friends without you I could not live again. I am too addicted to Steem I think ;)
I am glad to be here more active and learn severals things.
And I look forward to may surpass you and teach you in my turn some new usual things :)
Thanks again to support me and giving me the encouragements.

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